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So, first things first. I have contemplated this in the past, and have been approached from another site who wanted to bring me and the site on as a “subscription based site” for their network, I have declined. However as I am getting further down the road in my life, what used to support me doesn’t quite do so anymore. Lately I have been interviewing for jobs, but yesterday Mike Newman, writer at Fangraphs and formerly of Scouting the Sally decided that he was going to try and make a true full time gig out of what he does. It put me back in the mode of thinking of things I could do to try and get more out of this job as well as be able to put more into it. While I am not sure what I am going to do yet, I am contemplating going to a system like Baseball America has where there is both free content as well as subscription based content on the site. The subscription would be set up for something like $2-4 per month. With enough subscribers that would make it easier to travel (it costs $20 for me to travel to Dayton and back, $30 to Louisville and back and then travels to places beyond that costs even more with a rental car, hotel and gas being involved) and devote even more time to the site than I already do since I wouldn’t have to work outside of the site. As I said, I don’t know if this is the direction I am going to go with the site, but I am certainly looking into it. I have a poll below, so please vote on it and be truthful so I can use it to further decide.

Would you consider paying for content on the site with a $2-4 per month price?

  • No, I would not but would still come for the free content. (40%, 99 Votes)
  • Yes, I would. (26%, 64 Votes)
  • Unsure, it depends on what kind of content was on the subscriber side. (26%, 64 Votes)
  • No, I would not and would stop visiting the site altogether. (8%, 22 Votes)

Total Voters: 249

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News and notes

Tony Cingrani was interviewed last week as he participated in Major League Baseballs Rookie Career Development program. Cingrani talked about how he goes about working as a starter now versus how he did before while he was in college and starting as well as a few other things. Go check it out.

Dan Szymborski released his ZiPS projections at Fangraphs yesterday afternoon. They believe that the Reds are going to once again being a strong team, projecting them to win 91 games. If you want to see the entire data set you can check out the link above. Here, I just wanted to look at some of the specific projections for prospects. Before that though, I want to note that this system is entirely based on past performance of both the player and players who performed like him at a similar age performed like the next season. This system correlates well with future performance, though as with all of the more “reliable” systems, it isn’t nearly as strong at predicting young players as it is with established players.It should also be noted that the playing time isn’t always accurate with players.

Billy Hamilton is projected to hit .267/.330/.345 with 54 steals and 17 caught stealing in 651 PA’s.  I think that is pretty much on the money except for the steals.

Henry Rodriguez is projected to hit .279/.312/.389. I am not sure I would say his OBP would be so low if he hit .279, but the average and SLG seem to be pretty much in line with what I think he could do.

Tucker Barnhart is projected to hit .241/.298/.333. I think that might be a little high for this season.

Tony Cingrani has a nice projection with a 4.28 ERA and 107 strikeouts in 107 innings.

Chad Rogers and Daniel Corcino both are projected to throw just over 125 innings with an ERA around 5.20.

No pitcher other than Cingrani is projected to have an ERA under 5.17 who will be a rookie next year.

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