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Not that it should be surprising, but Mark Sheldon says that Tony Cingrani will be used as a starter in spring training. I like what Dusty had to say about it though, as it is something that has been repeated when it comes to Cingrani’s future. The one thing that does stick out about this though, is that Cingrani won’t be looked at in any way as a potential lefty out of the bullpen for the time being, which was something I had seen others speculate about.

He can always relieve,” Reds manager Dusty Baker said. “But he’s got to work on his breaking ball to make him a complete pitcher.

Andrew Pentis has an interview up with Ryan LaMarre on MLBlogs. It is pretty in depth, so be sure to go give the whole thing a read. Here was the thing that stood out most to me from the interview:

On his development as a hitter: “I want to be more consistent and dynamic offensively. I have gotten [overly] mechanical and obsessed with how my swing is working, and I just have to trust that and know that what I am doing is right. When I do that, I think my power numbers will go up [and] my average will go up because I’ll be in better counts and not missing as many pitches and won’t be striking out as much. I think it revolves around getting a more consistent offensive approach.”

LaMarre is strong enough to hit for power, but his swing just hasn’t worked to produce power to this point in his career. Adding a little bit of power to his offense would turn him into a very interesting prospect given his speed, defense and on-base history.

All Questions Answered

I will be in and out all day, so answers may mostly come later in the afternoon. Here are the rules, which are the same as usual.

  • Ask before midnight.
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That is it. Simple enough, right?

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