I ran these types of post last offseason and I wanted to bring them back this offseason. The original idea is from ProjectProspect.com, which you should be visiting frequently. I will provide a basic scouting report and some video, and we can all discuss what we see, be it what we like or dislike.

Gregorius is considered an above average defensive shortstop, but I really only have video of him hitting.  Ken Griffey Sr had this to say about him earlier this year:

“DiDi’s a very aggressive hitter,” Griffey said. “He makes contact and understands how to use the barrel of the bat. He’s going to have the pop to hit 10-15 home runs.”

What do you see in the videos?

This video has both Didi and Henry Rodriguez. Didi is the first batter in the video.

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18 Responses

  1. Alan Horn

    I noticed the Braves picked up Wilkin Castillo. Nothing earth shattering there. He had no future with the Reds(blocked at catcher and utility roles).

  2. Twill

    Di Di looks comfortable at the plate but watches the ball after he hits it instead of getting down the line. Might cost him some infield hits but correctable.

  3. Alan Horn

    Both Gregorius and Rodriguez have an arc in their swing(bat held high and dropping the bat with a curve in the initial portion of their swing). In my opinion it is better to have a more level initialization of the the swing rather than the curved whip lash with the wrists. The whip lash can cost time and accuracy with the swing. As they age, their reaction time will more impacted with a good fast ball. I don’t like holding the bat high and wrapping it around your head or back for the same reason. Hitting is all about pitch recognition and corresponding reaction time. Some hitters start high and drop the bat into position before the pitch is delivered. That is ok because the bat is in the proper position in plenty of time.

  4. Alan Horn

    Per Ken Rosenthal’s(Fox Sports) sources (per MLBTradeRumors.com) say the Reds and Nationals don’t match up well for a Justin Upton trade.

    • Doug Gray

      I imagine the Reds match up well for ANY trade. The question is, are they will to pay the right price in those trades.

      • sagevic

        Yeah, you can’t tell me that we don’t have the players. It’s a question of who they want. I doubt anyone expects Chapman to be made available, but I expect every tem we contact to want Travis Wood in exchange for any player we try to bring in. We have a surplus of starting talent and he is cost controlled for years. Being a lefty that can get out rightys makes him more valuable than Leake, Bailey, or Cueto.

        I think the deal for Upton was always going to be too expensive. Plus he really isn’t a lead-off or clean-up hitter, so he doesn’t solve a lot of problems for us. Jacoby Ellsbury would be a cheaper get and better fit, IMO.

      • Alan Horn

        They are probably asking too much(That’s what is being reported). I think the Reds should back off and go with Heisey, Gomes and Sappelt if necessary.

      • DaveCT

        What about Maglio Ordonez, who did not get an arbitration offer from the Tigers, as a short term signing? I have lost track of him, but if healthy, would he fit in as a #4/5 hitter?

      • Alan Horn

        He could race Rolen to the retirement home.
        Personally, I’m not too much on signing these old(near the end) players for everyday players. Edmonds didn’t work out. Rolen really tailed off the 2nd half. In general, they just don’t hold up and you can’t depend on them for the whole season.
        Maybe as a role player(but he would probably be too expensive for that).

      • Alan Horn

        Ordonez is like Rolen. They will put up decent stats if you can keep them on the field. Ordonez only played in 84 games last season(roughly half the season).

      • MK

        Why the shot on Rolen? Did I imagine a .285 BA, 20 HRs, 83 RBI, an All Star, Gold Glove, 14th in MVP voting. I wish the Reds had a few more guys racing toward thre retirement home.

      • Alan Horn

        He actually had 22 home runs (20 or which were before the all star break). Did you notice he ran out of gas the 2nd half of the season and during the playoffs he appeared to be injured. I’m not down on Rolen. I just don’t think he can be counted on considering his age and health. If he is not injured, he will definitely be a plus. It’s just 62 years watching older players and what mother nature does to them. If he is managed properly(maybe 120 games a year), then maybe we can milk more games out of him. Rolen is one of the best third basemen to ever play the game. It’s just a matter of his staying healthy and playing regularly. He had a come back year of sorts this past season. He is definitely good for the younger(and older)players in the way he handles himself and plays the game.

  5. Sultan of Swaff

    Both DiDi and Hrod hold their hands high on their setup, but that doesn’t matter. What matters is where the hands are when the stride foot lands. Both look to be in good position when that happens. From there, Didi seems to have less bat speed. Hrod seems like the better hitting prospect.

  6. Eric

    How about Jose Reyes? I’d be interested to see what it would take to get him because I’d imagine it’s much less than Greinke or Upton.

    • boiler_2000

      Pitching and more pitching and maybe taking on one of their bad contracts

    • mauired

      I think the mets will hold onto reyes until the trade deadline, when they get rid of half their team they have a bunch of free agents after next season including reyes. If nobody plays well at short, he could be a huge midseason pickup.