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5. Yorman Rodriguez – OF – 18 years old – Low A

Background: NDFA – August 2008

The Good: Has all of the tools at his disposal and held his own as an 18 year old in a league where most teenagers don’t.

Needs to work on: As an 18 year old, he needs to round out just about every part of his game, including his day to day effort on the field.

4. Yonder Alonso – 1B – 24 years old – MLB

Background: 2008 Draft – 1st round

The Good: He is as polished of a hitter as you can come by, with outstanding discipline, ability to go to all fields and good power.

Needs to work on: The Reds look to play him in left field, so he will need to improve his speed and defense. In the long run though, he will be a first baseman.

3. Daniel Corcino – RHP – 20 years old – Low A

Background: NDFA – January 2008

The Good: An above average fastball, above average breaking ball and a solid change up to go along with good control at a young age.

Needs to work on: Like all pitchers in the minors, he needs to build up his innings pitched and work to refine his pitches.

2. Yasmani Grandal – C – 22 years old – AA

Background: 2010 Draft – 1st round

The Good: Has an above average bat across the board for the position and is advanced in his plate approach.

Needs to work on: Scouting reports on his defense were not as strong as they were coming out of college. Working on his receiving would be his biggest need.

1. Devin Mesoraco – C – 23 years old – MLB

Background: 2007 Draft – 1st round

The Good: About as polished at the plate as you could expect with a good hit tool and well above average power for the position to go along with solid skills behind the plate.

Needs to work on: Going the other way with the ball as he is rather pull happy. With that said, he has good power when he does go the other way.

There will be a chat held at 4pm today.

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  1. Rich D.

    A couple of quick questions before I go off to work. Why did you go from a 40 down to a 25 list? I think I might know the answer but asking anyway. Is the depth that strong not to include Ismael Guillon, Felix Perez, Josh Smith, Daniel Renken, Josh Ravin, Ryan Wright, Brodie Greene, Drew Hayes and Denis Phipps etc. If you were to do a top 40 would or could those players be on it? What happened to Jonathan Correa and Danny Dorn? Okay sorry that’s more than a couple, I got on a roll kind of.

    • RickD in Chicago

      Ismael Guillon – had a horrible year in a Rookie league.
      Josh Smith – old for the level, not overwhelming stuff.
      Daniel Renken – probably in the 25-30 range.
      Josh Ravin – inconsistent and has never really done much.
      Ryan Wright – another 25-30 range guy, could move up quickly though.
      Brodie Greene – profiles as a Utility guy and that’s just not exciting.
      Drew Hayes – limited to relief
      Denis Phipps – older, has had only one good year. Needs to repeat it.
      Jonathan Correa – Suspended all of 2011 for lying about his age. Was suspended in 2008 for using PEDs. Sat out all of 2009 with Tommy John. So… yeah, I think he’s off the map.
      Danny Dorn – I’d be surprised if the Reds didn’t release him.

      • The Duke

        Smith’s fastball is ok but his curveball is a legitimate MLB pitch,

  2. The Duke

    As ‘ve said, no one in our system has more upside than YRod, but i’ll rank him higher when he has his breakthrough moment, not just expecting he will have one.

    Alonso’s bat is special, despite his positional limitations, his bat is just that good.

    I got to see arguably Corcino’s best start of the year and he has just filthy stuff when he is on. He ran his fastball up to 96 in the 6th inning, and threw two other pitches consistently for strikes.

    I look forward to seeing Grandal in a full year out of the Cal league to get a truer sense of his offensive abilities. If his defense can closer resemble his scouting reports then he is already close.

    Mesoraco has done all he can in the minors, he is a top 10 prospect in all of baseball at the scarcest position to fill, a runaway for the #1 spot.

    My Reds top top prospects:

    1. Devin Mesoraco, C
    2. Yasmani Grandal, C
    3. Yonder Alonso, 1B/LF
    4. Dan Corcino, RHSP
    5. Robert Stephenson, RHSP
    6. Billy Hamilton, SS
    7. Zack Cozart, SS
    8. Ronald Torreyes, 2B
    9. Mariekson Julius Gregarious, SS
    10. Dave Sappelt, CF
    11. Henry Rodriguez, 2B
    12. Yorman Rodriguez, OF
    13. JC Sulburan, RHSP
    14. David Vidal, 3B
    15. Todd Frazier, Until
    16. Brad Boxberger, RHRP
    17. Juan Duran, LF
    18. Neftali Soto, 1B
    19. Dan Renken, RHSP
    20. Ryan Lamarre, CF
    21. Josh Smith, RHSP
    22. Brodie Greene, Until
    23. Kyle Waldrop, OF
    24. Pedro Villarreal, RHSP
    25. Tucker Barnhart, C

    Devin Mesoraco NL RoY
    David Vidal ends 2012 in AA and a top 100 prospect in baseball
    JC Sulburan posts a sub 3.5 ERA
    Juan Duran hits 30+ HR
    Next years surprise prospect to rise in the system is Mitch Clarke

    • Stock

      I like the predictions but have a question. How do you define prospect on the rise? Did he have to be someone outside your current top 25? Is it the player who moves up the most slots in your current ranking? You are already predicting Vidal moves from #14 to #2 (assuming Meso and Alonso graduate).

      1. Meso
      2. Grandal
      3. Sappelt
      4. Torreyes
      5. Alonso

      • The Duke

        Prospect on the rise will just be a prospect who greatly improves their ranking and recognition. Vidal would only be guaranteed to go to #2 by my prediction if the Reds only have 2 top 100 guys next year. I’m thinking they get more than that. If I had to make a prediction based on graduations and a wild stab at what they do next year i’ll say the following make the 2013 Top Top: Grandam, Corcino, Hamilton, Stephenson (BA loves their first rounders that do well), Torreyes, Vidal. That’d be 6 guys, without YRod or Duran (who might make it if he does hit 30+ HR) or Sulburan (whom I think is under rated by many)

  3. Krozley

    From last year’s list, the biggest riser is Corcino (from 25 to 3) and then Torreyes (unranked to 11th) and HRod (unranked to 13th). Stephenson is the highest newcomer (#6). Junior Arias is the biggest drop (from 12 to unranked) along with Guillon and Correa who also dropped off the list from being ranked 13th and 15th respectively. 10 of the 25 make their first appearance in the top 25, 14 returned from last year’s list, and their was one returnee from pre-2010 (Sulbaran). From last year, 3 players graduate and 8 players dropped off the list (Arias, Guillon, Correa, Joseph, Valaika, Dorn, Perez, and Puckett). As most of those players are still in the plan, that makes for another deep farm system.

    My two cents: I would have Cozart in the top 5 and Boxberger in the top 10 as I value their potential contribution a little higher. I also would have had Duran in the list somewhere near #20 over someone like Lutz. Still..I can’t argue much with the list. Great job.

    • Stock

      I thought it was extremely well done. Actually only one surprise on the list. The best way to have people come back to this site on a regular basis is to think before you type. It is obvious Doug took his time and produced a quality list. Much better than the list I saw a couple of weeks ago where McMyne made the top 10.

  4. sultan of swaff

    Grandal–has there been any talk of trying him at third? Just getting greedy here imagining Mez at C, Alonso at 1b, and Grandal at third.
    YRod–I agree with some of the other posters that it would be nice to see some production before canonizing this guy.
    I know Doug gives added value to players at premium position and potential upside, but I almost wonder if there’s a way to take it a step further. Specifically, have organizations thought to further segregate players based on something like their potential career earnings? For me, grades from A-F don’t properly filter glue guys like Miguel Cairo, all-or-nothing guys like Wily Mo Pena, and can’t miss guys like Jay Bruce.

    • fromcubawithluv

      Grandal could play first, but then again, anyone could, but his bat won’t stick. Third is a whole other animal, and it does seem that he is athletic enough to handle the move this late in the game. Mesoraco on the other hand, I think could be a league average defender at third, but he has the tools to be better defensively than Grandal at Catcher so you would not move him. I think if we have no problems with Mesoraco adjusting to the majors, Grandal will be traded. There is very little chance of any other outcome.

      • Alan Horn

        I agree. Let’s wait and see on Mesoraco before we move Grandal. It looks good with Mesoraco, but nothing is guaranteed. If we do trade Grandal, maybe we can turn it into help at a position of need.

  5. Scott in upstate NY

    Doug I won’t be able to participate in the live chat. Great work on the Prospect list. In your opinion, which Pro catcher is Devin’s upside potential most comparable to. Similarly, (at any position)which former Red or current Red is his upside most comparable to?

    • The Duke

      Not Doug, but Brian McCann is the comp that comes to my mind in regards to Mesoraco’s upside.

      • Alan Horn

        He already has a much better arm than McCann. I would agree on most everything else. I watch the Braves often and if McCann has a weakness, it is throwing out base runners.

  6. The Closer

    Opening Day for the Puerto Rican Winter League……Only 4 teams this year. (San Juan does NOT have a team this year) Aroldis Chapman is NOT on any team roster today….Billy Hamilton and Neftali Soto are playing for Leones de Ponce…..David Vidal and Juan Silva are playing for manager Dave Miley on Indios de Mayaguez…..Gabriel Rosa is playing for Gigantes de Carolina……and Kris Negron is playing for Criollos de Caguas.

  7. The Duke

    That’s a pretty wide spectrum of prospects, rookie though AAA, in one league

  8. Scott from upstate NY

    Saturday night: in case anyone is interested MLB network is broadcasting the Arizona Fall League East vs West game. Boxberger, Doug’s #15 prospect, is on the West team.