Todd Frazier came into the 2010 season as one of the Reds highest rated prospects. He had been playing second base toward the end of 2009, but when 2010 rolled around he found himself back in left field full time until injuries on the team led to him playing first and third for the Bats.

Frazier got off to a very slow start. In April he hit just .196/.313/.286 with 7 walks and 16 strikeouts in 56 at bats. Unlike in the past, Frazier struck out quite a bit more than he ever had in the past. Toss in a low line drive rate and we can see where the struggles started to come from.

In May, it was much like April as Frazier posted a .198/.250/.416 line with 6 walks and 27 strikeouts in 101 at bats. He showed good power on the month, but his plate discipline was quite poor as his walk rate was under 6% and his strikeout rate was 24%.

June saw some more improvements, as he hit .258/.298/.505 while again showing good power but his plate discipline was still lacking with 5 walks and 22 strikeouts in 97 at bats. The improvement in power helped carry the month from bad to acceptable.

July saw a little bit more improvement with a .283/.333/.434 line, though the plate discipline was still an issue as Frazier struck out 30 times and walked just 6 times. He traded in some power for more line drives, which helped out the average, but took off some slugging.

August was far and away the best month of the season for Frazier as he hit .323/.437/.495 with 18 walks (more than May through July combined) and 26 strikeouts in 99 at bats. The improved walk rate was very good to see.

September was less than a week long, but Frazier hit .286/.400/.619 in 6 games with 3 walks and 6 strikeouts before heading to the playoffs with Louisville.

Overall it was a disappointing season for Frazier as his overall line was just .258/.333/.448 with 45 walks and 127 strikeouts. The rate at which he walked and struckout were the lowest and highest he has ever posted in the minor leagues since being drafted.

Here is his spray chart:

To Total % Single Double Triple HR AVG SLG IsoP
P 8 2% 1 0 0 0 .125 .125 .000
C 5 1% 0 0 0 0 .000 .000 .000
1B 21 6% 0 0 0 0 .000 .000 .000
2B 25 7% 2 0 0 0 .080 .080 .000
3B 37 10% 4 0 0 0 .108 .108 .000
SS 55 15% 6 0 0 0 .109 .109 .000
LF 60 17% 20 8 0 9 .617 1.200 .583
CF 94 26% 26 14 4 6 .532 .957 .426
RF 51 14% 12 10 0 2 .471 .784 .314

17 Responses

  1. jake

    Let’s hope he rebounds next year. It’d be nice to figure his bat into the future reds

  2. Alan Horn

    I predict Frazier will bounce back and become a integral part of the Reds at some point next season.
    Whether it will be at LF or 3B remains to be seen due to possible injuries and what others do.

    • AlJoe

      I agree. But I was watching the world series and I saw someone on the Giants dugout that the Reds maybe interested in. And that man is Mark Derosa because he can play first, third and left field. He could play left field and spell Rolen if needed then play Gomes in left. And he could give votto a day off every so often.

  3. doctor

    I am hoping Frazier does well next ST and becomes the “Robin” to Rolen’s “Batman” at 3B and possibly get some time at 1B and LF also. Too bad he had a mixed season, been looking forward to him making the big club as he progressed thru the minors.

  4. MK

    A little off the subject but speaking of slow starts, I am always amazed at the slow starts Juan Francisco has. The guy plays year-round but seems to have a slow start everytime he starts a new season. After a great regular season, last winter he got off to a slow start in the Dominican and ended up being the MVP. Came to ST and had a slow start and broke with the big league team, but went to Louisville and had a slow start while finishing strong again. Here he is back in the Dominican off to a slow start. Must be mental.

  5. RMR

    Doug, could you comment on the path he’s taken defensively. I still can’t keep straight where he’s spent time and in what order.

    • Doug Gray

      Ha. Shortstop the year he was drafted. Shortstop mostly, but also spend limited time at 3B, LF and 1B his second season (2008). In 2009 he began the year in left, while also getting a few starts at 3B/1B and toward the end of the year the Reds wanted to get him time at 2B where he spent the last month and a half. This year, he was in left field except when there were injuries at 1B and 3B, where he would fill in.

  6. Nick

    Arroyo is a type A free agent. With the abundance of SP the Reds should decline his option offer him arbitration and take the two draft picks. That gives Leake a spot in the rotation and he pitches a lot like Arroyo and for $10mil less.

    • Rick in Boise

      I agree == if this upcoming draft is as deep as projected, isn’t this *exactly* the time to stockpile picks?

      But… WJ & Dusty sure like Bronson, though… And BA might bring more in trade down the road.

      Hernandez is an “A” but nobody will sign him & lose a pick. (But could he be trade bait as well?)

      Rhodes would accept arb, I’d imagine

      • doctor

        i think bronson could bring back more in a trade. Plus Reds would be better able to know what they are getting versus the picks and having the draft play. Although, with bronson around, it adds competition to spring training for the young guys. they know bronson will be in rotation, and they better pitch well in ST since that leaves 4 spots for the other 5-7 young guys if including Chapman and Maloney, though I think it better for Chapman to pitch most of year in AAA to develope his stuff/control.

    • jim t

      when Leake proves he can give you 200 innings a year and 15-16 wins then you can say he is like Bronson. Until then you pick up his option and let him walk after next year.

  7. The Duke

    I don’t think Frazier was right for a long time after taking that Chapman fastball to the knee in spring training. If he can come in next year fully healthy, I think we can expect a line around .300/.365/.500 or better in AAA. I’d also park him at 3B permanently.

    • icehole3

      I agree 1000%, last year should be thrown out because of the injury, just like Alonso’s hand injury

    • doctor

      thats a good point, i had forgotten about that. then again, I guess he just isn’t Utley “tough” enough to handle it. lol.

    • RedsMasochist

      The more likely culprit is the knee surgery Frazier had in the off-season, though the Aroldis fastball certainly didn’t help. Here’s hoping he’s 100%, hitting well, and playing third base next season (I still think it’s his best position).

      • The Duke

        Had it been up to me, the minute we drafted Frazier I would have stuck him on 3B and never moved him again.