4/12 Game Review

Louisville  lost 8-1. Box Score

  • Chris Valaika went 1-4 with an RBI.
  • Danny Dorn went 0-2 with 2 walks.
  • Josh Judy struck out 5 and walked 2 in 2 shutout innings.
  • Nick Christiani threw 2 shutout innings.
  • JJ Hoover struck out 3 with a walk in a hitless inning of work.

Game notes

The Mud Hens had three pitchers in the game and each only allowed one hit. The Bats line up is struggling. Of their first six hitters in the line up, only Chris Valaika was hitting over .222 after the game (.333). The Bats open up at home tonight, maybe they can turn things around with some home cooking.

Game links

Postgame article from BatsBaseball.com.

Pensacola won 6-3. Box Score

  • Didi Gregorius went 4-5 with an RBI and 2 runs.
  • Henry Rodriguez went 2-5 with an RBI and a run.
  • Mike Costanzo went 1-3 with 2 walks, a HR (3) and had 3 RBI.
  • Cody Puckett went 1-4 with a triple, walk and RBI.
  • Brodie Greene went 3-5.
  • Josh Fellhauer went 2-5 with a double, steal (2) and a run.
  • Daniel Corcino went 1-2 at the plate. He allowed 2 earned in 5 innings with no walks and 2 strikeouts on the mound.
  • Mark Serrano threw 2 shutout innings with a strikeout.
  • Clayton Tanner threw a shutout inning with a strikeout.
  • Donnie Joseph threw a scoreless inning of work with a strikeout.

Game notes

The game was tied heading into the 7th inning before the Blue Wahoos scored 2 in the 7th and another run in the 8th. The bullpen buckled down and held Mobile scoreless to end the game. Daniel Corcino was a groundball machine, getting 11 ground outs to just 1 fly out in the game. Donnie Joseph was pounding the strikezone in the 9th, throwing just one pitch outside of the zone. Joseph is off to a strong start this year after struggles last year.

Game links

Postgame article from BlueWahoos.com.

Bakersfield lost 1-0 in 6 innings. Box Score

  • Billy Hamilton went 1-2 with a walk and a steal (6).
  • Devin Lohman went 1-2.
  • Kurtis Muller went 1-2.
  • Chad Rogers allowed a run in 5 innings with 2 walks and 4 strikeouts.

Game notes

The game was shortened by rain. Chad Rogers was strong in his start, getting 8 ground outs to just one fly out.

Game links

Postgame article from BakersfieldBlaze.com.

Dayton lost 1-0 in 10 innings. Box Score

  • Kyle Waldrop went 1-3 and was hit by a pitch.
  • Jefry Sierra went 1-3.
  • Radhames Quezada threw 6 shutout innings with a walk and 5 strikeouts.
  • Ryan Kemp threw 2 perfect innings with 3 strikeouts.

Game notes

The Dragons didn’t draw a walk in the game and only had two hits. Only three players in the line up finished the game hitting over .200 and no one was above .276 (Selsky). Radhames Quezada put up strong start to keep Dayton in the game and he topped out at 96 MPH. South Bend didn’t get a runner beyond first base until the final inning.

Game links

Postgame article from DaytonDragons.com.

Game preview

Team 1st half 2nd half Time Probable Box Score Listen Live Watch Live
Louisville 2-6 N/A 7:05pm
Here Here
Pensacola 5-3
N/A 8:05pm
Bakersfield 3-4 N/A 10:00pm
Dayton 2-5 N/A
Here Here

16 Responses

  1. The Duke

    At least the pitching has been solid in Dayton. If Quezada topped out at 96, what was he sitting at with his fastball? 91-92? What other pitches does he have?

    The General with a nice game to pull his batting avg back up

    Love the ground outs from Corcino, but I do wish he was missing more bats. Still early in the year though and he skipped a level. He should have all year in AA this year. A full time rotation spot may not be available until 2014 anyway.

    • Doug Gray

      Quezada has a really good change up. He sits low 90’s with his fastball. I didn’t get to catch the entire game online, I was at the zoo until about 7:45 and listened to both the Pensacola game and Dayton game online while I was at home, but whenever Corcino was on the mound I would turn the Dayton game down pretty low.

  2. MDRon

    Hitters are really struggling. I’m gonna go with “The organization gave them something to work on when they left spring training”. Do guys ever “pout” this time of year if they feel like they should be higher in the system than they are?

  3. RobL

    While Simon’s results have been poor, his 16 Ks per 9 is too good to give up on. As the low man in the pen, he has too much potential. JJ will get his shot soon enough.

    • Sultan of Swaff

      Agreed. For me, he needs to severly pare down his repertoire. He’s approaching relieving like he’s still starting–trying to throw 5 different pitches. For me, his best two pitches are his 4 seam fastball and his changeup. While he gets a ton of movement with his 2 seamer, he can’t throw it for a strike. I think he also tries to throw a splitter that he can’t command. But yeah, he’s got a million dollar arm…….and probably a ten cent head.

    • MK

      I assume he is out of options. If he has the potential you all talk about I’m not sure a non-contencer like Baltimore would give him away.

      If this season is “all-in” then they can’t afford a pitcher that is obviously a project like this. Yesterday says why.

      • Patrick in Cortland NY

        Can he really be called a project he turns 31 on May 8? I think he is what he is. Do not see many guys turn it around at his age.

      • Matt McWax

        I’m against the Simon project at the major league level. He belongs in AAA or elsewhere. While I don’t think pitchers need to be slim or super athletic, it bothers me when you have a borderline major leaguer who doesn’t come in fit as a fiddle to give himself any advantage he can get. He’s tall and spreads the weight out but I know he’s well over 230 and carrying junk (I was 6’3, 275 at one time). It’s not a huge deal but if you look at past performance, current performance, and his age, it just seems pointless to have him here.

  4. The Duke

    Tonight’s Bakersfield game has already been canceled because of rain. Darn you la niña!

    • Doug Gray

      Boo! But, it does make my night easier to manage.

    • Patrick in Cortland NY

      so where is the pinta and santa maria.

      I think you ment el nino lol

      • Doug Gray

        Actually he meant La Nina.

        La Niña is a coupled ocean-atmosphere phenomenon that is the counterpart of El Niño as part of the broader El Niño-Southern Oscillation climate pattern. During a period of La Niña, the sea surface temperature across the equatorial Eastern Central Pacific Ocean will be lower than normal by 3–5 °C. In the United States, an episode of La Niña is defined as a period of at least 5 months of La Niña conditions. The name La Niña originates from Spanish, meaning “the girl,” analogous to El Niño meaning “the boy.”