The 2013 Prospect Guide is now officially at the printer. If you ordered the soft cover version, it will be in your hands by the end of the month. With Christmas falling on Tuesday this year, it may or may not be delivered to you by then. If you ordered the PDF version, you will receive an email tomorrow afternoon after I finish up the alterations with a download link. Thanks to everyone who has purchased the book so far. If you are interested in it, you can click on the image above.

Tomorrow I will finish up the State of the Farm series with a look at starting pitching, but with Redsfest fresh on the mind, I wanted to get the post in with the interviews and tidbits.


On Friday the Louisville Bats were giving out these awesome glasses on the right. Check out the embossed baseball at the bottom. Just awesome.

On Saturday I went back to Redsfest and things didn’t go nearly as smoothly as they did on Friday. There were probably twice as many people there and I was attempting to both work as well as show someone around, so I unfortunately missed out on some things. I did get a few more interviews that were on the Reds on Radio affiliates. Two more with Billy Hamilton, another with Tony Cingrani, one with Walt Jocketty and one with Pedro Villarreal. All of those have been uploaded to the RedsMinorLeagues Youtube Channel and are also below on this post.

I got a chance to ask Ryan LaMarre about his foot while hanging out in the Better Off Red area in the Connect Zone. He said that he got out of his walking boot about a month ago. While he still isn’t 100%, he should be by the time spring training begins. I also asked Billy Hamilton about his switch hitting, particularly from the left side and how much work he puts in, or more work he puts in than he does from the right side. He, and I am paraphrasing here, noted that he has come a long way but that he still isn’t as comfortable from that side. As I have noted on the site before, this year you could really see the work paying off as his balance really showed improvement from the left side.

Redsfest Interview Videos

Walt Jocketty interviewed by 1450 AM in Bowling Green

Pedro Villarreal interviewed by 1450 AM in Bowling Green

Tony Cingrani interviewed by 1450 AM in Bowling Green

Billy Hamilton interviewed by 1450 AM in Bowling Green

Billy Hamilton interviewed by 1240 AM in Zanesville

12 Responses

  1. Randy in Chatt


    Who would you prefer (just dreaming here) Fowler (Rockies) or De Aza (White Sox) if a trade could be made?

    • Greg

      I think I would take Fowler. He seems to have more power and a couple of years younger. With De Aza you might not have to give up as much.

  2. Scott from upstate NY

    Gotta laugh at Pedro joking he is using a Justin Bieber song as his coming out of the pen song.

    Doug did you get a chance to try and knock a whiffle ball out of their indoor park? That is a unique looking glass, any other goodies at Redsfest that were tempting? How long are the waits for most things?
    Wonder who Walt offered for Revere?

    • Doug Gray

      I did not. I barely stopped over in that area. It was a mad house over there.

      Didn’t see any other freebies around that were as cool as that.

      I didn’t wait in line for anything, so I don’t know, but autograph times are staggered at an hour, so somewhere in that time frame.

  3. Scott from upstate NY

    Going to Wrigley to see Cingrani’s debut as a starter amongst his cross town home buddies sounds like something to add to the bucket list if things shake out like that.

    • jim t

      Scott, I go to Wrigley every year to see the reds. Make it a Saturday game and go over Friday night. It is the highlight of my Summer. Last two years I have done the roof top seating 120.00 and all the food and beer is included. After the game in Wrigleyville is the icing on the cake. Lots of night spots and the people are very friendly. I recommend it highly.

      • Doug Gray

        Always warn people about how the concourse smells like urine.

    • Doug Gray

      No, I don’t. At least not from the Reds. Granted, I have never asked, but from past experience from myself and others, I doubt it would happen. Fortunately, I do know plenty of “the right people”, so I can get some access when needed. For the most part, MLB doesn’t take internet writers seriously, and to be fair, I don’t really blame them. You simply don’t have the trust for someone who isn’t making a living off of what they do (and 99.99% of us aren’t), so if they wanted to, they could just go crazy and do something completely unprofessional because they technically have nothing to lose. With that said, the minor league teams are much better about this. I have had no problems getting press credentials at any stop when asked about it and for the last three years I have had them full time with the Dayton Dragons (since I can drive there and back in about an hour and 30-45 minutes depending on traffic). When I travel other places, I usually just get the “daily” press credentials, though at times I will just buy a ticket directly behind home plate since that is where I prefer to be anyways.

      • sultan of swaff

        It’s funny that to be trusted the powers that be think you have to earn money for what you do. I would think that having to go out and earn respect day in-day out from your content would be the true barometer, instead of having to sensationalize stories to sell papers.

        I would guess the day of the bloggers is coming as the meritocracy shakes out the chaff, but like most big entities, the Reds will be slow to catch on.

      • Doug Gray

        I still think it is more about consequences for being unprofessional. If you are being paid to do your job well, and you use it to support yourself, you are going to likely, be more professional and trustworthy. I completely get that part of it too.