David Vidal came into the 2012 season after a strong showing in Dayton where he solidified himself as a real prospect to keep an eye on, flashing both offensive and defensive tools at third base.

The Reds sent Vidal to Bakersfield to man the hot corner for the Blaze to start the 2012 season. He got off to a slow start, hitting .250 over the first week of the season, but he was able to heat up in the next three weeks to finish out the month with a .295/.368/.538 with 8 walks and 16 strikeouts to go along with 7 doubles and 4 home runs in 87 plate appearances.

Vidal got off to a slow start in May, hitting .256/.320/.465 through the 12th of the month with 5 walks and 10 strikeouts. At that point he was promoted to Pensacola to fill in for Henry Rodriguez. Things were rough for the next two weeks in Pensacola for the new third baseman of the Blue Wahoos as he hit just .193/.246/.281 over 57 plate appearances with 3 walks and 14 strikeouts.

June was a bit of a rebound for Vidal, though he still struggled at times. On the month he would hit .264/.317/.396 with just 6 walks and 24 strikeouts. The plate discipline hadn’t caught up yet from where it was in Bakersfield and his power was down some as well.

July was another down month for Vidal. He was never able to get things going on the month, getting 2 hits in a game just three times all month as he went on to hit just .226/.286/.429. The power was up as he had 8 doubles and 3 home runs in 92 plate appearances, but his strikeout rate was still high as he fanned 24 times during the month.

August started out well as Vidal hit .278 and slugged .557 through the 26th. However he finished out August and September by going 0-24 as he finished out the stretch with a .214/297/.427 line to go along with 12 walks and 28 strikeouts in 121 plate appearances. For the second straight month, the power was up and his plate discipline was actually pretty solid for the first time since arriving in Pensacola. For the first four weeks of the stretch he showed that he was beginning to adjust to the level before entering the slump to end the season.

Bakersfield 137 121 34 7 0 7 21 13 26 .281 .358 .512
Pensacola 377 335 77 21 1 11 39 28 90 .230 .294 .397
Total 514 456 111 28 1 18 60 41 116 .243 .311 .428

Overall Thoughts

The 2012 season started off well for Vidal, but he really struggled after being promoted before he was ready. He struggled mightily to adjust for about 8-10 weeks before finally starting to show that he was picking up on things and turning it around. Look for him to be back in Pensacola and manning third base to begin the year. His prospect status probably took a small step backwards during the season, but he was promoted before he was ready and likely before the Reds would have liked to have promoted him because of the injury to Rodriguez. With Travis Mattair and Seth Mejias-Brean breathing down his neck, 2013 could be a make-or-break type of season.


15 Responses

  1. The Duke

    Vidal was a little disappointing last season, but with his experience in AA, another offseason to grow and work on his deficiencies, and a likely prospect of a full year in AA pretty much regardless of how he plays I hope we can get a nice rebound from him this year. He has a nice swing, and as long as Tuesday bat speed is still there I think he still has a future as a potential everyday starter on the hot corner with some nice pop and plus defense.

  2. WallyP

    watched him a great deal when he came to AA Pensacola Like his glove range is average very very nice hands. Short swing dips a bit and get in trouble sometimes doing that. I think he could be a guy who hits 12-18 home runs a year. Pensacola field is a hitters park to left field he should take advantage of that

    • Doug Gray

      Pensacola is a hitters park to both left and right. Big time.

    • The Duke

      In 2011 I saw Vidal hit a line drive home run to right center field in Dayton. That is not easy to do in fifth third field, and he did it opposite field. I think in his peak years he could be a 20+ HR hitter if he can approach his ceiling.

      • Doug Gray

        Yeah, I could see him being a 20 home run kind off guy in the future if his hit till and approach come forward

  3. Ed from P-cola

    As a Wahoo fan, i watched Vidal play at AA most of last year. He has exceptional defense skills, makes highlight plays and is potentially a good hitter, but i found through watching his somewhat lazyness alot of the time and his attitude during fan interaction that he has a very very high opinion of himself. I think he could put a little more of a focused attitude toward improvement. That would be a good thing for him. With that said, I do like watching him play. IMHO

    • MK

      Ed, I know David well. I don’t think you should equate shyness with arrogance. He is an intelligent young man but still working on confidence with personal interactions. Not sure this isn’t a cultural thing.

      • Ed from P-cola

        Thank MK, good to hear about him. Sometimes it’s hard to judge and yes a cultural thing could be what i’m reading. He is a special talent for sure.

  4. MDRon

    I like Vidal. But I wouldn’t mind seeing him get a little time in LF to increase his value. My breakout guy for this year is another 3B, Gabriel Rosa. After having heard such glowing reviews, I just can’t believe that he’s what we saw last year.

  5. Mike

    I like his glove as well. Off subject, but does anyone know if Todd Redmond accepted his Louisville assignment?

    • Krozley

      I haven’t seen anything about Redmond. I think the 7 day waiver period would end today. Remember, he signed a $490,000 major league deal back in November, so the Reds will owe him that if he clears waivers and goes to Louisville. They would be off the hook if someone else claims him.

    • Doug Gray

      Rolen can probably help a team at the MLB level still, I just don’t believe that team is the Reds. He will tempt Dusty to use him more than he would use another player of his skillset, because Rolen is a name and a guy who used to be better than he is now.