Ryan Wright came into the 2012 season with some intrigue after a good showing in 2011 after being drafted in the 5th round. The Reds sent him to Dayton where he was the regular second baseman to begin the season.

Wright began the season with a 5 game hitting streak before going hitless over the next two games. He would go on to hit .277/.346/.362 during the month with good plate discipline as he walked 10 times and struck out just 12 times over 108 trips to the plate. The second baseman didn’t show much power with just four doubles and two triples, but the rest of his game was pretty solid.

While April was a solid start to the season, things really took off in May. In 113 plate appearances Wright went on to hit .349/.384/.491 with 6 walks and 14 strikeouts. His plate discipline was solid, although not as strong as the previous month, but his power output went up with 10 doubles, a triple and his first home run of the season. He also drove in 18 runs during the month. He had an 11 game hitting streak that ended on the 29th that included eight multiple hit games.

June was a bit of a step backward for Wright in his 87 trips to the plate. He would hit .272/.322/.420 on the month with 6 walks and 9 strikeouts, again showing strong contact rates. He hit for a little bit of power as well. His average dropped down on the month though, causing his other stats to also take a bit of a dive. Still, his peripherals were pretty good outside of his home run power where he finished up the third month of the season with just one home run for the season.

On the surface of things it appears that Wright struggled during the month of July as he hit just .243/.322/.427 in 115 plate appearances. However he drew 10 walks, struck out just 14 times and hit 4 home runs on the month. He saw some bad luck on balls in play that kept his average down, but he showed some home run pop for the first time during the season and continued with good plate discipline and a high rate of contact.

On August 3rd Wright got the call to Bakersfield after going 1-5 with Dayton in the first two days of the month. With his time in Bakersfield it was a bit hit and miss when it comes to things. The good is that he hit the ball over the fence five times during the month and drove in 16 runs. The bad news was that he walked just twice and struck out 17 times (with the Blaze). The plate discipline that he had shown all year, as well as his high rate of contact seemed to disappear for the month. Overall on the month he hit .267/.280/.505.

Wright and the Blaze qualified for the playoffs and took a loss in the first round in 5 games. He hit .250/.368/.438 in the series with a home run, 3 walks and a strikeout.

Dayton 429 389 53 111 27 6 5 50 14 1 32 51 .285 .343 .424
Bakersfield 102 96 17 26 5 2 5 16 3 1 2 17 .271 .284 .521
531 485 70 137 32 8 10 66 17 2 34 68 .282 .331 .443

Overall Thoughts

Wright had a solid, but unspectacular season. In Dayton he didn’t show much home run power for a polished college player. He however showed some of the best contact rates in the system and drew some walks along the way as well while showing off solid base stealing skills. When he went to Bakersfield he showed off more power, but his plate discipline fell apart. His year end totals are pretty good and if he can take them with him moving forward he has a chance to be a Major Leaguer. His contact rates are enticing, but I still wonder about his power output and just how much the California League played a role in what he did with the Blaze.


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14 Responses

  1. sultan of swaff

    For me, hitting that 50 extra base hit threshold is big, and he did. That said, so did Valaika at the same age. I think Wright is a bit more athletic, which should give him a little more upside.

    He’s probably a utility IF at best.

    • RobL

      I really do think he can be a big league secondbaseman. His K% has been anywhere from solid to really good. Valaika was always on the high side, and he never posted a BB% like Wright did in Dayton. In Billings and Bakersfield, Wright’s BB% became low. But he was also hitting really well, leading me to think that he was locked in and swinging. Just look at Bakersfield, in 23 games he walked twice, but in the 5 game playoff he walked 3 times with only one K.

      As you pointed out, his xbh’s show that there is some pop. But I will concede that he has been old for his league. I look forward to seeing what he does in a longer stint in Bakersfield.

  2. MK

    To me Wright will become a third baseman. I agree with sultan that the 50 extra base hits gives me confidence about his future power.

  3. miked

    Amir Garret continues to be less than average with St Johns and you have to wonder when he sees the writing on the wall and becomes a fulltime baseball player? Todays game against G-town: 0 points 1 board. In college basketball you are trending up as a sophomore or you are working on your education. Doubt that he’s working on the education.

    • Terry M

      I hope he thinks real hard after this bb season. I think the people around him are smart and will help him make the right decision. Overseas bb or pro baseball…

    • MK

      Mike, intelligent comment until the part about his educational commitment. Kind of stereotypical especially when you don’t have a clue about it.

  4. miked

    MK, you are absolutely right and I am going soley based on statistics of graduation rates amongst college basketball and football students. I hope that Amir is amongst minority and I also hope he finishes his education online. College sports are no longer about student athletes, but a trade off of a young man’s talent for profit. Black or white, it doesn’t matter. Watching all of these schools jump conferences just to improve their opportunity for a larger TV contract is pathetic.

    I should not stereotype as there are exceptions and thank you for correcting me. Maybe the Reds should throw in a clause that they will cover his education if he makes it to the majors!

    • The Duke

      Most High school picks have clauses that cover education if I recall correctly.

    • redsfannorth

      Miked, that is an honest and refreshing reply. On a lot of other baseball sites that exchange would have devolved into something ugly. That kind of maturity, along with the excellent content, is why this site is my first stop every day. What a great community we have here. Go Reds!!!

  5. DaveCT

    I wonder if the Reds will take a look at Chris Dickerson, released by NYY. He may offer some good competition for back up CF and LH bat on bench, with Paul.

  6. DaveCT

    Interesting that Sickels did not take Fellhauer for his pre-top 20 list, as I feel this kid is a baseball player thru and thru, and has enough skill to be a 4th OF type. However, not taking Pedro Diaz may be a boon to friend Doug here, who has been trumpeting this fellow … nice.

  7. DaveCT

    One last item for Sunday morning baseball and coffee …

    A Heisey/Paul bench for the OF seems very good with the bat and glove, with Phipps, FPerez, and the add-on Robinson as call-ups.

    But I am underwhelmed with the likes of Hanrahan, Donald, Burriss and to some degree Negron in the mix for back-up SS/2B/3B, with HRod of course. I am actually hoping Burriss is a late bloomer and can come on with his hitting.

    I am speculating we will take one infielder who (seems) stronger with the bat, and also has a 2-yr contract, Hanrahan, and one stronger with the glove, Donald or Burriss, leaving HRod waiting in the wings.

    I suspect the pickings are slim, without over-paying, leaving a June/July pick-up being a key … Thoughts?

    • MK

      I was surprised with the 2-year signing of Hanrahan. I was surprised to hear of all the interest there was in him on the free agent market so I guess 2 years was a must. Hope this isn’t a deal where, like Cairo, they come to regret the day the made it two.