The Dayton Dragons finished the year with a 60-78 record, finishing in last place in the first half with a 30-38 record as well as finishing last in the second half with a 30-40 record.

The Dragons went 12-13 in April as they scored 96 runs and also allowed 96 runs. They never won more than 2 games in a row in the month and also struggled through a 5 game losing streak to end the first week of the season. Kyle Waldrop and Kyle McMyne took home the Dayton Dragons Players of the Month Awards. Waldrop hit .271 and drove in 10 runs while McMyne posted a 1.69 ERA  in 10.2 innings with 13 strikeouts and 2 walks.

After a mediocre April the Dragons struggled in May as they won just 9 games while losing 20. The first half of the month really did them in as they went 2-14. From the 18th through the end of the month the team went 7-6, ending the season on a 2 game winning streak. The offense scored 103 runs while the pitching and defense allowed 162 runs. Dayton scored fewer than 2 runs ten different times during the month.

In June the Dragons were able to start off strong, going 9-7 over the first half of the month before the All Star break. The four days off didn’t do the team well as they lost 5 straight after the break and 7 of 8 before ending the month with a win to finish at 11-14. The offense scored 126 runs and the pitching staff and defense gave up 145. Ryan Wright was selected to participate in the Midwest League All Star Game. He went 1-3 with an RBI.

As the calendar flipped to July with a record of 32-47, the Dragons needed a good month to turn things around but after a solid start in the first week things weren’t able to be maintained as they went 12-16 on the month to fall to 44-63 on the season. The offense scored 124 runs and the pitching and defense allowed 158 runs. Juan Perez and Carlos Gonzalez were named the players of the month. Perez hit .263 with 9 RBI and 6 steals. Gonzalez had a 2.50 ERA in 8 games with a 3-1 record.

In August and September the Dragons posted a winning record with 16 wins and 15 losses to go along with 3 cancelled games due to rain. Dayton put together three separate 3 game winning streaks in that time and ended the year with a 7-3 win. The offense scored 149 runs and the pitching and defense allowed 143 in the best stretch of the season for the team.

Top Position Prospect

On a team that struggled on the offensive side of the ball, where no player was able to OPS .800, Yorman Rodriguez had the tools that stood out the most. The 19 year old spent his second stint with the team and hit .271/.307/.430 in 277 plate appearances. His plate discipline leaves a lot to be desired and he is very much a high ceiling/low floor type of player, but his ceiling is considerably higher than any other position player on the team, which gives him the nod over several other guys.

Honorable Mention: Ryan Wright and Kyle Waldrop

Top Pitching Prospect

Much like the position side of things, the pitching was not all that good with the two best arms not showing up until late in the season as promotions from Billings. Aside from the two arms from Billings who were only up for a short period of time, the arm that stood out the most was probably Carlos Contreras. He features above-average to plus velocity with his fastball and a good change up while posting strong numbers with a 3.20 ERA in 50.2 innings with just 29 hits allowed, 19 walks and 51 strikeouts. On a team without a stand out starter, Carlos Contreras stood out from the bullpen with good velocity and a solid secondary pitch.

Honorable Mention: James Allen

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  1. jim t

    Doug enjoying your rundown of all the reds minor league teams. Are you going to have ask a question get a answer Wed.

  2. jim t

    Doug, very frustrating watching a guy like Y-rod take a step back. Kid hads lots of tools. Still very young and has time to get it turned around but chit chat has it that his head is more the issue than his talent. Hope he can get it together.

  3. MK

    jim t, I actually thought Yorman took a big step forward. His issues were between his ears and he seems to have finally gotten that straightened out. The Yorman of ’11 and the ’12 Bakersfield Yorman could not excel on the field because his mind wasn’t right. The Yorman who returned to Dayton (maybe it was the proverbial 2×4 between the eyes) seemed to be having fun. He hustled, enjoyed his teammates and played well. I think the Yorman we have all wanted to see on the field can develop now. That is a huge step forward and he is still only 20.

    The way the ball comes off his bat and the sound it makes is special. You can check my posts on him last year and I’ll admit I thought he was a bust. I am just the opposite after 2012, and I probably saw him play 50 times.

    • lollipopcurve

      I agree that 2012 was an excellent year for YRod. He showed up every day and played. His performance never nosedived as in years before. He stayed healthy. There were no reports of his not playing hard. It may have been the proverbial “learned how to be a professional” year for him. Let’s see if he can build on it in 2013 — the ceiling is very high.

  4. jim t

    MK, I’m glad to hear that. Organization has alot to gain from his developement. I’d hate to think him and Duran were swings and misses.

  5. jim t

    Doug, How many times do I have to caution you about hanging out on blog.I won’t lecture you to much because I’m certain you have a headache from beating your head against the wall.LOL

    • Doug Gray

      I will just say it is like a pretty girl… you look and look, and eventually you have to say something even though you know better.

      • jim t

        Doug I know what you mean. I still read it but I can’t bring myself to post. LOL

      • Eric O

        I post over there when I feel it is necessary but rarely post here. But I did see Doug trying to straighten out some folks the other day and told him to save his breath.

      • Doug Gray

        I seriously can’t wait until it is a pay to read service. I rarely say that, because I am all about free information, but man, that place just kills me.

  6. jim t

    Doug, I wouldn’t have said this when he was called up but it appears Cingrani is being given serious consideration for a post season roster spot.He along with Hoover would mean two rookies in the bull pen. Would Dusty do that???? LOL

    • Alan Horn

      Cingrani is making a statement albeit a small sample size. Hoover has already made a statement in my opinion.Still, Lecure and Simon deserve to be on the roster. I might drop Ondrusek.

      • jim t

        Unless Hoover goes in the tank he is on.As of today my staff would be Cueto,Latos,Arroyo and Bailey as starters. Pen would be Hoover,Chapman,Arrendondo,Cingrani,LeCure,Broxton and Marshall. I would only carry 11 pitchers.Leake would again be left off.

      • MK

        I’ve said it before, don’t overlook that Braves line-up that has :McCain, Freeman, Bourne, Heywood, all being lefties and Chipper being stronger lefty than righty. An extra lefty reliever could be necessary. Cingrani could be the guy

  7. jim t

    I would carry 14 position players. BP,Stubbs,Votto,Cozart,Rolen,Ludwick,Bruce,Hanigan,Frazier,Paul,Valdez,Navarro,Heisey and Mesoraco.
    I don’t think this is how it will play out. I find it hard to believe that Cairo will make the team. He has been the invisible man lately and if he was being given serious consideration he would be getting some playing time.I could also say the same for Mesoraco. The thing about Mez is if you carry him it would allow Dusty to use Navarro as more than just a back up catcher. Valdez makes it because he is the only other SS and you can’t convince me they would carry Didi over him with a half of year above AA.

  8. Mel

    What a terrific job Cingrani is doing. This is a great experience for him and will serve him and the reds for the future
    I agree with Doug not going to be on a playoff roster