I found this article thanks to a guy over on the ProjectProspect.com Message Boards.

The article is in Spanish, but using the google language translator (which is very rough by the way) here is what the article comes out to:

http://www.eldia.com.do/article.aspx?&id=44706 Click here to see some photo’s.

SANTO DOMINGO .- The leaflet John Duran has supernatural abilities, which led him at age 16 to enter the professionalism making history, by becoming the first player to receive the largest amount of money ($ 2.0 million) from the outside of Cincinnati Reds of the United States.

The Reds are among the organizations that give less money inside and outside the United States, however, the signing took place because the executive Bob Miller, assistant to the general manager, and Tony Arias, director of eavesdropping on Latin America, were so impressed that immediately felt that his skills, as young children, were taken to compare with Vladimir Guerrero, Juan–Igor Gonzalez and the retired Dave Winfield.

Duran, timid voice, assures that not disappoint the executives of Cincinnati, who believed in him. “I will not stop until you get to the Major Leagues. It is my dream and I will do reality, “said a bolting Duran, six-foot-six-inch defender right in the garden.

He began his career at age 10, taking on coach Alberto Arias, who moved to this activity and did leave the basketball. It was discovered by Richard Jimenez, who is the coordinator of the Red listeners in the country.

A blessing of Díos
Jimenez acknowledged the discovery of Duran as a blessing from God, because it had many organizations behind its services, so grateful enough to coach Arias, who gave his word and kept it.

“This was something great. . I remember the day that my chiefs came Arias told me that Duran had a cut that required nine points in the heel of the left foot and yet what prompted the complex to see that it was not a lie, “he said, adding:” Even so we present it to heads and with all the points and shot more than 10 homers in a practice, something that touched the whole world. “

Jimenez said that the most striking element of Duran is that what he does in training in the games. He stressed that despite his height is 6:7 at 60 yards; pulls the ball on all sides and polishing tools will be developed as a player of the five tools.

In family
Juan Alberto Flores Duran is the eldest son of the marriage of Cristina Flores Reyes, who is a public employee, and the first lieutenant of the National Police John Duran, who is a black belt in karate.

He lives with his grandmother and her sisters Lorenza Reyes Mariela Marcel nine years, and Crismerly Johanna Flores Duran, two years, respectively.

His mother defines his son as a young specimen, he did not think that by signing this change, as his family training is very good. “Not because my son is, but it is a very good boy and devoted to his family and friends,” said his mother.

While his father said that since childhood wanted him to karate, but not liked and went to basketball before arriving at baseball. “In the courtyard was spent playing with a vitilla and a stick, because he said that was born to the ball and just given his first big step to go to professionalism,” said the father.