Coming into the 2012 season Ismael Guillon was looking for a big rebound after having a downright poor season the year before with the Billings Mustangs. He struggled with his control and saw his ERA well over 6.00.

When his season began in June he managed three games before the month was up, though none of them lasted more than 4 innings. For the month he totaled 11.2 innings over three games with a 5.40 ERA and 1.89 WHIP to go with 8 walks and 14 strikeouts. The strikeouts were nice, but his walk rate was still high.

When July rolled around, things changed for the most part. The left hander made five starts on the month, four of which were outstanding and three were scoreless affairs. On the 22nd he battled his control and walked 4 batters and struck out just 3 in 3.1 innings. He would finish the month with 23.1 innings pitched, 8 walks and 28 strikeouts to go along with a 1.16 ERA and a 1.07 WHIP. He took a nice step forward with his control during the month.

In August he would split his time between Billings and Dayton. He would make three starts for the Mustangs. The first two weren’t bad, but they weren’t good as they spanned 10 innings with a 3.00 ERA, but he did walk 7 and strike out 11. However in his final start for the Mustangs on the 13th Guillon would threw 6 shutout innings with a walk and 10 strikeouts. He was promoted to Dayton and made his first start on the 19th, throwing 6 shutout innings with 2 walks and 5 strikeouts. He made two most starts for the Dragons on the month, finishing with 17.2 innings for Dayton with 6 walks and 18 strikeouts along with a 2.55 ERA and a 1.25 WHIP.

Guillon would wrap up is turnaround season with one final start in September for Dayton. On the 3rd he toed the rubber and threw 7 innings where he allowed 2 runs on 6 hits and a walk with 9 strikeouts.

Billings 4 1 51.0 39 1 24 63 2.29 1.24 2.6
Dayton 2 0 24.2 22 2 7 27 2.55 1.18 3.9
2 Teams 6 1 75.2 61 3 31 90 2.38 1.22 2.9

Overall Thoughts

The 2012 season was a resounding success for Ismael Guillon. Coming off of a terrible and forgettable 2011, he showed big improvements in control and took on two levels with big success at each. While he is in the second tier of starting pitching prospects in the system, the lefty has quality stuff and began to show some stamina in the second half of his season. He still needs to improve his breaking ball, but he has made big strides and finds himself back in the prospect talks.


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  1. Greg

    Does he have a higher ceiling than Tony Cingrani or is he about the same pitcher

    • The Duke

      Not as much velocity or deception, but I think his offspeed stuff has more potential. I think their ceilings are similar. Fringe #2, good #3 ceiling.

      • foxbud

        I have always liked Guillon as a prospect. Hope he keeps progressing. I think he can be a #3 easy.

      • Doug Gray

        Actually, he has more velocity from what I saw this year. I heard reports that Cingrani could hit 95, but I never saw him go over 92. I saw Guillon hit 95 multiple times.

        I don’t know which has the higher ceiling, but it is probably pretty close.

      • Doug Gray

        When I saw him, he was actually all over the place. Was 86-88 in the first, 88-91 most of the game, then 93-95 in the 6th.

  2. sultan of swaff

    Have you heard that the walks are a consequence of working on a third pitch or something else?

    I’m wondering if the control problems are a symptom of who he is or what he wants to be. If it’s the former, he might only make it as a releiver. To that end, would his fastball/changeup combo play up in a releif role?

    • Doug Gray

      Not really sure why the walks happened like they did, particularly in 2011. His FB/CH would play great out of the bullpen. But I can’t see the reds not keeping him as a starter for a long time. He still has several years before they would eve think of placing him in the bullpen.

  3. Mel

    Like him dont love him I think he sometimes is flat and seems to loose his mechanics. I like the write up and think some great points were made. Personally not in Cingrani’s league and as a matter of fact I like Manno and De La Rosa much more

    • The Duke

      I doubt Manno or De La Rosa ever rise above situational lefties.

    • MK

      Not many 20 year-olds that don’t occasionally lose their mechanics, if not there would be more in the big leagues. From a development standpoint Guillon is ahead of Cingrani at the same age.

    • Ryan the Red

      Must be Ondrusek’s cousin or something. Anyways any info on this giant?

      • Doug Gray

        Big dude, clearly.

        He has been brought along slowly. I haven’t seen a scouting report on him in a while though. At one point he had a pretty big arm, but I honestly haven’t read up on him in a few years. I will say that there is probably a reason that a 28 year old has all of 18.1 innings in AAA.

    • IndyRedsFan

      His full name is Ludovicus Jacobus Maria van Mil.

      I think the Reds signed him just so The Duke could have a new favorite named player (after the Reds traded Gregorius).

      Whaddya think Duke, shall we call him “The Commodore”?

      • Randy in Chatt

        Too funny Indy……and all too true. Love the Commodore nickname! I think the Duke would approve.

  4. Justin


    On Fay’s blog he quotes Walt as saying that if we don’t sign a lefty reliever they still want Cingrani to be a starter in AAA. Can you list the top two or three candidates in our minors if we needed to pluck a left handed reliever out for next season?

  5. Zman

    What about Jeremy Horst? Oh yeah, we traded him for some valuable player named Valdez.

  6. Ryan the Red

    I cannot believe this. Ryan Freel was/is inside my favorite 5 athletes of all time. I just loved the way he played the game. It was a treat to see him in his time in a Reds uniform. Im not ashamed to say it, this hit me rather hard when i first saw it. He had average baseball tools but his hustle made his skills play up and he turned in a delightful 8 year career.

    RIP MR. Freel.

  7. zblakey

    Freel was a hustler for sure. Too bad his life ended this way.

  8. jim t

    Where are we headed? Young People taking their own lives. Childern being murdered.Suicide bombings.Wars raging globally. Don’t think I have ever been more concerned for my Kids and their future.I pray we wake up in time to save our world. No matter what your race,where you stand economicly,what your faith I hope all have a Great wonderful Holiday season. Let the new year began the healing we so desperately need.Doug, Sorry for the off topic post.

    • Alan Horn

      You are on target Jim. Anyone who isn’t worried needs to have their head checked out. With this “I have to have it all now” philosophy people aren’t prepared to face hard times. I think most older folks would agree that we are experiencing the hardest times since the depression of the 1930’s. In my lifetime, I have never seen a recession that has lasted anywhere near the 6 years this one has. The problems span both political parties and was precipitated by the collapse in the housing market. Real estate down here where I live has dropped by 40% or more in value. That has touched virtually everyone. Through it all we have a savior who is in control of everything. Keep looking up with prayer. Merry Christmas everyone.

  9. MK

    Story I read said Ryan had suffered up to 12 concussions in his life.

  10. MikeD


    Twice in one week! I could not agree with you more! I truly hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas and the hopes of a new year brings joy here and around the world. Having been involved in these wars has been bittersweet for me. Proud to serve, not happy with the results.

    Hope each of you Reds fans enjoy all the blessings life offers and Doug, I hope your website becomes all that you could ever hope for!

    Reds 2013!