Is it time to promote Sam Lecure?

Coming into the year, Sam Lecure was my #22 prospect in the Reds system. In early May he was one of the prospects who had lowered his stock due to his poor performance this year in Chattanooga. Lecure (Photo: Tim Evearitt/The Chattanoogan) has made 9 starts since that prospect stock market article and he has been pretty dominant in nearly all of them. Through May 5th, his ERA was over 6. Currently it sits at 3.75 thanks to his domination over the last 9 starts. I wanted to take a look at his season thus far in two different parts, his first 6 starts and then his last 9 starts.

Whatever Lecure has done over the last 9 starts has worked dramatically well to completely turn around his season. His ERA lowered 4 points, his walk rate was more than cut in half and his strikeout rate when up nearly 10%. It might be time to consider giving him a challenge at AAA.

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