Today is the beginning of the international signing period. Players that are 16 can begin signing today and ones that turn 16 before the season is over can begin signing on their birthdays.

Sam Lecure was placed on the DL (minor league DL is 7 days) with a strained knee. Hopefully its nothing serious.

The Reds apparently offered Michael Iona a 5 million dollar MLB contract and he still turned them down to sign with the A’s for 4.5 million and a regular contract. I have to say, I am glad he turned us down. Too much risk to give a 16 year old a MLB contract.

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  1. Dave from Louisville

    Doug – Care to reveal your source on the 5 million dollar MLB contract? That is alot of money….Also any word on Yorman?

  2. Doug Gray

    It was on in the article that said he signed with the A’s.

    As for Yorman, he can’t sign until he turns 16, which will be late July or early August… no one is really sure right now that is actually talking about it.

  3. pw

    This is what they said in the ESPN report:

    “Inoa and his parents turned down more lucrative offers from the Cincinnati Reds and the Texas Rangers due to Oakland’s positive results developing young pitchers. The Reds offered a $5 million signing bonus and a major league contract, while the Rangers offered $5.2 million, according to Inoa.”

    Billy Beane made it his personal mission to sign Inoa. It probably has something to do with the new ballpark, Cisco Field.

  4. Doug Gray

    Which is funny somewhat considering which high school/international kid have the A’s developed? Jeremy Bonderman? He only spent 1 full season in their system. I can’t think of any others from anywhere recent.

  5. Kyle

    They also developed Mark Mulder out of high school.

  6. Doug Gray

    Mulder came out of Michigan State. They kind of developed Rich Harden. He went to a Junior College for 1 season.