Jose Fernandez came off of a rough season in 2012 where he hit just .211/.301/.273 with the Dominican Summer League Reds, but he impressed enough with his raw abilities that the Reds brought him stateside during the 2013 season and sent him to the Arizona League to play.

The center fielder got off to a good start on the 20th of June when he went 2-3 with a walk and 2 runs in his seasonal and stateside debut. Fernandez went 1-4 the next day, but would go hitless over his next 10 at bats before going 1-4 in his final game of the month. With the season beginning so late in June he amassed just 21 at bats where he hit .190./.292/.190.

Just like in June, Fernandez got the month off to a strong start as he went 3-4. He would go 0-1 the next day with 2 walks before having a 4-game hitting streak where he went 6-17 (.353). On the 15th on July the outfielder had two doubles in five trips to the plate. On the 21st he would go 2-4 with a triple, RBI and a walk. The right handed hitter would finish the month strong over his last 3 games where he would hit .545/.545/1.364 with 3 triples and a homer.  He would finish the month with a .313/.370/.537 in 74 plate appearances with 2 doubles, 5 triples and a home run while stealing 10 bases. He did struggle to make contact though as he struck out 18 times.

August started out with a 1-4 effort with a run scored and 2 steals against the Dodgers on the 1st. Over the next two game he would go 0-5 before rebounding with a 2-3 game where he would walk and drive in a run. On the 10th and 11th he would get into 3 games, going a combined 4-9 with a double, walk, RBI and a run. He left the game on the 11th in the first inning after a double to him. Fernandez wouldn’t play for 4 more days before returning on the 16th and he would once again left the game in the 4th inning, this time after grounding out. It would be the last game he would play on the season. For the month Fernandez finished with a .286/.355/.321 line in 32 plate appearances with 5 steals.

Season Stats

130 15 33 3 5 1 8 17 2 8 29 .284 .352 .422 .774

Overall Thoughts

I will be upfront and honest, I haven’t completed all of my research on the system yet and haven’t talked to anyone about the Arizona squad to this point (I am waiting until after instructs to get in touch), so I don’t really know much about Fernandez outside of what I can read from his stats. With that said, for him to perform poorly in the DSL and still be brought stateside probably tells us about how the Reds feel about his tools. Looking at his season,  he had a strikeout rate of 22%, which isn’t bad but is a little below-average. He showed good speed with 17 steals and just 2 times being caught while also hitting 5 triples in a very limited number of plate appearances. The 19-year-old spent almost all of his time in center field, logging just 1 game in left field with 32 played in center. While I don’t know much about him at this point, he has a good season and statistically he looks rather intriguing. I am looking forward to finding out more information on him after instructional league.

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