Ryan LaMarre is a former 2nd round draft pick by the Reds (2010) who has moved up level by level over the past few years and finished out 2012 with a full season in Pensacola playing center field for the Blue Wahoos. LaMarre played injured for most of the season, dealing with plantar fasciitis that limited his plus-speed at times. While posting the video of the day on our Facebook page I noticed just how different LaMarre’s swing was in April during the Reds Futures Game versus where it was when I saw him play in August while in Pensacola.

Let’s take a look at the first change.

Ryan LaMarre

In his set up we can see several things right away. First is his hand/elbow positioning. In April, his elbow was at a 90 degree angle, where as in August it was much higher than that. His front leg is also quite different. In April it was more upright, while in August it was bent a lot more, but not exactly more crouched.

Here is the next difference:

Ryan LaMarre

In April, LaMarre employed a single step then plant swing. In August, while you can’t see it here (look below for the video), he kept his front foot closer to the ground with a slight step forward, planted his toe (as seen above) before rotating his foot to the ground to transfer his weight.

Ryan LaMarre

Here we can see the final positioning of the feet came about. In August, as mentioned earlier, his foot just rotated around and planted after some hesitation. In April, his foot is planted in roughly the same position, but it got there quite a bit differently as he just lifted, took a stride, then planted.


April 2012

August 2012

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  1. Fish

    You think the swing change could have been a result of the plantar faciatis? I know it makes a lot of things with your foot painful. Glad you joined the Facebook fad, makes it a lot easier to preview what you’re posting.

    Its a great day!! Spring training is here…

    • Doug Gray

      I wondered if that was the reason for the change. I imagine it may have been easier on the foot. At the same time, what Sultan says below is more in line with what I was thinking.

  2. hunr4redsoct

    I met Ryan and his mom and dad at Montgomery Inn after Redsfest, he was glad to finally be healthy. I really think he could excel this year, do you think Pensacola or Louisville? Less pop, more contact than Stubbs, and not far behind defensively.

    • The Duke

      Tough to say with BHam playing CF in AAA. He’ll either be playing RF in AAA or CF in AA. Bryson Smith can handle CF in Pensacola if they feel he is ready for AAA. It would be a ton of speed at the top of the lineup in AAA if Lamarre can stay healthy and is at that level. That would be a nightmare for pitchers if they get on base at a good clip.

    • Doug Gray

      Unless the Reds cut bait with a guy like Phipps, I don’t know that LaMarre fits in Louisville just yet. Unless he gets promoted and they tell a guy like Josh Fellhauer that his 2012 wasn’t good enough to earn a promotion. AAA is going to have Phipps, Perez and Hamilton in the outfield. Then you have Fellhauer and LaMarre vying for another spot. Fellhauer easily had the better 2012. He is a good defender, while not on par with LaMarre, he is still a good one. I think it will be interesting to see how that all plays out when April rolls around.

  3. sultan of swaff

    In the late season video, his setup is more of a ‘fully loaded’ type of stance. Less leg kick, hands already separated. There seems to be a concerted effort to stay behind the ball longer, so I suspect better pitch recognition is the goal. For a guy with little power, this seems like a sensible adjustment.

    Plantar fascitis is the worst. It’s like someone is stabbing you in the arch of your foot. Hats off to LaMarre to battling thru it.

  4. Alan Horn

    Plantar fasciitis is bad Sultan. I have managed it for 34 years(both feet). I walk around 3 miles most days and do a tremendous amount of walking also quail hunting. The key for me was good arch supports, daily stretching exercises(stretching the achilles tendon takes pressure off the plantar fascia and works wonders). I do all the above religiously along with an occasional couple of alleve(usually never for the feet). The stretching was the best solution for me. Dr. Whiteside(recently deceased ) was over the athletic training here at the University at the time and gave me the advice(my podiatrist didn’t know stretching would help). Dr. Whiteside was associated with Penn State earlier He was one
    of the best doctors I have ever known.

  5. mortboy

    From Fay’s blog. The Reds did announce a signing. They signed Dakota Mitchell, an 18-year-old right-hander from South Australia.

  6. sultan of swaff

    Latos agrees to a 2 year deal. This kind of gives me a sad because it signals a longer term deal couldn’t be reached and that Latos is intent on testing the free agent market. Even if that’s the case, the trade would still be a win for the Reds….or at least a push.

    • Jimmer

      My understanding is that he will still have a 3rd year of arbitration after this contract. Worst case we have him for 3 more years and 4 total.

      With the PED issues Grandal is having, I call that a win.

    • The Duke

      We’ll still control him in 2015, so there is still a long term deal possibility after the 2014 season.

      • Doug Gray

        Or, they could just re-write his contract at any point in the future that negates his current deal. Nothing to worry about at this point. The Reds gave up what they did for Latos because they owned his rights for at least 4 years.

  7. WallyP

    Doug and all , I dont think it makes a difference if he is in AAA or AA He needs to play and play everyday . Personally after speaking with both Coach Ringlemen and Brown , AA or AAA not a major difference for this organization

    also Doug do you know if Joe Krebs is still with the Bats and any news on him

    • Doug Gray

      I think there are a few differences between AA/AAA. First, the Reds haven’t called someone up from AAA in a long time with the exception of Tony Cingrani and that only happened in September. So, there is always that part of things. Secondly, in AAA you are going to face more guys that know how to pitch. You won’t see as many “stuff” guys there, but you will see more savvy types who can locate their breaking balls more often. That doesn’t always matter for some guys, but for others, it makes a rather big difference.

      Krebs is on the restricted list, which likely means he is retired, but the Reds want to still hold his rights in case he changes his mind and wants to come back.

  8. DaveCT

    The Latos deal reminds me a bit of the Votto situation. Reading into it some, perhaps the two-year deal allows everything to proceed unencumbered by talk, while laying the foundations of a longer deal to be addressed later. Like to think so …

    • Doug Gray

      I am hopeful that you are right.

      Right now though, I just hope that Latos has Cincinnati grow on him.