I had planned to run this on Monday morning, but I hit the road and forgot to schedule the post to publish. I will have up another scouting notebook later this week as well. Today I am going to look at two starting pitchers from my trip to Pensacola: Right handers Jon Moscot and Daniel Renken.


Scouting Reports

Jon Moscot

Fastball – It seemed that Moscot was throwing both a 2-seam and a 4-seam fastball in the game, though his 4 seamer didn’t seem to have a lot of rising action to it. His 2-seamer shows good sink and a bit of arm-side run to it. Most of the game he pitched at 89-91 MPH while touching 92 or 93 every now and again.

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2 Responses

  1. The Duke

    Sounds good from Moscot. 5 different looks varying in speed by almost 20 mph. If he can maintain solid control, he could have a nice future as a mid rotation pitcher. I think he could learn a lot from a vet like Arroyo who also isn’t a traditional three pitch pitcher.

    I don’t know if Renken can survive against MLB hitters with that kind of velocity.

    • Doug Gray

      I have said for a while now that Renken may have a chance in the bullpen, but I wasn’t so sure on him as a starter. I am with you that I don’t think the velocity works against Major Leaguers as a starter. Out of the bullpen, most guys can pick up 2-3 MPH, and if he can, then he has a chance to work as a reliever.