The biggest news from yesterday was that the Arizona Fall League rosters were announced. Here are the players that the Reds will be sending:

  • Drew Hayes – RHP
  • Curtis Partch – RHP
  • Didi Gregorius – SS
  • Billy Hamilton – SS
  • Donald Lutz – 1B

The official roster also notes that the Reds have two pitchers TBA, so there will be some additions from our guys still. The big news from all of that though is that while Hamilton is listed with the infielders on the roster, he is also listed an an outfielder where he is expected to get some playing time. Didi Gregorius is the only guy listed so far that I didn’t have in my group of potential guys on Monday. He has played the last few years in the Australian Baseball League during the winter, so this will be a step up for him. Donald Lutz in the thin desert air sounds like it could be really fun to watch. Drew Hayes and Curtis Partch both have good arms that will be taking a nice step forward in competition as they head out to Arizona. It will be interesting to see how each guy performs against more top end prospects than the usual AA game can offer.

Last night I was in Dayton for the first 6 innings of the game before heading back home. My main goal was to check out Ismael Guillon and he didn’t disappoint as he allowed 2 runs in 6 innings with 2 walks and 8 strikeouts. While I will have more on him, hopefully next week, he was throwing in the 88-90 range, while dipping to 87 and reaching 93. He showed off a slow breaking ball in the 67-71 MPH range and a change up in the 82-84 MPH range.  Mechanically, he looks much better than the only other time I have had a chance to actually see him pitch. Due to his original contract he signed being voided and him resigning with the club, he is eligible for the the Rule 5 draft this year and I think that after watching him last night, that it would be a mistake for the Reds to leave him unprotected. He is the kind of arm that a team would take a chance on and try to stash as their long man.

That is it for today from me.

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  1. charliefunny

    Other AFL candidates: Lamarre- will he need off season surgery for his foot issue? The Reds want him ready for ST as a CF fall back if they keep Dusty & he doesn’t change hitting Stubbs up top.

    Fleury- groom as the #3 catcher after Mes & Hanigan.

    Serrano – he’ll be 28 by ST & the Reds need to get him up to AAA fast or he’ll be a suspect not a prospect with that great slider.

    The Reds will have some tough decisions to make before the Rule 5 draft: Guillon, Freeman (AA), Partch. They must think alot of Hayes to send him to AFL early, must be the Vandy connection like Christiani last year. If I was Smith, Ondrusek or Redmond, how many days do they have left with the Reds?

    • MK

      Fleury is hitting .164 in over 200 Plate Appearances in AA. I think his chances on being #3 at AAA are pretty slim. He has won the job of back-up to Tucker Barnhart, by default, this year and he should probably hope he can hold onto that.

      Guillon is probably the only one of the pitching trio they will protect, and only because of his prospect ability. I can not imagine the other two being kept on a big league roster next year so they should pass through.

  2. charliefunny

    MK, Maybe they should send Tucker to be the #3. Catchers have a much higher chance of injury for such a critical position.

    Doug, If Guillon needs to be protected, how long do YRod & Duran have before they need to be protected? I seem to recall 5 yrs, how close is that? If so its after the 2013 season. So next year YRod may do 1/2 season in Hi A & 1/2 in AA, so the Reds can decide in a year+.

    • Doug Gray

      Guillon is a special case because of his contract being voided and then signing a new one, but both Duran and Rodriguez are Rule 5 eligible this year.

  3. mauired

    I think the reason Walt doesn’t want to add Hamilton to the 40 man roster yet has more to do with the offseason than this season. Right now it’s simple, just let him take the spot of Negron, Smith, or Phipps. But those spots become more important during the offseason, when they have to add Guillon and other minor leaguers. Who else do they have to protect or risk losing in the rule V draft?

    • Doug Gray

      I don’t have the full list in front of me right now, but I recall thinking that there is a lot of guys you can rid yourself of and only 2-3 guys you need to protect for sure from the Rule 5. There should be plenty of room to add Hamilton if you want to.

  4. Norwood Nate

    Corcino and Fellhauer are eliglible of I recall correctly. Protecting Corcino is a no-brainer. Fellhauer is already being used primarily as a platoon guy. But he’s hit well in that role, and this year is a great example of needing to have LH bench bats ready.

    There are a lot of guys that could come off though. Rolen, Cairo, Navarro, and Broxton will have contracts that will be done. Smith, Negron, Valaika are really beyond prospect status, and looking like AAAA type players. We have several arbitration players as well. Then there are players like Phipps and Villarreal who may never provide more than emergency depth.

    I would figure roster spots will open for those worth protecting.

  5. wally

    Doug who do you think the other TBA pitchers will be in the AFL
    great choice in Partch and Hayes. I think Ravin has to go good stuff and no innings this year.