Wenesday news, notes and all questions answered

The new manager of the Louisville Bats was on ESPN 1530 with Mo Egger Tuesday afternoon. He lead off the second hour of the show and you can listen online at this link. There are a few things in there that weren’t covered in the press conference video yesterday, but there are some things that are repeated as well.

Jason Parks held a chat at Baseball Prospectus yesterday that lasted just over 6 hours. He had this to say on Robert Stephenson:

Saintly Steven (Puerto Rico): What do you see this season for Robert Stephenson?

Jason Parks: I think he could take a very big step forward. The stuff is very good, and the makeup is very, very good. I really like the profile. They could have something with this kid

He also had this to say about a Billy Hamilton to Juan Pierre comp:

Kick (LA): Do you see Billy Hamilton having a Juan Pierre like career?

Jason Parks: I know Pierre is often viewed as a poor player, but if Billy Hamilton can carve out a Juan Pierre-esque career, is that really a bad thing? I think Hamilton has a chance to eclipse Pierre, but its a success if he gets close.

There were several other Reds related questions in the chat if you want to give the whole thing a read. It took me over 20 minutes to just browse for Reds keywords though. So more power to you if you do read the entire thing. There is an interesting Billy Hamilton “ceiling’ projection in there though, so perhaps just search the page for Billy Hamilton until you get to it.

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