Yesterday the Louisville Bats introduced Jim Riggleman to the media. At the press conference they also announced that Ted Power would be returning as the pitching coach and that Tony Jaramillo would be the hitting coach for the Bats. Jaramillo was the hitting coach with Pensacola in 2012. The Louisville Courier-Journal has up an article with some video from the press conference. However, if you want to watch the entire press conference, it is below compliments of the Louisville Bats official youtube channel.

Highlights from the press conference for those who didn’t listen to all 23 minutes:

  • They are doubling the amount of giveaways as last year.
  • Riggleman is pretty confident that Tony Cingrani and Daniel Corcino will be in Louisville.
  • He also mentioned Justin Freeman, Curtis Partch and Wilkin De La Rosa as guys he was confident in being able to help the team.
  • There may not be enough spots for all of the guys who deserve to be there.
  • He described Billy Hamilton as “fearless”.

Keith Law released his farm system rankings Monday afternoon. The article is an Insider article, so if you are not a subscriber (and I am not) the link will be useless for you. He ranked the Reds 12th overall. That sounds pretty accurate to me. I think they have been underrated a few places nationally because of the amount of potential breakout guys they do have in the lower levels.

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  1. Herbie

    A’s traded for Jed Lowrie. Does anyone here know of a team that’s been built around platoons of guys with extreme splits to this level? Looking at their depth chart, they could possibly not have a single guy with over 500 PA’s.

    • The Duke

      As long as he stays healthy, Cespedes will play everyday for sure.

    • Stock

      I am pretty sure Cespedes and Reddick will be in the lineup everyday assuming they are healthy. I also think Moss will be playing everyday. Lowrie will get 500 AB but maybe not 500 at any one position. Unless he stinks Nakajima will get 500 AB. I think Sizemore gets 500 AB. Donaldson becomes the odd man out with this trade. Finally, if Crisp stays healthy he will get 500 AB.

      I don’t really see the problem with Lowrie’s LH/RH splits. Over the last 3 years his line is .285/.350/.483/.833 vs. LHP and .242/.323/.412/.735 vs RHP. Oakland should also be encouraged that his OPS vs RHP last year was.819.

      Moss didn’t hit for much power vs. LHP but his OBP was .339 vs. LHP last year. That is acceptable. More importantly, who do they have that is good enough to bench him for? He has a higher slg% and a much higher OBP vs. LHP than Donaldson. The A’s would probably prefer to platoon Moss but have no LH options available.

      It wouldn’t surprise me if this is the year Sizemore finally breaks out. If he does 500 AB are a given. If not Lowrie will see a lot of time at 2B and Donaldson will see more time at 3B.

      Young and Smith will platoon at DH leaving CF all for Crisp.

      • Herbie

        Yeah, I was saying that with the thought of possible injuries or drastc slumps for the first two in mind. I can’t really remember a team with only two offensive regulars.

        Young will be complimenting Coco’s splits, as well as others. From some stuff I read it seems they think Barton can make a comeback and be Moss’ compliment. I assume they’ll have Lowrie split time across the infield.

    • Doug Gray

      The A’s are certainly unique in how they go about some things. But, if you can get the right guys out there, you can platoon all day long and still put together a good team. Ideally, you want a guy starting 145 games at the position, but sometimes that isn’t an option. They are going almost the exact opposite. When you are cash strapped, you get creative. This isn’t a bad idea really, but you will need the right players to make it work. What they did at first base last year was an incredible success.

  2. The Duke

    Law cites three good pitching prospects, a strong debut from the 2012 draft picks, and a really fast guy you missed mit have heard about. I’m still concerned about the overall lack of impact hitters in the system.

  3. DaveCT

    Have generally thought of Riggleman as insurance for Dusty, but I am now wondering if he is a potential bench coach if/when Bryan Price becomes manager?

    • Doug Gray

      That could be an interesting choice, though you do have to wonder if Riggleman will still be around for when that happens.

    • Randy in Chatt

      stinks that the cards, Pirates & Cubs are ranked higher than the Reds but at least the Brewers are WAY down the list.

  4. WallyP

    Hey Doug two questions who plays SS at the AAA level and who fills up the bullpen Coach mentioned Partch, De La rosa, Freemen , I would also include Ravin,

    • Doug Gray

      I would be surprised if Ravin were there. He threw 20 innings in AA last year and struggled for the most part. I would expect him back in Pensacola to start the year.

      I would expect Izturis at short in Louisville. The bullpen in Louisville will be interesting because of how many different ways it could play out due to the Reds pushing guys down. I expect Hoover and Ondrusek in AAA, even though Hoover shouldn’t be at all, he has options and some other guys don’t.

  5. WallyP

    You know Doug good points especially on Ravin needs more innings .I would also say that guys like Serrano Hayes and Manno (lefty may be needed) could round off the pen

    • Doug Gray

      I have been working on a preliminary depth chart for my predictions for the season. Hopefully that will be ready at some point next week. I think that Pensacola is going to have some guys repeating the level, who performed quite well last season and deserve to be in Louisville, but will be held back for guys in their late 20’s and 30’s.

  6. WallyP

    I will be in Arizona for 4 weeks this spring training I would be honored to send you a report on my findings

    • Doug Gray

      Wally, that button at the top of the page that says contact on it. Feel free to use it. I will be glad to add information in.

  7. Krozley

    Chris Carpenter out for the year and probably done for good. Cards fans will probably blame Cueto.

      • Doug Gray

        My cousin is a HUGE Cardinals fan (also a huge Packers fan…. it is almost like he made up who to root for by picking teams in 1998). He posted on facebook about ‘Carp’ retiring. I said “How will he explain this to his son?” and he didn’t get it at first. Apparently us Reds fans find it much funnier than anyone else does.

  8. Jimmer

    Jim Bowden, while being a fool, poses an interesting question in an article this afternoon on Should the Padres deal Chase Headley?

    Just for for fun let’s say: Frazier, Leake, and Corcino for Headley. Who says no?

    • Doug Gray

      My guess says the Padres say no first. They would be trading a star or an average starter, a second year player who could be slightly above average and a good, but not great prospect. I think it is a good package, but if someone were to say no, it would be the Padres.

  9. Herbie

    Hey Doug, one website suggestion I keep forgetting to ask:

    Would it be possible to enable certain tags so we could embed videos or stat lines into the comments?

    • Doug Gray

      I don’t believe so. I wouldn’t embed video tags either way though, it would just open the floodgates to spammers. I am not sure about anything that can help with the stat lines.

      • Herbie

        Baseball-reference has an embed option above the stat lines that will give you editable tables:

        *the code tag and insomnia both suck, but yeah, check it out it’s pretty dandy.