Seth Mejias-Brean was not in the Reds system when the year began, but joined the organization after being drafted in 2012. The Reds sent him to Billings where he helped lead the Mustangs offense.

The Reds didn’t sign Mejias-Brean immediately, but he was ready to go by the time July rolled around. And was he ever ready to go. In 22 games on the month he went out and hit .388/.454/.671 with 7 doubles, a triple and 5 home runs to go along with 11 walks and 8 strikeouts. He also stole three bases on the month without being caught.

In August he took a step back some as he posted a .282/.363/.451 line with 4 doubles, a triple and 2 home runs. His plate discipline was solid, though a step back from his July totals with just 8 walks and 17 strikeouts. Like July, he stole 3 bases without being caught.

There was only a weeks worth of games in September, but they weren’t pretty for the third baseman as he hit just .130/.231/.304 with a double and a home run. He walked twice and struck out four times in just 23 at bats. He didn’t attempt a steal in that time frame.

203 179 35 56 12 2 8 40 6 0 21 29 .313 .389 .536

Overall Thoughts

With the short season leagues, it is tough to really get a say on how up and down a guy is, but Mejias-Brean was certainly a guy with two large splits between July and then August/September. He was clearly playing over his head in July where he posted an OPS over 1.100 and his peripherals were much better than the .244 he hit in in August and September. His overall numbers on the season look like a fair representation of what his year was like based on his peripherals rather than something that could be suggested by the monthly splits. The power output was a surprise given his college numbers, but swing changes made a difference and scouts believe he does have power. Defensively he has the tools, but he posted a .904 fielding percentage with the Mustangs. Cutting down on the error rate as he climbs the ladder will be necessary. Right now he is an intriguing prospect with a little bit of upside worth keeping a close eye on.

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15 Responses

  1. Alan Horn

    Good job on Mejias-Brean Doug. He has promise, but with the short season players we don’t know exactly what kind of player they really are yet as you mentioned. I’m hoping he turns out well.

    • Doug Gray

      The tools are there for him, so I am excited to see him next year. Whether I get to see him in Dayton or not though, that will be the question.

  2. Mel

    Doug agree on you on Cingrani, It also might benefit all to have him strched out this year with innings Saying that who do you see as the SP in Louisville and also RP there also Happy Holiday

    • Doug Gray

      Starters will be Corcino, Cingrani and Villarreal. Probably two veteran types to fill out the back end. Bullpen wise, probably very similar to the Pensacola bullpen from 2012.

      • MK

        Do you honestly see the big league team having just one lefty in the pen? If no one is added it has to be Cingrani.

      • Alan Horn

        MK, I agree on the one lefty in the pen, but Cingrani and Manno are just a call up away. I would prefer Cingrani stick to starting for now, but a span in the pen wouldn’t hurt him or the team that much. We went all of last season with no lefty starters and only have one(apparently on a limited basis) slated to start this season. We won 97 games last season, so while not optimal, it isn’t the end of the world either. To me it is like sacrificing some defense in CF for a better bat and lead off hitter. Most every team has some warts somewhere. Also, I saw where the Brewers were going to sign Gonzales. He went for a little over 2 million plus incentives per

      • Randy in Chatt

        Would love to see the Reds sign Aaron Cook for AAA (and Grady Sizemore for that matter).

  3. Coooop

    Wasn’t SMB hurt for part of the season? He didn’t play from Aug 17-29th after his 22 game hitting streak ended beginning of August. Might have been why his stats were worse in the second half. Happy Holi-daaaaze

  4. Dan

    I like this guy a lot. His contact and plate discipline appear to be pretty solid and he looks like an incredible athlete. I’m excited to see where some pro coaching takes him.

    • Alan Horn

      Walt and company have done a great job in building this team. All we need is some luck with injuries and non performance.