It has been a while since I have done one of these types of features, but with a lot of video from my trip to Carolina I thought I would bring it back. Simple idea: Watch the video and talk about what you like and what you don’t like. What would you change? What do you see in his future?

Video available in 720p.

9 Responses

  1. Krozley

    I’m not a swing expert, but it seems he has a lot going on with his swing with the big leg lift (which looked a little inconsistent) and his arms moving around a lot (hands by his head, then back before the bat goes forward along with some bat wiggling). Still, the guy has always hit and if it works, so be it. Seems like he would be a good #2 hitter.

  2. Alan Horn

    I don’t care for all the lower and upper movement either, but I agree, it seems to work for him.

    • twill

      Wow, looks like a case of a hitter with great hand-eye, natural hitting ability and no consistency or mechanics. Hope he gets good coaching to gently nudge his approach as opposed to someone who tries to deconstruct and rebuild. BTW Doug, these are always enjoyable! Helps satisfy the coaching bug.

  3. lollipopcurve

    Swing’s too big for a little guy who doesn’t have a lot of power. Still, that can be corrected easily. Really like his profile as a utility INF.

  4. KyWilson1

    His RH swing looks way better to me. LH with the bat parallel to the ground as the pitcher begins his swing, the swing itself was also different almost every time. As quick as his hands look there is no reason for the long swing and movement, its just slowing him down to the ball. The double swing where he finds the gap is the swing he needs to find constantly. Much better runner then he looks like he would be.

  5. Ryan K

    I have done a lot of scouting for my former school and have had a chance to pick up some things from some really good experts. One thing I learned from a number of scouts is that most don’t care what you do while the pitcher is in his wind up. You start to break down a players swing from the time they align everything and get ready. Some things I notice from watching the video just one time through.

    1) He needs to work on getting his swing mechanics to become more repatitive. Look how many times his feet and kick is different in the different pitches.

    2) He has the early leg lift which a lot of players have gone too lately including Jose Bautista which he credits a lot of his success too. The only tricky part about that is you must recognize off speed from fastball or you wont get much on the swing.

    3)I also agree that he should work on cutting down that swing especially in 2 strike approach.

    4) must improve pitch selection and his drag bunt needs some work.

    5)shows good range on defense seems to try to be flashy. Doesn’t seem to have a real strong arm.

    The ball seems to jump off his bat and all in all he has a promising approach from both sides of the plate. I am a lot higher on him than some are and I really believe with the right tudoring this guy can become an excellant 2nd baseman especially from an offensive stand point. There does not seem to be much more projection in his body but I still believe he is a guy that can hit 20 homeruns in the big leagues. He still has a long way to go and I would like to see him drive the ball the other way.

    • Ryan K

      Thanks for the video Doug and I am looking forward to hearing what other people who have seen him more have to say.

  6. Ryan from Middletown

    Looks to me like he has a quicker bat from the right side. Nice speed and when he connected from left side it went a long ways.

  7. MK

    I agree with everything said about inconsistency as he prepares to swing but the positive is that once he gets that front foot down he repeats things pretty well. Obviously there are different bat angles and bat speeds but we are not looking at a fast ball down the gut each time or even the same pitcher with the same arm slot or height. To really get an ideal comparison you would need to see him hit from a tee or a machine set to throw the same thing each time.