8/20 Game Review

Louisville lost 10-1. Box Score

  • Neftali Soto went 1-3.
  • Denis Phipps went 1-3 with a solo HR (14).
  • Cody Puckett went 1-3 with a double.
  • Carlos Fisher threw 2 shutout innings with a walk and 2 strikeouts.
  • Jordan Smith threw a shutout inning with 2 strikeouts.

Game notes

Aside from Denis Phipps remaining hot there isn’t much to write about this game. Phipps is 8 for his last 14 with 2 doubles and 4 home runs.

Pensacola was postponed. Double header today at 7pm.

Bakersfield lost 16-6. Box Score

  • Kurtis Muller went 2-5 with a double, HR (2), 2 RBI and 2 runs.
  • Ryan Wright went 2-5 with a double, HR (9) and 2 RBI.
  • Devin Lohman went 2-3 with a walk and RBI.
  • Niko Vasquez went 2-4 with a double and a run.
  • Daniel Wolford threw 2.2 shutout innings with a walk and a strikeout.

Game notes

16-6 loss, not so much to write about here.

Dayton won 11-1. Box Score

  • Sammy Diaz went 1-4 with a double, walk and 2 runs.
  • Yorman Rodriguez went 2-4 with a double, HR (4), walk, 2 RBI and 3 runs.
  • Kyle Waldrop went 1-2 with a double.
  • Jefry Sierra went 2-3 with an RBI and 3 runs.
  • Sean Buckley went 3-5 with a double, HR (11), 4 RBI and 2 runs.
  • Juan Silva went 3-5 with a double, 3 RBI and a run.
  • Jacob Johnson threw 5 shutout innings with 4 walks and 2 strikeouts.
  • Dan Jensen threw 3 innings and gave up a run with a walk and a strikeout.
  • Lucas O’Rear threw a perfect inning with a strikeout.

Game notes

The Dragons offense went all out in the game. Kyle Waldrop left the game after a leg injury on his double. Hopefully it isn’t serious. He pushed his average up to .284 on the year.

Billings won 12-3. Box Score

  • Beau Amaral went 2-5 with an RBI and a run.
  • Brandon Dailey went 2-4 with a double and 4 runs.
  • Carlos Sanchez went 4-5 with 4 doubles, 3 RBI and 4 runs.
  • Daniel Pigott went 1-4 with a double, 3 RBI and a run.
  • Zach Vincej went 2-5 with an RBI.
  • Robert Ramirez went 2-5 with an RBI and a run.
  • Julio Morillo went 1-4 with a double and an RBI.
  • Mike Saunders threw 3 shutout innings with 2 strikeouts.
  • Nolan Becker threw a perfect 9th inning with a strikeout.

Game notes

Carlos Sanchez hit 4 doubles in the game and one of them was almost a league record tying triple, but there was an error on the relay throw that kept Sanchez one off of the league record. He is hitting .311/.349/.591 on the year. He could sure up his plate discipline, but his power is playing quite well. Zach Vincej is hitting .418 in 22 games so far as a professional. The Mustangs faced the leagues best starter, who came in with an ERA of 1.33 and left with an ERA of 2.05. The game tonight will be on Milb.tv if you are a subscriber.

AZL Reds lost 7-0. Box Score

  • Adam Matthews went 2-4.
  • Jonathan Reynoso went 2-3.
  • Jose Williams allowed 2 runs in 5 innings with a walk and a strikeout
  • Ryan Fennell threw a perfect inning with a strikeout.

Game preview

Team 1st half 2nd half Time Probable Box Score Listen Live Watch Live
Louisville 50-81 N/A 7:05pm
Gustafson Here Here
Pensacola 34-35
29-27 7:00pm
Bakersfield 41-29 22-34 10:15pm
Dayton 30-40 24-30
Here Here
Billings 21-17 16-6
Here Here
AZL Reds
15-32 N/A
10:00pm TBA
Here N/A

58 Responses

  1. MK

    Sean Lucas promoted to Dayton. First 2012 draftees promoted that high.

    • Scott from upstate NY

      Wow, he is the reliever from my region. If I remember correctly he was a fifth year senior. So age wise it makes sense. A future loogy specialist. Born 4/6/1989.

  2. charliefunny

    Saunders promoted to Billings too. 22 yr old Matthews should be promoted to Billings too but would that make too many outfielders there?

    • MK

      If Matthews is having good success I would leave him there and allow him to have personal success for his mental outlook.

    • MK

      Dayton Daily News has never been great on road games. In addition,Cox Media has 6 sports reporters to cover Springfield, Dayton, Middletown and Hamilton. I wouldn’t count on anything getting much better.

  3. sultan of swaff

    Neftali Soto is certainly salvaging his season with a white hot August (.388). May (.207) and July (.217) really killed him and yet he’s on pace for 50+ extra base hits. I also like that his splits are nearly even. Let’s face it, this guy is trade bait, so the better he plays the more likely he punches his ticket out of town and we increase our leverage. It’s a win-win.

    • Doug Gray

      The fact that he is drawing walks now unlike, well, just about any point in his career, is a good sign that he might be figuring it out.

    • mace

      Yeah, it seems that people have been quick to dismiss Soto this year. But look at his comparison to Todd Frazier.

      Soto at Louisville, 2012, age 23:
      463 PA, .255 BA, .322 OBP, .421 slg

      Frazier at Louisville, 2010, age 24:
      538 PA, .258 BA, .333 OBP, .448 slg

      for that matter, Frazier at Louisville, 2011, age 25:
      359 PA, .260 BA, .340 OBP, .467 slg

      Frazier’s numbers are slightly better across the board, but he was a year and two years older. Of course, Frazier is a much better commodity defensively, and he clearly has the personality/confidence to make the transition to the big leagues. But it seems WAY too early to write off Soto as a hitter. The guy has talent in that area.

      One more comp with Frazier.

      Soto at Carolina, 2011, age 22:
      414 PA, .272 BA, .329 OBP, .575 slg

      Frazier at Carolina, 2009, age 23:
      500 PA, .290 BA, .350 OPB, . 481 slg

      Bear in mind that Frazier, right now, is probably the leading candidate for Rookie of the Year among position players.

      • Steve

        Can Soto play at all in LF? He has the pop in his bat to produce what you want from that position and now appears to be developing the plate discipline. Any worse than Alonso or Gomes out there?

      • Doug Gray

        He is very, very slow. I think he would be as bad as either of those guys.

      • sagevic

        Alaonso was slow, but he was also as uncomfortable in the outfield as any major leaguer I’ve ever seen. He had issues with angles as well as never really knowing what was around him out there leading to him getting banged up in Wrigley last year.

        Gomes wasn’t a blazer but that wasn’t his problem in the outfield. Gomes had issues with his reads and was terrible when the ball was hit over his head. His glove was poor. He made at least 10 terrible plays a year, but rarely ever when someone was on base, which made me think it was a concentration issue.

        Soto has a good arm, and would be able to hit the cut-off man. He would have to play deep and try to limit bloops to singles, but his glove should be adequate and his arm average to above average.

        I wouldn’t move Soto. He’s a bat first player who just isn’t likely to play much if it all for the Reds. I would try to find a trading partner this off season.

  4. foxbud

    Is Hoover a possibility for the playoff roster? I woould think a good mSeptember with the Reds would increase his chances. He could easily step into Ondrusek’s role. Logan is really fading.

    • sultan of swaff

      I think you’ll see an open competition in September for the playoff roster. You got Bray/Hoover/Ondrusek/Arredondo/LeCure/Leake/Simon for, what, 4 or 5 spots? It’s going to be interesting.

      • Doug Gray

        Problem is, Hoover can’t have a spot unless he is up by August 31st or someone gets hurt.

      • foxbud

        Saying someone is injured is getting easier and easier when the team wants someone to be “injured”.

      • MK

        As I said yesterday if the team thinks Hoover is better than someone already there then why isn’t he there already?

      • Doug Gray

        I don’t know why. That doesn’t mean they are right if they do think that though.

      • Norwood Nate

        So, with Ondrusek sent down today in the wake of the Mesoraco suspension moves, does that mean that he is not going be eligible for the postseason roster? From what I understand, he cannot be brought back up to the Majors for 10 days unless it is injury related, meaning he’ll be eligible to be back on Sept 1st.

        This also likely means Hoover will get the call up. It actually sort of works out fortuitous for the Reds this way (as I like Hoover a bit better).

    • Doug Gray

      No. I was watching/listening to the game last night and the announcer was talking about how Winker was talking about how his plan was to hit a house beyond the outfield wall during this series.

      • Robert Arl

        Winker’s line in last ten games is .211/.302/.316. Numbers like these tend to make a player disappear. During this span has only two extra base hits. Would be surprised if he hit that house.

      • mbushskbum

        Haven’t been able to catch a Mustangs game either in July or August, schedule doesn’t look promising either.

        For Winker to be talking hitting a house is not realistic. The houses out of RF are not only beyond the fence but also beyond a 4 row parking lot, walkway, and street. Out the LF side it is only a walkway and a street, much more doeable, But Winker is a LH hitter!

  5. The Duke

    I think Doug mentioned him yesterday, but Jonathan Reynoso certainly is intriguing. It’s the AZL, but he is hitting .333, has 27 steals, plays CF, has a very projectable 6’3″ frame (just 177 lbs right now), has shown a bit of pop, and is just 19 years old. He’ll be one to watch for in Billings next year.

  6. MK

    In retrospect did the Reds trade the wrong minor league catcher to San Diego? I know people will say Mez was handled poorly but when give the opportunity arose Grandal certainly seized it and has been better offensively and especially defensively.

    • Alan Horn

      I’m not ready to admit that yet. Grandal does have 4 errors in only 27 games. I still think Mesoraco is capable of much more based on his minor league stats, but I agree, it has been in the back of my mind.
      Dusty said(and I totally agree) in a Enquirer article today(referencing Frazier) that you never know what a rookie is going to be until well into their 3rd year in the majors. I have been preaching that for a while now. Now that is not true in all cases. Some can be so bad or good that you have a pretty good idea.

    • Doug Gray

      No, the Reds didn’t. They made the right decision. Time will show that. Grandal is playing every day. Mesoraco is playing 2-3 times a week.

      • MK

        We won’t know for a few years, but watching them both play the last week Grandal would be my choice for this day, this time, this pennant race. are always right.

        Doug, going back to your Hoover comment, it doesn’t mean they are always correct.

      • sagevic

        I’m with MK on this one, that we can’t tell yet. But DOug is right in that after last year if one had to go, it needed to be Grandal. He wasn’t close to the player defensively last year he’s been in San Diego, and I don’t think that was coaching.

        Plus, Grandal showed very little hitting from the left last season, which is where he will get over 60% of his career At Bats.

        Mesaraco has been hurt by the Reds competing for a division title and Hannigan’s strong play. While Mesaraco has a much higher ceiling he hasn’t come close to producing as well as Ryan.

        And in terms of defense, mesaraco is a major league caliber receiver, but Hannigan is one of the best in the National League. It just isn’t close.

        And that isn’t due entirely to PT. If Mesaraco wasn’t ready to split time then he needed to stay in AAA, because he just isn’t an everyday guy right now.

  7. MK

    Hoover fans may have gotten their wish. Mesoraco 2 games starting tonight, Ondrusek optioned, Navarro recalled. Since Ondrusek can’t be recalled for 10 days that would be the 31st. Hoover gets his tryout.

    I bet Onrusek won’t be keeping Mez on his X-mas card list. It just cost him some money, if nothing else per Diem money and service credit toward the pension plan.

    • Doug Gray

      What is the over under on games Hoover gets into before he is sent back out no matter how he performs in 10 days? I will set the line at 3.

      • RobL

        I’ll go with the over. At this point, Dusty can’t have faith in anybody in that pen. Other than Chapman, nobody is dominating. Marshall k’s a lot, but when they hit it, it’s big. Hoover will get chances by default. The pen’s struggles is the reason Latos was sent out in the 8th. Dusty can’t trust anyone to get them to the ninth. Kudos to the Reds for still winning despite the struggles of the pen. Eventually the pen will bounce back… You can’t blow’em all. Wait, that sounds really bad.

      • jim t

        Complaining about the pen or the pitching staff in general as it pertains to this team is laughable. Look at the full season not the last few games. The pitching and defense has carried this team. Hoover has a nice arm. Throwing him into the 8th inning and assuming he would perform is a huge assumption. I don’t expect him to pitch much until Sept. and then only if the division is locked up. Right now the 8th inning belongs to Marshall and Broxton and if the playoffs started today it would still belong to them. Hoover will get some innings but not at the expense of Arrendondo in the 7th. To imply it is lack of good management that he won’t is comical.

  8. Scott from upstate NY

    Will tonight be Billy Hamilton’s historic night? Doubleheader, he has got one stolen base already after his first at bat – a walk.

    • Scott from upstate NY

      make that two which ties Vince Coleman record. They just took the base away!

      • Scott from upstate NY

        And he just stole third to break the record -pandomonium!

      • chiredsfan

        Congrats to him, really a freakish accomplishment especially jumping a level.

      • Alan Horn

        I just saw some video of him stealing bases. He is just electric. As exciting a player that has come along in a while(at least for the Reds).

      • Scott from upstate NY

        Billy Hamilton swipes 4th bag in the game (1st time as a Wahoo) to extend his record to #147. Someone ought to photoshop the Roadrunners legs in motion on his body.

      • MDRon

        He’s gonna win lead two leagues in stolen bases in a single season. Amazing.

  9. jim t

    While I know its a unpopular topic on the blog but I’m watching the reds tonight on the tube and Hanigan just threw out Rollins with a bullet.I no people want Mez because offensively he projects to be a better option. Watching Hanigan no way I sit him down.

    • Jrod

      Jim t,

      I agree with you that Hanigan is certainly the best option right now. He gives excellent defense, great ABs resulting in a very high OBP, and the pitchers absolutely love throwing to him. That being said he does seem to perform better when he is limited in the number of games.

      I do agree with Doug and others that erratic playing time has made it difficult for Mes, but I also believe what is most important is the benefit of the team and not any individual, therefore Hanny has earned the majority of PT. Also, I think the idea that Mes is being done a disservice by sitting at the MLB and watching is silly. He is getting very valuable experience and will be all the better for it. I think next year Mes will really step it up and his experience this year will be a major reason, but for now we should enjoy the fact that we have an excellent C in Hanigan as well as a great future wit Mes.

      It would be great to see us maintain this large lead and allow Mes to increase his PT is Sept. This would hopefully allow Mes to get some more consistent ABs while at the same time helping to recharge Hanny’s batteries for the post-season.

      And by the way … Billy Hamilton is UN-FREAKING-BELIEVABLE!!!!!!!!

      • jim t

        Jrod, couldn’t agree more. You hit it out of the park.

      • sagevic

        Every player is different. Some rookies suffer playing too much since they can’t process everything that happens day after day and they lose confidence as their struggles mount. Others need to play more because they need to consatnt repitition to build muscle memory.

        To say that Mes is struggling due to limited playing time(and you specifically haven’t said this,Jrod) is making an assumption that cannot be supported.

        I said at the beginning of the season that the Dusty’s critics wanted Mesaraco to play everyday and didn’t care if he sucked (particulalrly if it expedited Dusty’s firing). Those same critics didn’t believe we would be in 1st place in late August.

        Hannigan would be one of the most popular players in any other city. He’s a har working, solid player who gets on base, plays great defense, doesn’t make a ton of money, and came up through the system. But here, he’s blocking the next great catcher.

      • Doug Gray

        I believed we would be in first place and also wanted Mesoraco starting all year.

  10. jim t

    Doug, Frazier has to be closing the gap on Miley for ROY.

    • Alan Horn

      I am very happy with the performance of both Frazier and Ludwick. Ludwick got off to the slow start the first half of the season, so he has been on fire since the break. I still feel Francisco could have helped also. He is up to .261 in limited playing time. His BB/SO ratio is still very poor, but if his head were to get right, he could be quite a player. Frazier has clearly outplayed him, so he would have had no place to play on the Reds(although he would have come in handy in Votto’s absence). He is one that could possibly make us look bad down the road.

  11. Alan Horn

    Broxton had another terrible outing tonight. If this is what his experience over Hoover supplies, then I vote for the rookie(at least in this case). At least Hoover could consistently get folks out.This is 3 games in a row that he has basically thrown BP. Chapman saved the day. That is why he is so valuable as a closer. To add insult to injury, Broxton got the win.

    • jim t

      Alan that ball to BP should have been caught for a out. Broxton should have been out of the inning.

    • Norwood Nate

      I thought he had some tough luck. He had two outs and no one on, and Phillips couldn’t handle the ball as it took a bad bounce. That’s hard lucky, not being terrible. And the ball that the dude hit wasn’t a bad pitch. If I remember correctly that ball way low and breaking away from the batter and he went down and shot it down the line. That was a good (and maybe fortunate) bit of hitting, not bad pitching.

      • Doug Gray

        Nope, but he has now faced 28 batters as a Red and has struck out 3 more than I have. You don’t get as many bad hops or good pitches hit when you actually have the ability to strike guys out. But he doesn’t and he is going to find more ‘bad luck’ because of that.

      • doctor

        it is a bit baffling that with how some of his “stuff” looks and he gets mid-90’s consistently on his FB per radar gun readings, how much he gets hit and how few K’s he has. but maybe he is still adjusting to new catchers/team/ballpark given its a SSS as a Red.

      • Alan Horn

        I agree Doug. At the point he is pitching, you have to miss a lot of bats and he doesn’t do it. The bottom line is that he isn’t getting the job done. We don’t have much to show for Donnie Joseph and Sulbaran. By that I mean in terms of their service and
        what else they could have brought in a trade.

  12. jim t

    Absolutely estastic Billy broke the record. Couple that with a huge win for the reds and it was a very nice evening. Reds had plenty of heros tonight. Plenty of chances to hang their heads against a team that has owned them and instead kept battling until Chapman closed it out. All thids without one of the best players in the game. This is a very good team.