Thursday All Questions Answered

Usually I reserve this for Wednesday, but with the trade it pushed everything back and because of the trade I feel that it is something that should still happen this week as there are plenty of questions due to it.

Before that though, with the State of the Farm series being wrapped up, Monday is now going to become home to the Series or Game Review for a player. For the most part, any player in full season ball should have some game footage between all of the affiliates either having their own broadcasts or the Blaze playing the Giants a few times a year who do. So, which players should I look at? Position players and relievers (when possible) will get a series review so there is plenty of data. Starting pitchers will get a game review as they tend to throw often enough in one game for a solid amount of data. Between now and April there are is time for 15 reviews, so everyone list the guys you want to see (whether it is 1 guy or even 15 guys). Ultimately I will choose, but having a list to work from certainly helps.

Now, onto the All Questions Answered rules:

  • Ask before midnight.
  • Each user gets three questions.
  • Avoid questions that require more than a paragraph to answer.
  • Avoid questions that will require me to look up an answer.

Seems simple enough. List some players and ask some questions.

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