2013 Draft Scouting Reports Part Two

Part one can be read here.

The first and second rounds of the 2013 MLB Draft will be on Thursday June 6th. The Reds will be drafting three times that day: 27th, 38th and 67th. When you draft this late in the first round, it is awfully hard to peg who exactly will be available to choose from, much less who a team will choose. Over the next week and a half, I will look at the guys ranked in the 20-40 range on the Baseball America top draft prospects list and give stats (when available), scouting reports and even video (when available).

I had meant to do one each day with three or four reports per day, but Wednesday got awfully hectic so I am just going to do eight reports today.

Jonathan Denney – Catcher – Yukon High School (Oklahoma)

The high school catcher has above-average power potential and a chance to stick at the position. He needs to put in the work defensively though, while the tools are there the skills need to be refined. His stock is a little down from where it was coming into the season, but he is still expected to be a first rounder. He has not been linked to the Reds at this point.

Hunter Harvey – Right Handed Pitcher – Bandys High Schol (North Carolina)

Harvey has big league bloodlines as his father pitched in the Majors (Bryan Harvey) as a dominant closer for several years. Hunter Harvey is a tall right hander at 6′ 3″ and throws 88-92 MPH and has hit 96 MPH. Like most high schoolers, he doesn’t use his change up much as he relies mostly on his fastball and a breaking ball. His breaking ball is not consistent, but when he throws it well, it is a good pitch. There may be some projection left in his frame to add weight and some velocity. He has not been linked to the Reds at this point.

Phil Bickford – Right Handed Pitcher – Oaks Christian High School (California)

Another tall right hander, Bickford comes in at 6′ 4″ tall and 195 lbs. He throws his fastball in the low 90′s and can touch 96 MPH. The fastball has good sink to it. Scouts love his fastball but have questions about his secondary pitches as he hardly uses his change up and his slider is a poor pitch at this point. He has not been linked to the Reds at this point.

Chris Anderson – Right Handed Pitcher – Jacksonville

Another big right handed pitcher, Anderson is 6′ 4″ and 225 lbs. The righty has a big fastball that sits 90-94 and has touched 97 MPH while showing good sink. He throws both a slider and a curveball and both are good pitches and depending on where you look you will see both pitches being touted as better than the other and above-average. He also mixes in a change up which should be at least an average pitch. He has shown good control throughout the year. He has been linked to the Reds.

104.2 90 5 27 101 2.49 1.12

Billy McKinney – Outfielder – Plano High School (Texas)

Arguably one of the best bats in the high school class, McKinney has a nice looking swing from the left side of the plate. He has outstanding bat speed and could be a high average hitter who could also hit for some good power. His value will come from his bat though as he projects as a corner outfielder where he will be average at best. Scouts note his make up and love how he plays the game. He has been linked to the Reds.

Marco Gonzales – Left Handed Pitcher – Gonzaga

Gonzales has professional bloodlines as well, though his father never made the Majors he was a minor leaguer for eight seasons and is now a pitching coach in the Colorado Rockies system. Marco has an average fastball when it comes to velocity and movement, coming in at 88-91 MPH but he has good control of it and can work both corners. He is said to have the best change up in the draft and is already a Major League pitch that could be plus today. His curveball is an average pitch that he can throw for strikes.

106 102 0 25 96 2.8 1.20

Austin Wilson – Outfielder – Stanford

Austin Wilson was a highly regarded prospect coming out of high school who reportedly turned down $4M from the Cardinals to sign. He certainly isn’t going to get that kind of money now, but he is still considered a very toolsy player. He has some concerns with his pitch recognition and will likely need to refine his swing as a professional but has big time power potential and if things work out he has a chance to hit for a solid average. Defensively he could be an above-average corner outfielder with a strong arm and good range. He has been linked to the Cincinnati Reds.

2011 188 58 6 0 5 7 56 .309 .347 .420
2012 221 63 12 2 10 24 44 .285 .389 .493
2013 118 34 7 0 5 13 18 .288 .387 .475

Aaron Judge – Outfielder – Fresno State

Aaron Judge is a huge 6′ 7″ and 250 lb outfielder out of Fresno State. He has plus power potential, though some scouts do wonder how well his power can translate to games because he doesn’t project to hit for much average. Defensively he projects as a good corner outfielder with average speed and an above-average arm. He has been linked to the Reds.

2011 187 67 12 1 2 25 42 .358 .437 .465
2012 201 62 14 2 4 48 42 .308 .453 .458
2013 206 76 15 4 12 35 53 .369 .461 .655


There are quite a few players in here with big upsides and a few real risky players as well. I am a big fan of Billy McKinney and Chris Anderson at this spot. Hunter Harvey would be nice to see as well as I think the Reds could help him develop his change up. The two college outfielders worry me, though Judge a little more so. You can dream on both guys tools across the board if everything works out perfectly, but there are concerns with both players in several areas as well. Marco Gonzales wouldn’t be the worst pick, but I like to see more upside in a first rounder even if you have another pick a few minutes later. He just seems more like a 2nd-3rd rounder for me in most years, but gets bumped up due to a weak starting class from the college ranks.

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