Discussing the Baseball Prospectus Top 101 Prospects and other notes

Jason Parks and the BP crew at Baseball Prospectus released his Top 101 prospects list this morning. Here were the Reds that were on the list:

  • (14) Billy Hamilton
  • (78) Robert Stephenson
  • (91) Tony Cingrani

That was the highest that Billy Hamilton ranked on a list this season and the lowest that Stephenson and Cingrani ranked. I am having a tough time seeing 35 pitching prospects ranked ahead of Robert Stephenson. Parks hasn’t released his Reds list yet though, so we can’t see the scouting report on him to see exactly what he thinks about him. The lack of Daniel Corcino surprised me, but the more I thought about it, if Stephenson is the #26 starting prospect, I can see Corcino being further down the list because he is easily that far ahead of Corcino. Parks did had this to say about Stephenson after the list:

Robert Stephenson will be at least 30 spots higher in 2014. Maybe he should be that high now. Love the arm; love the approach.

What are your thoughts?

If you missed the post yesterday, I have teamed up with the crew at Redleg Nation for their Redleg Nation Radio podcast. We are planning to do a show once a week and the shows are live and will be on blogtalkradio.com which will allow us to have a live chat room as well as take phone calls if anyone listening has anything to say about a topic we are on. When we have a show scheduled for a day, there will be posts here, on twitter and facebook and on Redleg Nation to let everyone know we have a show that day if you want to interact with us while the show is live. If you want to check out the first show, you can listen below. We didn’t touch on any minor league stuff, but it will be a part of the show moving forward.

After the Reds pitching giving up 24 runs in the first two games, they were finally able to put together a strong group outing. Hitting on the other hand took a step back, as they only had one hit, a single by Jason Donald. The good news is, tomorrow you can listen to the game online for free for those of you who don’t pick up 700 wlw where you live. It should be available on Reds.com at game time according to their website.

For those of you guys who are already gearing up for the draft, Matt Garrioch has up his Top 100 draft prospects as we head into the 2013 high school and college seasons at MinorLeagueBall.com. Things are going to change an awful lot between now and June, but this is at least a “follow” list.

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