Looking at another prospect list, a few notes and All Questions Answered

Yesterday Marc Hulet released his Reds Top 15 Prospects list at Fangraphs. I can understand his rational through number 5 on the list. Then things get a little more confusing for me. He ranks Dan Langfield 6th, followed by Hoover, Lotzkar and then Jesse Winker. It isn’t that I am not a fan of those guys, but I just don’t understand where that comes from with Langfield at 6 and Winker at 9. I posted this in the comments section, which sums up my confusion.

Jesse Winker was universally higher ranked heading into the 2012 draft than Dan Langfield. He was drafted much higher. Then he went out and hit the cover off of the ball as an 18-year-old in the Pioneer League and winds up several spots behind Langfield? Don’t get me wrong, I like Langfield, but he is a guy who has questions about whether he can even make it as a starter. Just can’t figure out how those two are ranked where they are.

The rest of the list is one I can get behind, though I don’t agree with all of the information in some of the scouting reports (for example, I have continued to see Cingrani labeled as throwing 94-95 at times when I never got a single report of that this year and his entire time in AA never heard of him even hitting 93).

Mark Sheldon has up a piece on the MLB.com Top 100 Prospect list as it pertains to the Reds at Reds.com. He has some quotes from Billy Hamilton, Tony Cingrani and Robert Stephenson in the article. Go check it out.

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