Each Wednesday over the next four weeks I will be looking at the projected starting rosters for the four full season teams. Today we will look at the Dayton Dragons, the Low-A affiliate.


Catcher – Joe Hudson

Joe Hudson never got his career started last year after the draft due to breaking his wrist in practice before the season began in Billings. He is likely to be the starting catcher for the Dayton Dragons. Nick O’Shea could serve as his back up as well as see time at first base. Also watch for Brandon Dailey who spent time at catcher in instructional league and could see time as well.

First Base – Carlos Sanchez

Carlos Sanchez isn’t your prototypical first baseman, standing in at 5′ 11″ tall, but he had a strong season in Billings in 2012 as he hit .308/.346/.574 with 15 doubles, 12 triples and 8 home runs.

Second Base – Taylor Wrenn, Brandon Dailey

Wrenn and Dailey split time at second base for the Billings Mustangs and could do the same for Dayton this year. Wrenn hit .274 with nearly as many walks as strikeouts, while Dailey hit .308 with the Mustangs while slugging .528. Dailey struggled with Dayton last season though, but will get a chance again in 2013.

Third Base – Seth Mejias-Brean, Junior Arias

Seth Mejias-Brean could jump to Bakersfield with a good spring, but looks primed to take over third base for the Dragons. He had an outstanding debut with Billings, showing off good power, ability to hit for average and good plate discipline. If he jumps to Bakersfield, Junior Arias may find his way back to third.

Shortstop – Zach Vincej

Vincej, once signed, was the Mustangs shortstop nearly every day. He is known for his glove, but hit for a good average in his debut. Moving forward, he should be a glove-first guy, but he should man the position for Dayton for 2013.

Left Field – Jeff Gelalich

Gelalich struggled in his debut while dealing with a hand injury for the Billings Mustangs. A 2012 supplemental first round pick, he has solid tools and was a good hitter in college.

Center Field – Beau Amaral

Amaral is a good defender who makes the most of his tools by using outstanding reads and routes to make up for a lack of elite speed to play center. He may hit for a good average, but he doesn’t have much power to work with on the offensive side of the ball.

Right Field – Jesse Winker

Winker had one of the stronger debuts for a high school draft pick in recent memory as he finished among the league leaders in average, on-base percentage and OPS in the Pioneer League in his debut. He and Gelalich could both play some left and right. Winker could be the Dragons best hitter.


Starting Pitchers

Drew Cisco – Cisco recovered well from Tommy John surgery that caused him to miss all of 2011 as he went to Billings and posted a 3.39 ERA in 58.1 innings with just 7 walks and 45 strikeouts. A big control pitcher, he could see plenty of success in Dayton.

Ismael Guillon – He will return to Dayton where he finished up last season. The lefty was strong in the short time he was in Dayton with a 2.55 ERA in 24.1 innings with 7 walks and 27 strikeouts.

Jon Moscot – The Reds 4th rounder from 2012 posted a 2.88 ERA in limited innings with Billings. He is a four pitch guy who is polished and could be the “veteran” of the Dragons staff to begin the season.

Sal Romano – Romano will be the young gun on the roster at just 19-years-old. He posted a 5.32 ERA in Billings, but had good peripherals and his stuff is strong. A groundball machine in 2012, he could be a part of a strong starting staff in Dayton.

Robert Stephenson – Stephenson will return to Dayton, where he finished his 2012 season. The top pitching prospect in the system, he can reach triple digits with his fastball and brings a strong set of offspeed pitches to the table as well with his curveball and change up.

Relievers – They are just too difficult to project. Guys can jump over levels with ease at times, so I am going to just skip over them.

21 Responses

  1. Kyle

    Do you think there’s any chance Brent Peterson takes the second base job? I really like this potential roster. I could see this group having a good first half before promotions for Stephenson, SMB, Winker, and Moscot kick in.

    • The Duke

      Peterson is a good short stop, he’ll stay there, especially given how thin the Reds are there. I think he is a lock for Billings unless Vincej does real well in Dayton and is promoted to Bakersfield by mid June, but I doubt that happens quickly.

      • Doug Gray

        I am with The Duke here. Peterson is a guy the Reds like at short, and I would expect him to stay there. Second base in Dayton was one of the few spots that I struggled to find a true starter at, but I don’t think they will push Peterson up to play him there.

  2. Krozley

    Sammy Diaz may be there in the infield as well. I could see Mugarian in the rotation instead of Romano to start the season. Unless you think Mugarian may move up to Bakersfield.

    • Doug Gray

      I think Diaz will be there, but he will be on the bench. I think we will see Mugarian is in Dayton and finds himself in a hybrid situation where he will pitch in the bullpen and rotation like he did last season.

  3. The Duke

    Should he an exciting year for the Dragons. I hope I can get to more games this year than I was able too last year, especially early.

    Didn’t Winker play exclusively in LF last year?
    Do you think Langfield is a lock for Bakersfield, or could he start the year in Dayton over Romano?
    Do you think Pigott is the primary DH and rotates into the corner OF spots as well?

    • MK

      You know Duke they really have not made anyone primarily a DH in Dayton. They all get fairly equal playing tome in the field and at the plate.They typically rotate it around. Donald Lutz probably spent more time there than anybody the last few years but was in the field a lot (especially after Dom D’Anna was injured).

      • The Duke

        OF spots will be limited though. Pigott can’t play CF, Winker will play most days, as will Gelalich. Unless Gelalich plays some CF too, PT in the field will be limited, but his bat shows promise and I think they’ll want to get him AB’s. This is probably the best combination of talent and polish that Dayton has had for their OF in a while.

      • MK

        At the Dayton they all get a chance to play the field, a chance to DH and a chance to sit.There are typically a couple of guys the organization has to play regardless of their play but they all get a chance. Heck Billy Hamilton usually DHed at least once a week.

      • The Duke

        By “primary dh” I mean he will DH the most, not that he will DH every night, probably not even 50% of the time he plays. Just that he will see less time in the field than Winker, Gelalich, and Amaral. Unless he can play CF, then he could possibly supplant Amaral in total PT in the field.

    • Doug Gray

      No, Winker was something like 20/35 in RF/LF last season.

      I think it is probably a lock, barring something unforeseen, that one of Langfield/Moscot winds up in Bakersfield.

      PIgott will rotate around between the DH spot and the corners I would imagine.

    • Doug Gray

      I could see him being on the Dayton bench/DH train. You could also see him released though. He will be 24 this year and as a guy who probably won’t be starting, he might be a guy that falls to the numbers.

  4. sultan of swaff

    Good interview with Jay Bruce at mlbtraderumors.com about the particulars of why he chose his agent.

    Man, I can’t wait til the Dragons roll into Kane County (Chicago suburbs) the first weekend in May. Coincidentally, the Reds play at Wrigley the same weekend. It’s gonna be awesome! Hoping to time my visits to see starts by Stephenson and Guillon.

  5. Alan Horn

    Doug, your projection looks to be a strong lineup at Dayton. It will be interesting to see
    how each player progresses at the next level. That’s why I can’t wait for the season to start. The questions are usually answered between the chalk lines.

    • The Duke

      I would say a projected opening day lineup of:

      1) Beau Amaral, CF
      2) Zach Vincej, SS
      3) Jesse Winker, LF
      4) Jeff Gelalich, RF
      5) Seth Mejias-Brean, 3B
      6) Dan Pigott, DH
      7) Carlos Sanchez, 1B
      8) Brandon Dailey, 2B
      9) Joe Hudson, C

      • Doug Gray

        Switch Gelalich and Sanchez, then move Pigott down a spot and it looks right to me.

  6. Jake


    Looking at that lineup, and assuming Pigott at DH, what do you think the Opening Day lineup would look like?

  7. mac624

    OT: Doug or anyone that might know. What’s happened to Redszone? I keep getting a database error. Is it no more? Thanks!