Tuesday news and notes

I guess the biggest news of course would be that Joey Votto is heading to the DL and that could cause a chain reaction throughout the system. Right now, it appears that pitcher Todd Redmond, who we just acquired last week in a trade for Paul Janish, will get the call. I expect that move to last only a day or two due to the Cueto blister (if it shows up, they will pull him early) combined with Alfredo Simon not being available today because of the Arroyo short outing last night.

With all of that said, where do the Reds go for a call up after that? Jay Bruce is the only left handed bat on the entire Reds team right now. Looking at Louisville, here are the left handed bats: Gregorius, Rodriguez (switch), Costanzo, Harris and newcomer Xavier Paul. I could see them calling up Xavier Paul after placing Negron on the 60 day DL and opening up a 40 man roster spot. He fills the need for an outfielder (I will assume that Frazier winds up in the infield while Votto is out, splitting time at first and third when Rolen needs off days with Cairo playing first on those days) and as a lefty. While he is new to the Bats, he has been in AAA all season and is hitting .322/.380/.524 with 18 doubles, a triple, 9 home runs, 20 walks and 46 strikeouts. He also has Major League experience and won’t be ‘stunted’ in his development as a 27 year old like Henry Rodriguez or Didi Gregorius could potentially be if they come up and sit on the bench as a pinch hitter twice a week.

Some of you recommended it earlier this month, so I have decided to add it. There is now going to be a ‘donate’ button available through the site. All money will go directly toward the site, either for the costs of running it or towards gas/hotel costs when I travel. If you want to help out, great. If you don’t, that is just fine as well.

The competitive balance draft is today and the Reds are one of the teams eligible to win an extra draft pick after the 2013 first round compensation portion of the draft. If you want more information, check out the link above.

Mark Hulet over at Fangraphs released his Midseason Top 50 prospects list. Billy Hamilton was the only Reds prospect to make the list and he came in at #37. Unfortunately, it is just a list so it is tough to say why each guy is ranked where they are.

Speaking of Billy Hamilton, he was talked about by Kevin Goldstein yesterday on his Monday Morning Ten Pack at Baseball Prospectus. He notes that scouts have seen some improvement from him at shortstop among a few other things.

Here is the schedule for the rest of the week:

  • Wednesday – Series Review: Henry Rodriguez
  • Thuersday – Team Progress Report
  • Friday – Dominican Summer League check in

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