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The first and second rounds of the 2013 MLB Draft will be on Thursday June 6th. The Reds will be drafting three times that day: 27th, 38th and 67th. When you draft this late in the first round, it is awfully hard to peg who exactly will be available to choose from, much less who a team will choose. Over the next week and a half, I will look at the guys ranked in the 20-40 range on the Baseball America top draft prospects list and give stats (when available), scouting reports and even video (when available).

Hunter Dozier – Shortstop – Stephen F. Austin State

While Dozier can probably play shortstop in the minor leagues for a while, nearly everyone thinks he will wind up at third base at the Major League level where his above-average arm will play well. He projects to have average Major League power and hit for a solid average. He is a below-average runner. He has not been linked to the Reds.

2011 197 62 13 1 5 34 5 12 34 .315 .363 .467
2012 227 81 22 1 10 37 8 29 42 .357 .431 .595
2013 212 84 25 0 17 52 12 34 35 .396 .482 .755

Cord Sandberg – Outfield – Manatee High School (Florida)

Sandberg has a football scholarship to Mississippi State, but scouts believe he is signable and wants to play baseball. Cord Sandberg is a five tool guy with power being his best tool. He is an average runner who has a chance to play outfield if he can improve his routes and reads, but likely profiles best in a corner outfield spot. He has been linked to the Reds.

Aaron Blair – Right Handed Pitcher – Marshall

Blair has a fastball in the 89-95 MPH range with good sink to it. He has an average to above-average change up, though he doesn’t use it often. He throws both a slider and a curveball that both are below-average now but have a chance to be average pitches. He has not been linked to the Reds.

2011 2 3 36.1 35 2 13 34 2.72 1.32
2012 2 8 83.2 76 3 28 82 3.98 1.24
2013 5 5 82.0 59 1 36 84 2.85 1.16


Alex Balog – Right Handed Pitcher – San Francisco

Balog is a big right hander at 6′ 5″ and 225 lbs. He has an above-average fastball that sits 91-95 with good sink. He throws both a slider and a curveball, but the slider shows more potential. He doesn’t use his change up much but could be an average pitch one day. He has not been linked to the Reds.

2011 2 2 17.1 22 0 9 5 6.23 1.79
2012 4 4 78.2 62 4 31 57 3.43 1.18
2013 3 3 85.1 89 5 30 63 3.69 1.39

Alex Gonzalez – Right Handed Pitcher – Oral Roberts

Gonzalez throws his fastball in the low 90’s with good sink to it. He mixes in a plus slider in the mid to upper 80’s. His third pitch is a change up that he doesn’t use often but is a pitch that could become an average offering. Most scouts believe he can start, but some believe he will wind up in the bullpen. He has not been linked to the Reds.

2011 8 7 105.2 96 4 43 100 3.49 1.32
2012 6 3 86.0 63 2 24 66 2.30 1.01
2013 9 5 113.1 83 5 27 126 1.83 0.97

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3 Responses

  1. The Duke

    Could Dozier possibly handle 2B? The system is paper thin in the middle infield. I’d like to see a high upside high school middle infielder somewhere in the first 3-4 rounds. Sounds like Tim Anderson has too much helium to fall to us at 27 though.

    • RobL

      I believe it has been mentioned that he could play 2nd as well. He is also 6’4 and 200+ pounds. That’s a big boy.

  2. Randy in Chatt

    All right, time to vent. Izturis is supposed to be a veteran. He has become 1st pitch swing happy time and time again. This time after Hanigan grounds out to bring in the run. Hanigan should be given a little while to catch a breather then gear up but Izturis swings and grounds out again on the first pitch. Playing on many teams in the past, you have to give your pitcher some time in the dugout and you give your catcher some time to gear up by taking a pitch or two at least. Sorry but that was ridiculous. Can we get someone else until Phillips is ready?