Amount of movement on each pitch, in inches.

Sam Lecure's pitch selection from his MLB Debut

Strike percentage by pitch in Lecure's MLB Debut

The percentage that each pitch resulted in a swinging strike in Lecure's MLB Debut

The high and average velocity for each of the three pitches that Lecure used in his MLB Debut

All data from MLB Advanced Media.

13 Responses

  1. wanderinredsfan

    Seems like batters can really dial in on the fastball; not many swinging strikes on the fastball. This is not a good thing for LeCure. He might need to throw a few more curve’s, and I’m surprised he doesn’t even use a change-up.

    • Reed

      According to GameDay, LeCure didn’t throw any curveballs. All fastballs, sliders and change-ups. Strictly fastballs and sliders until the last batter of the third when he started using his change-up. Strange.

  2. Randy in Chatt

    I assume that the movment chart is as the batter would see it and not the mound view.

    Also Doug, I noticed that the Reds have a Venezuelan league entry this year….interesting. They didn’t have one last year.

  3. Reed

    The disparity between this and GameDay is bizarre. Are they not the collecting data from same place?

    • Doug Gray

      The gameday algorithm doesn’t always classify pitches correctly. Every pitch they called a change up was actually a curveball.

      • Reed

        I counted eight change-ups on GameDay (12.25%) which doesn’t match the 6% this is calling curveballs.

      • Doug Gray

        I am not sure what you are looking at, but 8 can’t be divided by a whole number and get 12.25%. Change up’s will almost always be located directly below fastballs by a matter of inches (if that). Clearly the curveballs that were labeled change ups by gameday were not change up’s at all. They are located where curveballs are always located.

      • Reed

        LeCure threw 98 pitches total. 8 of 98 is 12.25%.

      • Doug Gray

        You are not doing your math correctly. 8 out of 100 would be 8%. 8 out of 98 is 8.1%.

      • Reed

        You’re right. My mistake. I shouldn’t try to make sense after a long day.

  4. shark

    So, I’m going to the Bats game in Columbus tommorrow, do you want some pictures that I am bound to take? If I recall correctly Chapman should be going.
    Also a quick question; one ticket is good for both games right? It is a schelduled doubleheader.

    • Doug Gray

      Not sure about the one ticket thing, but I could certainly use the pictures. Email me anything you get.

  5. shark

    Man, he’s not going tommorrow. I will just have to wait ’till later this week then. HHSDF!