An old idea from Project Prospect that I have recycled here more than a few times as well. With things being slow right now, I went back through my Top prospect list and found the highest ranked guy who I saw this year but hadn’t posted any video of this season and that guy happened to be right hander Drew Hayes (unless I missed someone while going through my list).

With the YouScout series, it is pretty simple. Watch the video below and let’s just have a nice group discussion about what we see, what we like and what we dislike, what we would change if we see something and so on.

8 Responses

  1. Alan Horn

    Throws straight up with a hitch in his motion(seems to me to be more obvious on his fastball). Usually a sign of a arm injury waiting to happen.

  2. WallyP

    electric stuff needs to throw strikes. Nice slider and good action on his fast ball As the case with all RP when his stuff is flat he gets in trouble. As far as his mechanics, from what I have seen last year he sometimes speeds up his delivery and breaks down

  3. sultan of swaff

    Not too many straight over-the-top guys left out there, but here’s one. Kinda reminds me of Rod Beck or the Cowboy for that reason. Doesn’t use his legs much, but as a reliever that’s not a huge concern.

    To me, he’s a middle reliever. I’m just not seeing the depth on his offspeed stuff to rate him much higher……and the walks last year were troubling.

  4. MK

    Think he had a transition year last year that many pitchers have, especially those that have been closers when they arrive in AA. Those out of the zone fast balls they got hitters to chase in A-Ball are no longer chased in AA which has a tendency to create more walks. As an example, we saw the same thing with Donnie Joseph. They either learn to adjust or they are out. Remember also he skipped High-A.

    He is a little inconsistent on the speed of his leg lift and it’s hitch (although I think the hitch can be a positive for a reliever). I also think he needs to stay over the top to compensate for his shorter stature.

    I know he really liked Delino DeShields and visa versa so I would expect him to flourish with another year in AA. From what I heard from another player, Riggelman wasn’t strong on development but rather acted like these guys should already know.

  5. MK

    Saw on – The Reds signed right-hander Jeff Marquez, outfielder Derrick Robinson, and right-handed reliever Kevin Whelan

    • Norwood Nate

      The Robinson signing is interesting to me because from looking at his profile it appears he’s a AAA OF’er. I was under the impression that there was already a sort of a glut of OF prospects for AAA and AA. Phipps, Perez, Hamilton, Bryson Smith, LaMarre, Fellhauer, Lutz, Bowe, etc.

      No problem with adding depth, just thought it odd.