Technically, this isn’t a series review, but a three games in a row review since I couldn’t access a full series to watch where Silva played the entire series or the entire series was covered on Here are the results from the three games:

7/7/2012 3 1 0 0 0 0 0 2
7/6/2012 2 0 0 0 0 0 1 0
7/5/2012 3 1 1 0 0 1 0 1


Silva understands the strikezone very well. You can probably tell that by looking at his walk rate in his career, but it was still nice to see the stats backed up by visual proof. He seems to try and inside-out the ball often and that is reflected in his spray chart as he does hit the ball to left and center more often than he pulls the ball to right. He showed off his speed at times, beating out an infield hit and getting down the line well on a bunt that he wound up being out on due to an outstanding play by the opposing pitcher.

Unfortunately, here at 1:50am I copied/pasted the table from above and closed the excel sheet, deleting the entire breakdown I had just spent about an hour and a half creating. So there won’t be a pitch by pitch recount for this article, but, I do have some video from the season that I shot of Silva that I haven’t posted before. So you can check that out rather than read the data.


7 Responses

  1. MK

    Don’t wish to stereotype but the old saying “you can’t walk off the island” certainly doesn’t fit Juan. He had the best control of the strike zone of any of the Dragons last year. I think this speaks very well for his future.

    On another subject, I saw the arbitration numbers for Mkke Leake it was: filed-for $3.5 million and club-countered at $2.65 million. We all wonder about the make-up of the pitching staff and where that puts Mike. I just can not see them sending a pitcher to AAA making at least $2.65 million. If in fact Chapman is in fact the 5th starter that is a lot of money for a set-up or long man or spot starter.

    • RobL

      Leake’s arbitration number really isn’t too bad for relief. It’s just that similar results can be gotten cheaper. But his salary is a bargain for a decent starting pitcher. I believe the Royals just handed out a couple of 10 mil a season or so deals for pitchers not much if any better than Leake. So he holds real value is a trade chip.

      But Chapman is such a wild card that the Reds can’t afford to trade him yet. I imagine the Reds have a plan A and a plan B, but the decision rests more in Chapman’s hands.

      • Doug Gray

        I still think that Leake starts the year in the rotation with Chapman moving there at some point in June.

      • MK

        Ondrusek, a proven reliever with just as much service time is going to make $900,000 this year and $1.3 million next year.

      • Ryan the Red

        Mike Leake>>>Logan Ondrusek. Ondrusek had a very pedestrian second half and ended the year with something like a 6k/9ip and a 5bb/9ip. Hes 4th best in the bullpen(if that) and will likely be the 7th inning guy. Mike Leake is a ML caliber SP and those guys are not plentiful.

  2. WallyP

    Doug I very much like his swing, he is quiet at the plate and his hands work nicely. Nice balance and nice extension.