The new manager of the Louisville Bats was on ESPN 1530 with Mo Egger Tuesday afternoon. He lead off the second hour of the show and you can listen online at this link. There are a few things in there that weren’t covered in the press conference video yesterday, but there are some things that are repeated as well.

Jason Parks held a chat at Baseball Prospectus yesterday that lasted just over 6 hours. He had this to say on Robert Stephenson:

Saintly Steven (Puerto Rico): What do you see this season for Robert Stephenson?

Jason Parks: I think he could take a very big step forward. The stuff is very good, and the makeup is very, very good. I really like the profile. They could have something with this kid

He also had this to say about a Billy Hamilton to Juan Pierre comp:

Kick (LA): Do you see Billy Hamilton having a Juan Pierre like career?

Jason Parks: I know Pierre is often viewed as a poor player, but if Billy Hamilton can carve out a Juan Pierre-esque career, is that really a bad thing? I think Hamilton has a chance to eclipse Pierre, but its a success if he gets close.

There were several other Reds related questions in the chat if you want to give the whole thing a read. It took me over 20 minutes to just browse for Reds keywords though. So more power to you if you do read the entire thing. There is an interesting Billy Hamilton “ceiling’ projection in there though, so perhaps just search the page for Billy Hamilton until you get to it.

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  1. Dick

    Is that your hand holding your chin in your picture?
    Hoover & Ondreczek to AAA? Do any of the bullpenners have any trade value?
    Is it time to tell Scott Rolen…Thank you for everyting….?

    • Doug Gray

      1. Haha. No, it is not. It is my friend Erin’s hand.

      2. I think that everyone in the bullpen has some trade value. Heck, Ondrusek is the worst of the bunch and he has posted several seasons in a row with an ERA under 3.75 in a bandbox.

      3. I believe so. I don’t know that Walt believes it though.

  2. Foxbud

    At either salary proposed for Mike Leake, are those viable numbers for a 5th starter, long man on this team?
    What is Leake’s trade value at present?
    When will Masset be ready to pitch and do you envision the Reds taking the full amount of time in AAA rehab with him?

    • Doug Gray

      1. 5th starter, yes. Long man, no.

      2. He has decent trade value I would think. He would be better than a lot of teams #4 guys without hesitation to think about it. But I can’t see the Reds trading him. He is Chapman insurance for 2013.

      3. I wouldn’t expect him to be ready to join the Reds until at least some point in May. I think they will absolutely give him a lot of time in AAA on ‘rehab’.

      • Foxbud

        I could see an in season move for Leake by the deadline or during next off-season. I just don’t see him in their long range plans other than to help replensih the farm.

      • Doug Gray

        Yeah, at some point during the season I believe we could see that kind of move, but I think we are more in tune with say late July rather than any time before then.

  3. fromcubawithluv

    Doug….. love you blue, but your profile pic has to go. It is just awful, lol. It wasn’t as big of a deal when it showed up smaller, but the larger size really draws out the weirdness. I am sure there is a great story behind it, but the coolness of the picture is absent for the rest of us. :)

    By the way, what is the story behind the pic?

    Do you like the Coco Crisp bobblehead?

    • Doug Gray

      I will see what I can do about the picture.

      2. Just a random night out with friends.

      3. I haven’t seen it, but I love everything about Coco Crisp because of what happened a few years ago at GABP.

      Story time: My best friend and I had real nice seats on the third base line behind the dugout, about 10 rows up. The Reds are getting crushed. We had been talking with an Indians fan behind us all game and he was heckling us a little bit, but all in good fun. My best friend turns around and says “Watch what happens: Coco Crisp is going to hit a home run over the 379 sign”. Now, Coco Crisp wasn’t even on deck yet and there were two outs in the inning. But sure enough, Coco Crisp comes to the plate. And sure enough, he cracks a home run. The guy in the first row, directly behind the 7 stands up and catches the ball. It was the most incredible thing I have ever seen. So yes, I LOVE the Coco Crisp bobblehead. I don’t care what it looks like.

  4. The Duke

    1) Will Mason Felt pitch this year or was his crash serious enough physically to him that he is going to miss extended time, or was it possibly career threatening?

    2) Any chance that you see Amir Garrett giving up basketball after this year if his baseball season is as promising as last year?

    3) 2B for Dayton is one of the more puzzling places for me in projecting organizational rosters for this season, could you see on of Avain Rachal or Ty Washington jumping over Billings with a strong spring, or will a more experienced guy like Spencer Dickinson or Brandon Dailey be more likely?

    • Doug Gray

      1. It wasn’t considered career threatening, at least as of the last news that I had heard. But, he was also coming off of TJ surgery, so I am not sure he would have pitched this year anyways. If he would have, I don’t know if he will now, as I also don’t know if the crash took away that possibility.

      2. I don’t think so. I mean, I guess there is a chance. But I don’t believe he will this year.

      3. I think Brandon Daily will get the nod, assuming his experiment at catching in instructional league didn’t get someone pondering him there enough to make that move. I think it would be a rather big jump for Washington or Rachal, who have limited time as pros, to make that jump to Dayton

      • Tony Dotson

        What happens at 2b in Billings now that Brandon Dailet has been promoted to Dayton? Does this open the door Rachel or Washington?

    • Krozley

      Sammy Diaz would be in the mix at 2B for Dayton, although he appears to be a utility player.

  5. Terry M

    With respect to Braun do you think their is fire with all the smoke going around ? Has Miami found the fountain of youth ???

    • Doug Gray

      Of course there is. Players cheat. They almost always have and they almost always will. Not all of them, but some of them are and some of them always will. The temptation is just too much.

  6. Cbus

    Ever heard of a left handed throwing infield prospect that was so good they let him stay at 3rd, SS, or 2b?

    Mike Leake was the Red’s best starter in 2011 and the worst starter in 2012, who is the real Mike Leake?

    I want to trust Homer Bailey to take another step forward and be more consistent this year but I still have my doubts, can you convince me I have nothing to worry about?

    • Doug Gray

      1. Not in my lifetime (that I can remember).

      2. Leake wasn’t close to the Reds best starter in 2011. That was still Johnny Cueto. Leake is probably still the worst starter on the staff. I think that ERA wise, he is a little better than he was in 2012 though. We just have a slew of good starting pitching.

      3. His fielding independent pitching stats have said that he was a 3.75 ERA guy each of the last three seasons. On the field finally caught up.

    • Stock

      No chance of a LH throwing SS or 2B. Very difficult for a LH to complete a double play. Also more difficult to throw someone out when hit up the middle. For a SS it is extremely difficult to throw someone out if they hit the ball in the hole. A LH 3B would take more time to make a strong throw on a ball hit down the line. Ditto the slow roller where he has to charge the ball (or a bunt).

  7. wanderinredsfan

    Who will contribute more in 2013 (WAR):

    1. Donald or Izturis?

    2. Hoover or Ondrusek?

    3. Hanigan or Mesoraco?

    • Doug Gray

      1. Donald.

      2. Hoover.

      3. Hanigan by sheer opportunity. I still think Hanigan gets a 3/2 playing time split, giving him more time to add to his numbers.

    • Doug Gray, because I live in Cincinnati so I can watch the games on FSN. But from a pure product standpoint, is a hundred times better. looks like it is using 2003 technology and some of the teams only have one camera that is simply just set up from the press box and is a static picture that you can’t really see anything on. A few teams have excellent picture quality (I am talking to you, Durham Bulls) and most of the AAA teams are at least “standard definition”, but some are downright poor quality.

  8. Daryl

    1. Could you give a minor league breakdown at catcher? MLB, AAA, AA, A+, A, R
    2. Your thoughts on Avain Rachel? He’s an intriguing guy?
    3. Mejias-Brean. Can he stick at 3rd? If not, do you think he could hold down a corner OF spot?

    • Doug Gray

      1. Sure. At the MLB level, the Reds are strong to very strong. Both Hanigan and Mesoraco, at least in 2012, were above-average defensive catchers, with Hanigan being among the best in the game. At AAA, there is “depth” with Corky and Olivo, but neither guy is someone you really want to see in the Majors. At AA you have Barnhart, who you know is outstanding defensively, but needs to make the adjustment with his bat to that level still. Below that is nothing but a bunch of question marks and guys from the 2012 draft with little or no playing time to work with.

      2. He is an intriguing guy. He is athletic and he had a good debut. I think he is a wait-and-see kind of guy, but the early returns did look nice.

      3. He has the tools to stick at third. He struggled with errors in Billings though, so he will absolutely need to clean those up some as he moves forward. He is athletic enough to play the outfield, but I think he will stay at third for the time being.

  9. Scott from upstate NY

    1) You’ve mentioned some close friends on the site from time to time, but have they or do they ever post any questions/comments on the site?

    2) There’s been recent discussion relative to the top 50 or top 100 prospects in all of baseball. How large of an analytical staff does it take to really give a credible opinion when comparing prospects from all the clubs, especially when considering the lack of reports from those periods of development outside a league. i.e extended spring training.

    3) I think I’m biased against Travesio because there were a half a dozen other players i would have preferred drafted as the Reds top pick. I don’t know that I really believe he can be a great starter because he saved his arm pitching in relief. Yes his velocity is a plus, but I think he was a reach. Are you seriously as confident in his potential as you have him ranked. or do you have equal concerns? I hope his performance this year can change my opinion.

    • Doug Gray

      1. Not unless they are being very tricky.

      2. It is tough to say. Some places lean a little more toward stats, while some places lean more towards scouting. I prefer a strong balance of both, but still lean toward scouting (particularly with players under 22). When it comes to the lists, I think that one person can handle it, assuming they do their homework and talk to the right contacts. To form a top 100 list, you really only need to know about the Top 10 prospects in every organization. To form a Top 50 list you need even less than that in most cases (I don’t ever recall one team having 10 top 50 prospects).

      3. You are far more concerned than I am. On draft day, when they called his name, I thought it was a reach too. Until I started reading more into the scouting reports. I believe that he was punished nationally by the rankings of draft prospects because he wasn’t really on the first round radar coming into the season because he was saving his arm as a reliever earlier in high school. I think that if guys were only ranked based on what people saw in 2012 from the draftees, he would have been ranked much higher up the lists. Obviously there are still concerns with can he pitch 180+ innings, but that is a question for every pitcher because high school or college, guys simply aren’t coming close to throwing that many innings.

  10. Herbie

    I was reading through your rankings again and was just curious why you’re higher on Bryson Smith than Steve Selsky or someone like Theo Bowe? Mind you most of what I go off is just reading box scores or seeing a few video clips here and there, but I like those two better. Also, I hate Smith’s swing.

    Also, I’m pretty sure Selsky is <a href="“>Rookie of the Year

    Did you check out the embed feature on baseball-reference? Super useful.

    • Doug Gray

      Smith can play center field. Selsky can’t. So that right there gives him a rather large advantage. Smith is a high contact hitter, Selsky isn’t. Selsky didn’t show any power until he went to the California League. So I don’t fully buy into it at this point. Add it up and I just think, at least until Selsky shows he can hit for power outside of the Cal League, that Smith makes a better fourth outfield option. With Bowe, he can play center. But I like Smith’s bat better.

      I have checked out the B-Ref embed feature. I am going to check it out once the season starts. I don’t know if it is a live embed or just an embed for the stats up to the point in which I embed them. If they won’t auto-update, then it isn’t really that useful.