Thursday news and notes

My favorite things about right now is without a doubt, the countdown to spring training. We are currently sitting at 25 days until pitchers and catchers report. Can. Not. Wait.

John Sickels will occasionally post player comments from his book. Yesterday he posted Billy Hamilton as one of his comments. Here is a peak:

I have been watching baseball for 35 years and I have never seen anything like this guy. Vince Coleman was incredibly fast, but he didn’t have the best instincts for baseball and it held him back from being the player he might otherwise have been. Hamilton isn’t like that: he is the fastest man in baseball, but he knows how to use it. He runs the bases aggressively and without fear. Every ground ball puts pressure on the defense; every single or walk has a good chance of becoming a double, or a triple.

Check out the link for a full read.

I saw this link yesterday. It is about three weeks old at this point, but it is the first place I have seen a Top 100 Prospect list following the 2012 season. A site called has the list up and it includes four Reds.

  • 15. Billy Hamilton – OF
  • 66. Robert Stephenson – RHP
  • 88. Tony Cingrani – LHP
  • 93. Daniel Corcino – RHP

I went and read the scouting reports he had on the Reds players and I can’t say that the ones I have agree with his. It is fun to discuss, but I am not sure it is somewhere I will be heading to in order to gather scouting reports on players I don’t know from other teams.With all of that said, I think this will reflect other Top 100 lists pretty well. Personally, I would have Stephenson much higher, but from talking to others, I would be surprised if he cracked a Top 50. I think they are all crazy for it, but I would be surprised to see it.

Slow news days. Check back tomorrow for another season in review. Going to be a pitcher, but I don’t know who just yet.

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