I had planned to run this on Monday morning, but I hit the road and forgot to schedule the post to publish. I will have up another scouting notebook later this week as well. Today I am going to look at two starting pitchers from my trip to Pensacola: Right handers Jon Moscot and Daniel Renken.


Scouting Reports

Jon Moscot

Fastball – It seemed that Moscot was throwing both a 2-seam and a 4-seam fastball in the game, though his 4 seamer didn’t seem to have a lot of rising action to it. His 2-seamer shows good sink and a bit of arm-side run to it. Most of the game he pitched at 89-91 MPH while touching 92 or 93 every now and again.


Change Up – His change up had some nice tumbling action on it that led to it almost resembling a short breaking ball, with the only way to tell the difference was watching his hand action and the horizontal movement on it in slow motion while reviewing the video. Other times it resembled more of a pure change up. While the pitch was a bit inconsistent in terms of how it moved, it was effective with both versions of the pitch while both came in the 77-80 MPH range.

Slider – There was a little bit of inconsistency with the slider, though it was always at least an average pitch and when it was at it’s best it was an above-average to plus pitch with strong sweeping motion and good biting action in the 79-82 MPH range.

Curveball – A second breaking ball that he was able to go to in the mid 70’s, the curveball had an 11-5 breaking action most of the time but also had a few that were pure 12-6 mixed in as well. The pitch is an average breaking ball, but he can throw it to both sides of the plate.

Other – Moscot wasn’t a quick worker early in the game, but as the game went along he picked up his pace on the mound. He was able to work well with his fastball as he showed he could use it both up and down in the zone thanks to good control of the pitch and the ability to make it sink and run when he needed it. His slider was the best of his offspeed pitches, but they all should be usable at the big league level.

Daniel Renken

Fastball – Renken doesn’t have much velocity to work with as he sat 87-90 from the windup and was 86-88 from the stretch. He gets good movement though with both sinking action and good armside run on his fastball.

Slider – The main go to pitch for the right hander is his slider that he throws in the mid-to-upper 70’s. He can get the pitch to be a bit loopy at times, but it is a good pitch when it is at its best.

Change Up – While he didn’t use it too often, the pitch was outstanding as it showed good tumbling action, deception and a little bit of arm-side run to it. Certainly an above-average pitch.

Other – With the lack of velocity there is not a ton of room for error, but there is some deception to the delivery from Renken as he hides the ball somewhat  when he loads behind his back as he straightens his right arm out and keeps the ball behind his shoulder and back from righties. Control hasn’t been a strong point this season, though he did have control on this day. His command wasn’t the best though on this day though, which isn’t a surprise given his walk issues he has shown at times.


2 Responses

  1. The Duke

    Sounds good from Moscot. 5 different looks varying in speed by almost 20 mph. If he can maintain solid control, he could have a nice future as a mid rotation pitcher. I think he could learn a lot from a vet like Arroyo who also isn’t a traditional three pitch pitcher.

    I don’t know if Renken can survive against MLB hitters with that kind of velocity.

    • Doug Gray

      I have said for a while now that Renken may have a chance in the bullpen, but I wasn’t so sure on him as a starter. I am with you that I don’t think the velocity works against Major Leaguers as a starter. Out of the bullpen, most guys can pick up 2-3 MPH, and if he can, then he has a chance to work as a reliever.