Here are two interviews of Billy Hamilton and Tony Cingrani from Friday with WING 1410AM in Dayton.

Billy Hamilton

Note that he says he still isn’t fully healed from his encounter with the wall in the AFL Championship game a few weeks ago.

Tony Cingrani

Here is the award presentations of the Reds minor league awards for 2012.

  • Affiliate Outreach Award – El’Hajj Muhammad
  • Pitcher of the Year – Tony Cingrani
  • Hitter of the Year – Steve Selsky
  • Player of the Year – Billy Hamilton

13 Responses

    • Alan Horn

      That’s good first step even if don’t get a short term lead off hitter. You could say this is the same team we ended with last year(but not really).

      (1) Frazier should get to play full time with Rolen out of his way. That should equate to more offense out of him.
      (2) Votto should be recovered from his knee injury. That is worth a lot more offense.
      (3) Cueto being healthy for the playoffs. That is a plus.
      (4) Mesoraco will almost for sure provide more offense than he did last year. Another plus for the offense.
      (5) Cozart should produce at least a little more offense.
      (6) If Chapman is successful starting, the team will be better. If not he reverts back to the pen.
      (7) We should get a full season out of Hoover in the pen.
      (8) We have Cingrani and Corcino about ready to step in an help. Plus, right now we still have Leake.
      (9) The only unknown right now is CF where we have Stubbs and Heisey. If Walt gets a CF for lead off, then that is just icing on the cake. I think most teams would love our talent. The unknowns are injuries and poor individual performance(both unpredictable).

      • Scott from upstate NY

        Glass half empty:
        1) The Reds/division/league won’t have the Astros to beat up on.
        2) The Nationals on paper are improved
        3) The Dodgers and Phillies are improved
        4) I’m still concerned that injuries to Cueto, and Votto are still lingering, and Chapman, and Phillips weren’t their dominant selves in September so I wonder if they are still nursing nagging injuries.
        5) Not a lot of game changing depth on the bench or AAA.
        6) I hope the Reds players, especially the ones not 100% healthy participating in the World league don’t do further damage.

      • MK

        Fill the glass back up
        1. Neither will St. Louis, Pittsburgh, Milwaukee and Chicago
        2. After 2010 Reds appeared to be better on paper
        3. Phillies are old and the Reds will never be able to compete with the Dodgers money again (nor anyone else in the league can compete either).
        4. Injuries heal
        5. Bench better this year than last already with Paul on board.
        6. All the other teams have the same injury concerns in World Classic

      • MK

        I am concerned that Rolen not making a decision yet is still getting play in Cincy. I wish the Reds would say you might play but it won’t be here.

        I am also disappointed Mesoraco didn’t do somewhere and play winter ball. His entire game needs work and he needs at bats. I would have also liked to see Stubbs do the same. heck they used to do that in the old days and it worked.

      • Alan Horn

        I agree. If Rolen comes back it should be as some type of coach.
        Maybe Stubbs needs to just get comfortable with his new swing in the batting cage before he puts it into actual play. Mesoraco, I agree with. It is time for him to start making some strides. Getting back to Stubbs, I have always been a proponent of the short, quick stroke with the hands placed lower in the initial stance. The long stroke can produce more power but at the expense of strikeouts. It is all about reaction time and adjusting. The short stoke wins. I remember Bob Horner was a master at both the short stroke and power with less strikeouts.
        Nothing good comes from a strikeout.

      • MK

        Story somewhere said he was working on removing his stride and just going to a quick toe touch. That should help.

        Heard Pete Rose the other night he really thought Stubbs should be in winter ball as well. He said he went after his second year in the bigs, just to work on things.

      • Alan Horn

        It just seems Stubbs could be so much more valuable if he could just become a contact hitter. He has had a lot of chances, but I sure would hate for him to figure it out elsewhere.

      • wanderinredsfan

        Stubbs is NOT a contact hitter. Yes, he should improve his contact rates, but not to sacrifice his power. If he can get back to around a .250-.270 BA, then he should be able to hit 30+ HRs in the bigs, while still stealing 40+.

    • Rick in Va.

      Somewhat off topic, but I just saw that the Dodgers signed Hyun-Jin Ryu for $36MM, and I have read articles suggesting that some Cubans might get many millions to sign. I was under the impression that there is now a $2 million per year, or so, ceiling on international signings, enforced by loss of draft choices. Will the Dodgers lose draft choices as a result of this signing? If these international signings of older guys with experience in other countries are somehow exempt from the new rule, could someone explain how that works? Thanks.