Cincinnati Reds 2012 Draft Review

With some guys already in Arizona and preparing for the year, it seemed like a good time to take a look back at the 2012 Reds draft.

Rounds 1-5: Nick Travieso (RHP), Jesse Winker (OF), Jeff Gelalich (OF), Tanner Rahier (3B), Daniel Langfield (RHP), Jon Moscot (RHP) and Mason Felt (LHP).

The Good: Jesse Winker has one of the best debuts of any draft pick in recent memory after finishing at or near the top of the Pioneer League in average, on-base percentage and OPS. Dan Langfield posted a 2.68 ERA with 54 strikeouts in 37 innings for Billings. Jon Moscot posted a 2.88 ERA with 26 strikeouts in 25 innings for Billings.

The wait and see: Nick Travieso didn’t get much time in games, throwing just 21 innings with the AZL Reds. He has solid peripherals.

The bad: Jeff Gelalich played with an injury and struggled to post a .714 OPS in a hitter friendly league with iffy plate discipline. Tanner Rahier struggled as he posted a .577 OPS in the hitter friendly Arizona League, though his peripherals were solid. Mason Felt never made his debut as he was recovering from Tommy John surgery and then subsequently had a terrible car accident that he is expected to recover from.

Rounds 6-10: Joe Hudson (C), Beau Amaral (OF), Seth Mejias-Brean (3B), Daniel Pigott (OF) and Jeremy Kivel (RHP).

The Good: Seth Mejias-Brean showed off skills he never showed in college games and was among the league leaders in several offensive categories in the Pioneer League. Beau Amaral hit .295 with good plate discipline and stole 20 of 22 bases he attempted.

The wait and see: Daniel Pigott hit .308 and slugged .452, but his plate discipline was poor as he drew just 6 walks with 28 strikeouts.

The bad: Warming up for the season, Joe Hudson suffered what wound up being a season ending wrist injury. Jeremy Kivel never made his debut as he is recovering from a torn ACL that he suffered earlier in the spring while in high school.

Rounds 11-20: Nolan Becker (LHP), Brent Peterson (SS), Luke Moran (RHP), Ben Klimesh (RHP), Nick Routt (LHP), Jose Ortiz (C), Jackson Stephens (RHP) and Austin Muehring (RHP).

The Good: Brent Peterson hit .291/.377/.383 with 15 steals for the AZL Reds.

The wait and see: Luke Moran was a mixed bag as he posted a 4.75 ERA and gave up more hits than innings pitched, but walked just 9 and had 42 strikeouts in 36 innings. Jose Ortiz hit .359/.469/.538 with 8 walks and 10 strikeouts in 49 plate appearances for the AZL Reds. Jackson Stephens posted a 4.64 ERA in 21.1 innings with just one unintentional walk (3 total walks) and 22 strikeouts.

The bad: Nolan Becker struggled in 13 games for Billings as he posted an 8.44 ERA with 14 walks and 20 strikeouts in 16 innings. Ben Klimesh struggled as he posted a 6.99 ERA with more hits than innings, though he also struck out 38 in 28.1 innings. Nick Routt posted a 4.76 ERA with Billings in 22.2 innings, but he walked 17 batters with 22 strikeouts as he struggled with his control. Austin Muehring posted a 7.53 ERA in 14.1 innings with 14 walks and 10 strikeouts in the Arizona League.

Rounds 21-30: Jordan Remer (LHP), Avain Rachal (2B), Mike Saunders (RHP), Sean Lucas (LHP), Joey Housey (RHP), Mo Wiley (RHP) and Adam Matthews (OF).

The Good: Avain Rachal hit .297/.364/.415 with 12 walks and 24 strikeouts in 132 plate appearances. Sean Lucas posted a 2.27 ERA between Billings and Dayton in 31.2 innings with just 5 walks and 29 strikeouts. Mo Wiley posted a 2.45 ERA serving as the Billings Mustangs closer with 6 walks and 26 strikeouts in 18.1 innings. Adam Matthews hit .325/.407/.470 in Arizona with 16 walks and 24 strikeouts.

The wait and see: Mike Saunders posted a 3.05 ERA between Arizona and Billings in 41.1 innings while walking 19 batters and striking out 31 batters. Joey Housey posted a 6.08 ERA in 13.1 innings between Arizona and Billings, though his ERA ballooned from one poor outing as he struck out 16 and walked 4.

The Bad: Jordan Remer posted a 5.50 ERA in 18 innings with 19 walks and 19 strikeouts for Billings.

Rounds 31-40: Michael Salter (RHP), Richard McCaffrey (LHP) and Zach Vincej (SS).

The Good:Michael Salter posted a 2.86 ERA between the AZL Reds and Billings Mustangs in 44 innings with 15 walks and 46 strikeouts. Zach Vincej hit .336/.393/.434 with Billings.

The wait and see: Richard McCaffrey posted a 4.39 ERA between Arizona and Billings in 26.2 innings with 5 walks and 27 strikeouts.

Overall Thoughts

It is obviously far too early to actually put any kind of grade on the draft. With that said, there were several disappointing debuts from the 2012 class, a few outstanding debuts from the class, several injuries and a few intriguing guys as well. On the position player side of things Jesse Winker had the best debut of any of the draftees when taking into account his age and where he played along with his stats. I would say that Seth Mejias-Brean had the most surprising debut given that he hit all of one home run in college and then went out and hit eight in his debut with a wooden bat. On the pitching side of things I would say that Dan Langfield probably had the best debut, though several others are right there with him. The most surprising debut probably is a toss up between Sean Lucas and Mo Wiley who were later round picks who went out and dominated out of the bullpen for their respective squads.

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