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Yesterday I recorded a podcast with Redleg Nation‘s Chad Dotson. It was a test drive for a joint project between the two sites to bring Redleg Nation Radio to a new format on BlogTalkRadio. The show, we hope, will be a once a week venture. I plan to co-host most of the shows and will be joined by a variety of the writers at Redleg Nation. We are pretty excited about the project and decided to go with BlogTalkRadio because it allows us to broadcast live, as well as hold a live chat during the show and take phone calls from listeners. The shows will be limited to 30 minutes though (to broadcast longer, it is quite expensive per month), which is the lone downside.  The first show stuck to the big league team, but future shows will involve some minor league talk as well. You can listen to the show below.

News and notes

Another game against the Indians and another struggle in pitching by both sides. For the second day in a row, the Reds didn’t have a pitcher with a clean outing.  Alfredo Simon, Nick Christiani, Wilkin De La Rosa, Daniel Corcino, Chad Rogers and Kanekoa Texeira combined for 9 innings, 12 earned runs, 6 walks and 5 strikeouts.

The offense did well for the second day in a row, and unlike yesterday, we saw plenty of minor leaguers get into the game. Of the minor leaguers, Neftali Soto stood out the most, going 4-4 with a double and 2 RBI. Billy Hamilton had a hit and a run in 4 trips to the plate. Donald Lutz got a hit in his lone plate appearances. Henry Rodriguez went 2-3 and scored twice while also making a very nice play at third base according to Marty and Jeff on the radio. Tucker Barnhart went 1-2. Yorman Rodriguez doubled, drove in two, stole a base and scored. Denis Phipps doubled and drove in a run in his only at bat. Kristopher Negron had a single, RBI and a run in two at bats.

Mark Sheldon has an article up at about Ryan LaMarre. The article focuses mostly on LaMarre’s outstanding defense, but I am more intrigued by this quote from the article about his offense:

“I’d like to be a little more consistent and a little more dynamic,” LaMarre said. “When I was at school, I hit in the middle of the order and was more consistent. [With Jackson (Pensacola hitting coach he worked with during the offseason),] I got into a routine and I feel like I am hitting the ball a lot harder. I’m more consistent. Hopefully I will take that once the green light hits and keep it going all year.”

LaMarre, if he can hit a little bit more than he did last season in Pensacola, could be a really intriguing player when you couple it with his defense and speed on the basepaths.


7 Responses

  1. The Duke

    Half an hour is a good amount of time. You could always supplement it with mid week ones if you have too much content.

    • Doug Gray

      Yeah, that has kind of been the discussions we have had. If something does come up, we can always schedule a show on the go if we need to.

  2. wally

    saw both games , its a hitters paradise the past couple of games. I have to say this complex is fantastic. I am here for all of march and I wont make many comments the first couple of games. I think its prudent to allow these guys to get their feet wet and not hear any comments from the peanut gallery(meaning me) Just want to say the complex is great and I met and said hello to Hayes Partch, Ravin, Hamilton, Manno and H Rod. I also watch some guys bullpen yesterday before the game, and heard some talk that Manno is playing in the WBC . Also met Freemen . Nice Kid

  3. Stock

    Is the boxscore on wrong or did Red pitchers really not throw a single ball all day?

    • Doug Gray

      I didn’t get a chance to listen today…. but I can’t imagine they went the entire game without throwing a ball.