On Tuesday night the Glendale Desert Dogs played in Surprise against Peoria, where the Pitch F/X system was running (though it wasn’t running live, the data was later added to the system. The Reds had three pitchers throw in the game, which gives us data on Michael Lorenzen, Jamie Walczak and Chad Rogers. Let’s take a lookĀ  at the pitch movement for each pitcher.

Michael Lorenzen


Lorenzen looks to be throwing a 4-seam fastball here, that averaged 94 MPH and topped out at 95.7 MPH. The pitch has some rise to it and can have some decent run on it. His slider averaged 81.4 MPH and ranged from 80-83 MPH. Some were tight breaking sliders, though some had two plane breaking action on them giving them some slurvy action. The change up, which was only thrown twice, was 81.7 and 82 MPH. The pitch didn’t move well though. Most change ups have more sink and horizontal movement than the fastball, but the two thrown in this game really didn’t move any differently than the fastball.

Jamie Walczak


Walczak seems to be throwing a rising cut fastball that averaged 90.2 MPH that topped out at 91.6 MPH. His change up had a lot more run than his fastball and two of the three have more sink as well. His slider came in at an average of 78.8 MPH and four of the five had tight breaking action, though one had a bit of some backdoor breaking action to it.

Chad Rogers


Rogers had the deepest arsenal among the three pitchers that threw in the game. Rogers fastball has two different plots. The one closer to the middle are 4-seam fastballs, while the red group to the left is a group of 2-seam fastballs. The two groups averaged 89.8 MPH. He also mixed in a cutter that averaged 85 MPH. The change up came in at 83 and 84 MPH and had more sink and run than either of his fastballs. His slider came in at 81-82 MPH and had a little more sink than his cutter but similar horizontal movement.

Tomorrow I will take another look into these three pitchers from the game with a different look at how they performed.