Jesse Winker is off to a good start to the season with the Dayton Dragons. As of the writing of this, Winker is hitting .303/.401/.484 with 19 walks and 25 strikeouts as a teenager in the Midwest League. I went back over the eight seasons of the Midwest League and looked at the 149 teenagers who have come through the league. The average teenager coming through the league in that time hit .256/.321/.376.

Winker is off to a much better start than the average teenager, but how does it compare to the recent history of other players in the Midwest League as teenagers and how does he project moving forward?

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12 Responses

  1. The Duke

    I’m fully on the Winker bandwagon after seeing him play. He may be limited to LF, but I thought he looked athletic enough to at least be average defensively there. His bat seemed to stay in the zone forever and yet still had very good bat speed. I completely get the Votto comp for how he looked as a hitter, especially as a teenager. I’m exciteed to see how his season progresses and to see if he can keep adding a littke more power to his game.

  2. MK

    Offensively he reminds me a little of Jay Bruce when he was in Dayton. But defensively Bruce was far superior. Defensively, Winker is more like former Dragon Adam Dunn,

    • Doug Gray

      I have heard the Jay Bruce comp often with Winker. I don’t see it. I mean, I can see it with the swing, as it is a little bit similar, but Bruce has special power and he had it then too. Winker doesn’t have that.

  3. Kevin

    Best case and avg case scenario for his timeline?

    • The Duke

      Best case, June/July 2015, more likely April 2016. All this year in Low A, start next year in High A, move to AA midseason, start AAA in 2015. If he never stops hitting well then mid 2015 he would be in the bigs. If he moved slower and spent a year at each level it’d be Low A 2013, High A 2014, AA 2015, AAA 2016, MLB 2017 at age 23, still pretty young.

    • Doug Gray

      Best case scenario, he goes all Jay Bruce and finishes up in AAA next year and is ready to go early in 2015.

  4. icehole3

    Is there a player in the system who will get fast tracked?

  5. IndyRedsFan

    Doug, great article. Well worth the subscription fee on its own.

    • Doug Gray

      Thanks. Now if we can just talk more people into subscribing, that would be great.

  6. Jim t

    Doug, does Winker have the athletism to become a above average leftfielder?

    • Doug Gray

      It depends on where left fielders are in a few years. Teams have gone to a lot more athletic left fielders in recent years. Defensive guys with ok bats instead of offensive guys who are slow and clumsy used to be the norm.