John Sickels released his midseason Top 75 prospects earlier today. Robert Stephenson was the top ranked Red, coming in at #24 on the list. That is up 31 spots from the start of the season.

Another guy with great stuff and great numbers, just promoted to High-A. Future number two starter?

Billy Hamilton came in at #38 on the list.

Like with Bauer, this is a “sticky” ranking due to his continually amazing speed, but enough questions have been raised about his bat to move him down.

That was all for the Reds. Go give it a look. I still think Robert Stephenson should be ranked higher than he currently is on just about every list he has been on so far. Hamilton seems in the right range. He has struggled mightily this season, but his upside remains very high and he is already in AAA.

Major League Baseball held the competitive balance draft lottery yesterday for “bad” teams and small market teams. With the Reds not being a bad team they only had one entry and weren’t selected. This season they took Michael Lorenzen with their competitive balance pick they received from the lottery in 2012.

Forbes came out with their 20 most valuable minor league baseball teams. The Dayton Dragons came in at #6 on the list, valued at $31M. The Louisville Bats were also in the top 10 and ranked tied for 8th while being valued at $29M. No other Reds team made the list.

Check back later this afternoon for a feature on Billy Hamilton. I decided to dive deeper, so I am going to run the article over the weekend so it doesn’t get buried.

12 Responses

  1. RobL

    Stephenson was ranked #9 on Marc Hulet’s list for Fangraphs a couple days ago.

  2. The Duke

    KLaw ranked Stephenson 26 despite describing two of his pitches as plus plus. I think most of the list makers want to see him against more advanced competition before losing Stephenson with the upper echelon of the elite prospects.

  3. Kindell

    I would like to know what he considers a future #1 starter. That guy sits mid 90’s and is in the high 90’s quite often. He also has a potential plus breaking ball as well.

    I think some of the issues with Hamilton are not that surprising either. I think he will bounce back and be fine in the 2nd half. He doesn’t have to hit .300 to be an effective big league player with his speed and range in center.

  4. DaveCT

    Given what we (as Reds fans) know and believe about Stephenson, and what the general host of other fans don’t know, sure, he stays lower down the list.

    But I think it is what MK said the other day — who would you trade him for straight up? There aren’t many, do you think? Especially if you consider how many No. 1 starters there are in general let alone those on good teams with deep pitching.

    In MiLB, yes to a Buxton or Sano or Boegarts, as fellows who may end up as all stars hitting in the 3 or 4 spot for a long time.

    Otherwise, I like what we have in terms of upside and relatively low mileage on the arm.

    • Doug Gray

      I wouldn’t trade him for Sano. I am listening on Bogaerts though. I would have to talk to my scouts though to see how long they think he could stick at short. If it isn’t for several more years, then I would say no. If he can, then I would probably say yes.

      • RDriesen

        First, he has #1 starter potential. Not sure why John says #2.

        As for Stephenson. I don’t know if I would trade him straight up for any prospect in baseball other than Buxton.

  5. MK

    Kyle McMyne heading back to Bakersfield, Werleen Taveras won’t make his first appearance in Dayton for a while as he cut his non-pitching hand and has stitches. Joey Housey, at least, coming back to Dayton.