Last week I looked at some of the Billings Mustangs pitchers. This week I am going to look at some of the Billings Mustangs position players. Today I will be looking at Phil Ervin, Jose Ortiz, Gabriel Rosa and Ty Washington.

Phil Ervin

The Reds 1st round pick isn’t lighting the Pioneer League on fire at this point of the season. He has shown both strong tools and some flaws. Offensively Ervin has a short and compact swing that is quick to the ball. He has been prone to expand the strikezone to the letters on fastballs at times and has chased a few breaking balls well out of the strikezone. With that said, he has shown good plate discipline for the most part and a willingness to use the entire field. The power hasn’t showed up yet, but it should come. Defensively it has been very hit-and-miss. Ervin has looked downright bad in right field several times this season with misreads on baseballs that went over his head. In center he seems much more comfortable and has been able to show off his range well.  His arm has been very impressive from both positions.

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2 Responses

  1. Scott Nash

    What do you mean when you say Ortiz is “quiet behind the plate when he receives the ball”? I have never heard that term before.

    • Doug Gray

      Not much movement. He tends to keep his head still. He doesn’t “stab” at the ball to receive it (assuming the ball is thrown to the target…. everyone has to move when the pitcher misses).