In the scouting notebook this week we will take a look at pitchers Drew Cisco, El’Hajj Muhammad and Ben Klimesh as well as outfielder Jesse Winker.

Earlier this week I was able to go see Drew Cisco pitch in Dayton for the Dragons. Coming into the game he had walked just one batter all season with 27 strikeouts in 26 innings pitched. He had flat out dominated the competition. His line for the game was solid, but unspectacular: 7ip, 6 hits, 4 earned, 0 walks and 3 strikeouts.  His fastball was working 88-92 MPH throughout the game and had good movement. There were a few times where he seemed to overthrow the ball and he would miss his location, but those times were few and far between. He was throwing two curveballs during the game. One was a traditional 12-6 breaking curveball. The other one was more of an 11-5 variety that swept across the zone. The righty also mixed in a good change up that had some nice fade and tumble. Overall, his control wasn’t as good as it was when I was able to watch him pitch on back on April 6th, but for the most part he was able to hit his spots and showed four good pitches during the game.

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6 Responses

  1. The Duke

    Signed up last night so I wouldn’t miss this post, well worth 13¢/day

    Love how disciplined a hitter Winker is already as a teenager, if we can get another hitter just like him with only of our first couple picks again this year, i’d be thrilled. The Reds badly need more professional hitter’s like Votto who can work counts and drive pitches in the zone.

    It’s always satisfying when you read about a young player who scouting reports state that they may add some velocity as they mature, and then they do. Muhammed had some nice stuff last year, but if that fastball can consistently be an above average pitch, then he could have a real future in the Reds pen.

    I’m all on the Cisco bandwagon. 30 K vs 1 BB is Cliff Lee like control, and the 30 K is a good indicator that he is commanding the zone as well. If he keeps this up and keeps missing bats, he’s an easy top 10 guy for me in the Reds system.

    Haven’t seen Klimesh yet, haven’t been able to get out to a Dragons game this year so far. Once your kids hit school age, free time goes bye bye. At least free time before 10 pm.

  2. Alan Horn

    I signed up a few days ago. Looks like(at least right now) we have more pitching coming along than hitters. We have some decent prospects at positions where they don’t have to hit as much. Corner outfielders and corner infielders that hit a ton are scarce right now. Hopefully, some of those prospects will make a statement soon.

  3. Kevin

    I was getting nervous about Winker’s start, but it’s funny how those slumps can immediately even out with hot streaks.

    Kind of wish this article had been titled “Muhammad, Winker and the Cisco Kid”.

    • Doug Gray

      Haha. I would have cool names like that, but I wanted to keep it conformed with the series.

  4. Krozley

    Teahen returned to the D-Backs as he apparently failed his physical.

  5. MK

    Asked Cisco the other day where he is as far as velocity pre and post surgery. He said he is the same. Didn’t pick anything up but didn’t lose any either.

    If you are ever going to root for a kid El’Hajj is one. One of the great personalities and attitudes to come through Dayton. I think he visited as many hospital kids as anyone coming through town. Great to see him doing well on the mound, in a tough place to pitch.