If Daniel Tuttle ever pitches again as a pro, it would be a surprise.  He has several failed drug tests on his record, and now he has been arrested for several things including assault on a government official.

Keith Law had this over the weekend on Yorman Rodriguez:

Yes. About time. RT @tberger87: @keithlaw speaking of tools, is Yorman Rodriguez on your radar yet? Putting together his first good season.

I did find it funny that he said “about time” when talking about a 20-year-old. I would also argue that this isn’t his first good season as the original user said. Even after last night where he struck out 5 times, it is nice to see that other people are taking some notice.

Zach Duke opted out of his contract over the weekend and became a free agent. That caused a chain reaction of promotions throughout the system. Josh Ravin headed up to Louisville, Joey Housey jumped to Bakersfield and Abel De Los Santos moved up to Dayton.

The Bakersfield Blaze had a cool give away (no pun intended) over the weekend with some awesome looking coolers.

JJ Cooper thinks that the Reds will call up Billy Hamilton in September to come off of the bench, run and play defense.

Jordan Tucker (Florence, KY): Does Billy Hamilton put up Campana type numbers as a pinch runner in Sept? Will they keep Choo, or give him a shot a CF next spring?

J.J. Cooper: I see very little chance Choo is back next year. As good as he has been, the Reds payroll has a breaking point, and after re-upping Votto and Phillips and with Latos/Bailey getting more expensive, a long-term deal for Choo doesn’t make much sense for the Reds. Yes, I think Hamilton comes up in September and causes havoc on the bases, while also serving as a useful late-inning defensive replacement for Choo. With Choo gone, I would imagine that Hamilton will get a shot at the CF job in spring training next year, but he’ll probably have to battle an inexpensive veteran who will be brought in as insurance.

I doubt he comes in as a defensive replacement for Choo, even though he should, because Dusty hasn’t done it yet this year with a guy like Robinson on the team who is an outstanding defensive center fielder. It will be interesting to see how he is used off of the bench though.

Robert Stephenson was listed as the probable starter for the game on Sunday for Bakersfield but he didn’t make the start. There is nothing much to it according to the Blaze.

Looks like they are indeed trying to keep his arm nice and fresh. Nothing serious to report.

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  1. The Duke

    I had already written Tuttle off when he got in trouble again last year. Too stupid for baseball, and that’s the league that boasts barely more than 20 college graduates. Million dollar arm, 2¢ head(not even worth the dime)

    YRod will be 21 in 10 days, so he’s starting to approach the age where we need to see more sooner rather than later. That said, he has taken a nice step forward this year. This off-season may be the most important of his life. Hopefully, he treats it as such and puts in the work.

    I think JJ Cooper hit the nail on the head on the BHam situation. He’ll get an opportunity, but they’ll bring in some vet well past his prime on the cheap to camp just in case.

    Project Stephenson’s arm. The fate of the post 2015 era of the Reds may be depending on it.

    • MK

      A couple years ago when the Dragons were going through a bad stretch and attitudes were bad Delino DeShields announced that he was going to enforce the bus dress code for road trips which meant long pants. All the players showed up in long pants but Tuttle who when reminded gave a “who cares” shrug and then he hid in the back thinking he could get away with it. In 2011 the teams second half turn-a-round happened when Daniel left.

  2. doctor

    following up on Cooper response about Latos/Bailey. What about Leake? He is FA same time as Latos. Can Reds sign all 3? if not, which 2 of the 3 should Reds go after?

    • The Duke

      That depends on cost. If Leake and Bailey want similar contracts, then Bailey. If Lake is significantly less, then maybe him. Latos is a must resign imo.

    • Doug Gray

      Latos and Bailey are the must re-signs. The stuff is better, their size is better (more innings – tend to hold up longer).

      • The Duke

        If Bailey wants something like 8 years and $140-$150 million, and Leake 5 years, $50-$60 million, then what?

      • doctor

        I also think Latos will be signed because the current front office invested lots of assets to acquire him. Bailer or Leake? Duke – that is the question “What are the $$$”. If bailey is in position to ask for 8/140M, then he did something big time over the next year+. Not sure Reds would do that big of deal. So then Leake becomes the Reds home grown “Arroyo”. Makes it more imperative Stephenson, Corcino, etc come along to fill the gap.

      • Doug Gray

        I would let Bailey know that no one is signing anyone to those kinds of deals without a Cy Young award and ask him what his realistic price is.

  3. terry m

    If AROD is suspended for 211 games who is going to feed him popcorn ??

  4. Ryan

    I don’t like the Reds’ chance of resigning Bailey. He is setting himself up for one heckeva payday following the 2014(maybe not 8/140 but something in that ballpark if he keeps his K’s up) season and payroll is going to get tight with many player currently under extensions, getting into the expensive portion of those deals. I feel they have a better chance with Latos, thanks to the extra year of club control and b/c of what he cost to obtain. I would almost rather have Bailey though, he really seems to have turned a corner as far as strikeout are concerned and also has seen a steady decline in his walks the last few seasons.

    • Jon Ryker

      If you trade Cueto in the offseason, you’ll have money for Bailey and maybe Arroyo…

  5. Stock

    It seems to me that by the time a SP reaches FA the chances of him making his contract worthwhile are rather slim.

    I may be missing some but players worth their FA contract: Cliff Lee, CC
    Players not worth their FA contract: Oswalt, Wilson, Carpenter, Buehrle, Lackey, Wolf Harden, Bedard, Sheets, Burnett, Pavano, Pinero, Cook, …

    I say trade Bailey this winter for a boatload of prospects and offer arb to Arroyo. 2014 rotation of Cueto, Cingrani, Arroyo, Leake and Latos isn’t bad. Next winter trade 2 of Leake, Latos and Cueto. Replace them with Stephenson and Rogers (possibly Corcino) or one of the prospects you got in the Bailey trade.

  6. Jer-B

    I agree, Jocketty has to atleast look at trading Bailey or Cueto soon. Get some return and save money. It’s very easy to overpay for starting pitching. This is pretty much how the Rays handle their pitching staff, out with the old, in with the new.

  7. doctor

    Reds will have to do something in the next year or 2, as per current contract setup on Cot’s site, Cueto, Latos, Leake all hit free agency after 2015 season. Not good situation for Walt.

    • Ryan

      It could be much much worse, at least they haven’t extended the wrong one into oblivion(thank you Volquez for turning down that extension). They also have one of the elite rotations locked up through next year(minus Arroyo).

      No way do I trade Cueto this off-season, his value is down after his multiple stints on the DL. He is signed very reasonably for next year and I think its worth sticking with him.

      I would gauge Leakes’ value however, b/c im not sure if he can repeat what he has done this year(glad they stuck with him through last off-season). His value may never be this high again.

      I would be open to trading Bailey. I would need to be in love the package in return however b/c Bailey may very well turn into a 1A type Ace next season, but with Reds window as small as it is, he may be too valuable to trade in that regard.

      I let Arroyo walk and let someone give him 2/25 or 3/32 unless it seems likely Leake and Bailey will both be dealt, then i would probably pick up his option. He’s been one of my favorites for years but he’s played himself out of the Reds price range this year.

      I would try everything to get Latos to sign an extension this off-season(I dont like the chances of Latos being extended if its not done this off-season). Castellini has shown he is willing to open the pocket-book. Latos Cingrani, Stephenson are the future of the rotation(and as Reds fan, im fine with that).

      Chapman is the one I would be very active and motivated to move this coming off-season. Vastly under-utilized by the Reds and someone out there will pony up for that left arm.

      The great thing about the current Reds situation, is that they don’t have to do anything, and they have a top 5 pitching staff next year. Making a shrewd trade or 2 may allow them to keep that window open for a few more years without having a “rebuilding” phase.

      • Jon Ryker

        Cueto has never been durable….however, he’d still be the best option in a lot of rotations….this makes him valuable…..Bailey is still improving and won’t cost as much, so I’d keep him…..I would also be open to trading Votto and Chapman…..you could get a LOT for Votto, Cueto, and Chapman (in separate deals) and you’d free up enough salary that a lot of it would be big-league ready…..

  8. Jim Delaney

    First key with the Reds starting pitching for 2014 and beyond is what happens with Arroyo, if Reds resign him and I think Castellini will want him back,then trading a starter for offense in 2014 or close to ready top prospects will happen. I think Bailey is most likely to be dealt unless Reds believe they can sign him at a reasonable contract in years and dollars. If Bailey is able to be signed during this off season and Arroyo signs then Cueto or Leake is likely the pitcher to be traded. The Orioles might be a good fit as a trade partner, a team in need of a mid to top of rotation starter.