Ron, a reader of the site, went to the Lookouts game last night and took these pictures from the game.

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  1. Ron

    Couple notes from the game

    – Dorn was the star, his two homers were bombs. Add in two highlight reel catches in left field.

    – Henry takes a big swing for such a little guy, but he is disaplined and still makes solid contact. Gets down the line fast for a RHer. Just needs to settle down a little in the outfield … has a little bit of Freel in him and almost ran over Stubbs (if thats possible) making a catch he was called off on.

    – Viola was unreal. Ball exploads out of his hand with very little effort. Hit 95 on the gun a couple of times.

    – Stubbs is no longer choking up on the bat, not sure when he chose to do that, but he was down on the knob in all ABs last night. Has a great swing though and plays CF effortlessly.

    – Valaika, we all knew this but he really doesnt have the range nor the arm for SS. He looked bad last night as did the rest of the defense. He had 2 errors, easily could have had 4. I think the score keeper lightened up on everyone after 1st couple of innings … Chris is going to be restricted to the right side of the infield defensively IMO.

    Tatum – great arm behind the plate and saved more that a couple wild pitches. But he was bad at the dish. Really struggled laying off low offspeed pitches … left the bases loaded with no outs twice by K-ing.

    Avery was ok at times, made enough pitches to have better results. Some of his earned runs were the result of a wishy washy scorer giving hits where more errors should have been. Thats how bad the defense was.

    I’ll be at tonights game, Im hoping to catch Jordan Smith starting one of these games, will have more pictures … Ron

  2. Redfuture

    Great photos, great idea! Enjoyed seeing the RH bats of Stubbs and Valaika. Yeah, I was listening to some of the audio on (Reds were off). The broadcaster talked about how bad all the defense for both teams was and that the official scorer had no clue on a lot more true errors.

  3. Doug Gray

    I wasn’t listening to the game last night (had on the Dayton, then Billings games), but there isn’t much better in the minor leagues than a good Larry Ward rant at something he just saw.

  4. Ron


    It really was bad … Dorn was great in left though, made two running plays near foul territory in Left, one of which he layed out for right on the foul line … I was kicking myself for not having the camera ready … my seats are down the 3rd base line, so every fly ball I was standing up hoping to catch it. Friday night I will be behind Home plate so I should get some really good pictures from there.

  5. Randy in Chatt

    Hey Doug,

    I’m friends with Larry. I’ll pass that on to him. He’ll get a good kick out of that. He’s a really good guy.

  6. Doug Gray

    Larry is one of the best minor league pbp guys in the business. I listen to about 200 minor league games a year and he is easily one of the best around. He is better than some of the major league guys without question, love the way he calls the game.