Louisville Bats: 37-62 overall, 394 runs scored, 474 runs allowed.

The Bats recently followed up a 9 game winning streak with an 8 game losing streak, essentially negating any momentum that they had built up. They have added some new talent lately though. Didi Gregorius and Henry Rodriguez both came up from AA (though Rodriguez came up from the DL where he had been for 6 weeks) and they also added via trades both Todd Redmond and Xavier Paul. Paul has been moved up to the Reds after hitting .480/.500/.680 in 26 plate appearances. Dioner Navarro continues to be the Bats most prolific hitter. Unfortunately he was just placed on the DL, but had hit .389 with 13 walks and 10 strikeouts between June and July. Corky Miller has been as hot as anyone over his last 10 games, hitting .435/.536/.783. Sean Gallagher has put together three strong starts in a row, allowing just 3 runs in 19 innings. Pedro Villarreal had been strong in his last 3 starts as well, allowing just 3 runs in 19.1 innings. JJ Hoover has allowed just 2 runs in his last 13.2 innings with 2 walks and 14 strikeouts.

Pensacola Blue Wahoos: 15-11 (49-46 overall) 2nd half, 365 runs scored, 378 runs allowed.

The Blue Wahoos currently find themselves tied for first place at 15-11. Bryson Smith has been with Pensacola for the last 16 games and he has been a cog in their first place team with a .327/.379/.442 line so far. Beau Mills has been a boost for the club as well, hitting .277/.362/.590 in 23 games in Pensacola. His 7 home runs, despite only playing in 23 games, are tied for the club lead. David Vidal has been heading up some, hitting .276/.382/.655 over his last 10 games with 3 home runs, 5 walks and just 7 strikeouts. The pitching staff has been the anchor of the team on the year though. Daniel Corcino has an ERA of 2.07 in his last 7 starts stretching back to June 6th and has a 3.05 ERA in 100.1 innings on the season. His 3.05 ERA leads the Southern League and his 94 strikeouts rank 4th. JC Sulbaran has a 3.43 ERA since June began, though he still struggles with some of his consistency from start to start. His 99 strikeouts rank 2nd in the league. Tony Cingrani has been lights out once again at a new stop, posting a 1.29 ERA in 49 innings with 17 walks and 52 strikeouts. He has only allowed an earned run in 3 games over 8 starts for the Blue Wahoos. Justin Freeman hasn’t allowed an earned run over his last 10 games, stretching 13 innings with just 2 hits allowed and 16 strikeouts. Drew Hayes hasn’t been quite that good, but has allowed just 3 earned runs in his last 10 games (1.98 ERA in that stretch) with 14 strikeouts in 13.2 innings. Mark Serrano has done a little spot starting in the middle of relief appearances and has a 0.96 ERA in his last 18.2 innings with 19 strikeouts.

Bakersfield Blaze: 12-15 2nd half (53-44 overall), 506 runs scored, 450 runs allowed.

After winning the first half division crown the Blaze have stumbled out of the gate in the second half some. Offensively they have replaced Billy Hamilton in the leadoff role with Theo Bowe, who has hit just as well with a .352/.420/.440 line in 57 games for the Blaze and has 35 steals. Steve Selsky has come up for the second half from Dayton and has crushed the ball to the tune of .327/.410/.654 in 27 games. Travis Mattair continues his turnaround after a poor April, hitting .285 since May began with 20 doubles, a triple and 10 home runs. Josh Smith has anchored the staff since Tony Cingrani left, posting a 3.33 ERA since May began with 78 strikeouts and 21 walks in 70.1 innings pitched. Chad Rogers has slowed down a little bit, but he still has a 2.96 ERA in 100.1 innings on the season, ranking him 3rd in the league in ERA. Kyle McMyne has allowed just 1 run in his last 10 games, but has also walked and struck out 10 in 9.1 innings over that stretch.

Dayton Dragons: 9-15 2nd half (39-56 overall), 396 runs scored, 493 runs allowed.

The Dragons have had their ups and downs to begin the second half. Ryan Wright has hit .341/.394/.615 in the second half with 4 home runs after hitting just one in the first half. Yorman Rodriguez is hitting .287/.323/.489 for the Dragons since he was brought back from Arizona. Juan Silva has posted a .277/.395/.446 line over the second half as he has shown a lot more power than he did in the first half of the year. Juan Perez has hit .306/.376/.520 in the second half with 4 home runs, like Wright, after only hitting one in the first half. Radhames Quezada has posted a 1.00 ERA in 4 starts in the second half, but is sitting at 0-1 somehow. Carlos Contreras has a 2.89 ERA in 9.1 innings in the second half with 2 walks and 12 strikeouts. Michael Dennhardt has a 2.81 ERA in 16 innings in the second half with 2 walks and 10 strikeouts.

Billings Mustangs: 16-13 overall, 175 runs scored, 158 runs allowed.

The Mustangs offense has been carried by several guys early on. Jesse Winker is hitting .354/.495/.439 on the season with 23 walks and 20 strikeouts as an 18 year old, which is flat out incredible. His .495 OBP ranks second in the league. Spencer Dickinson is hitting .365/.452/.500 on the year with 9 walks and 8 strikeouts. In 39 plate appearances Seth Mejias-Brean is hitting .333/.436/.636 with 6 walks and 2 strikeouts. Brandon Dailey has hit .327/.400/.510 in 15 games. Robert Maddox has hit .315/.374/.618 on the year with much improved plate discipline. His 7 home runs lead the league. Robert Stephenson is leading the pitching staff with a 2.10 ERA in 25.2 innings with 8 walks and 33 strikeouts. His ERA ranks third in the league, while his 33 strikeouts are second. The guy who leads the league in strikeouts in Ismael Guillon with 34 and he also ranks 5th in the league with a 3.16 ERA. Sean Lucas has a 1.46 ERA out of the bullpen with 2 walks and 11 strikeouts in 12.1 innings. Ben Klimest has been nearly as strong with a 1.54 ERA in 11.2 innings with 8 walks and 14 strikeouts. Jimmy Moran has posted a 3.18 ERA in 11.1 innings with 3 walks and 14 strikeouts.

AZL Reds:? 4-16 overall, 115 runs scored, 152 runs allowed.

The AZL Reds have really struggled. The pitching staff has an ERA of 5.86 (10th of 13 teams) and the offense has a team OPS of .724 (which ranks 10th in the league of 13 teams). Offensively they have been led by Avain Rachel who has hit .328/.412/.483 with 9 walks and 9 strikeouts on the season. Ty Washington has hit .270/.351/.429 with 9 walks and 12 strikeouts so far. That has really been it for above average hitters on the team. Pedro Diaz has the best ERA among the starters at 4.50, but he has 3 walks and 19 strikeouts in 18 innings showing off strong peripherals for a 19 year old. Abel De Los Santos has a 2.25 ERA out of the bullpen with 12 strikeouts in 8 innings. Michael Salter has a 2.38 ERA in his 11.1 innings with 13 strikeouts. Luke Moran has posted a 2.61 ERA in 10.1 innings with 12 strikeouts. Mike Saunders has a 3.18 ERA in 11.1 innings but has walked 10 batters and struck out just 7.


6 Responses

  1. Cbus

    Great win by the Reds today. Chapman might break the Ks/9 MLB record this year and I never hear anything about it. Sure it’s not the home run record but he should be getting some attention nationally in between the nearly endless Trout and Harper love fest.

    • Greg

      Im not sure but I think he more Ks than Baily, Leake, and Arroyo. To me thats wtf amazing.

      • Cbus

        If everyone who reached first base against Chapman counted as an earned run he’d still have an ERA around 7.

      • Doug Gray

        That is hilarious. And crazy. He is, what is that word? Good? Yeah, that’s the one.

  2. Krozley

    ESPN.com has added WAR to their stats. What is funny is that Leake is 6th on the team with an OWAR of 0.8 (behind Votto, Frazier, BP, Bruce, and Cozart). Cueto leads NL pitchers with a WAR of 4.0.

    • Doug Gray

      Without an explanation of how they go about calculating it, I don’t know what to say. There are different versions of WAR floating around out there and some are better than others.