Today I wanted to take a look at outfielder Jose Fernandez, who played for the Arizona League Reds in 2013. Fernandez hit .284/.352/.422 and stole 17 bases in 19 attempts. He played in just 35 games and racked up just 130 plate appearances on the season.

The 19-year-old made big improvements in 2013 over what he did in the 2012 season where he played for the Dominican Summer League Reds, hitting .211/.301/.273. Despite making a big step up in competition this season, his performance was much stronger, improving his power and output at the plate overall. He also performed much better on the base paths, stealing 10 more bases and being caught one less time despite less playing time. His walk rate was a tad low at 6.2% and his strikeout rate was 22.3%, which isn’t good but isn’t bad either.

Scouting Report


Jose Fernandez has plus speed and he was able to use it well on the bases and in the field where he has good range in center field. As a center fielder with good defense, he won’t need to hit as much to provide value.

He is listed at 6′ 2″ and 175 lbs. and with that size he has a bit of projection left in his power, which at this point is just gap power. Fernandez is noted for his ability to barrel up a baseball. The right handed hitter uses the entire field and actually goes the other way more than he pulls the ball. With his speed he was able to use it well as he bunted for a hit 7 times in 12 attempts. He had another 3 infield hits during the year.

Let’s take a quick look at his hitting profile.

Spray 1.1% 11.2% 5.6% 9.0% 18.0% 15.7% 7.9% 18.0% 13.5%
AVG .000 .500 .000 .000 .250 .143 .857 .563 .583
SLG .000 .500 .000 .000 .250 .143 2.000 .875 .833
IsoP .000 .000 .000 .000 .000 .000 1.143 .313 .250

In a limited sample size he showed off big power to his pull side even though he didn’t pull the ball often. When he went to center and right field he showed a little bit of power but not much and certainly not nearly as much as when he pulled the ball.


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6 Responses

  1. The Duke

    The Reds brought a whole bunch of players stateside this year for the AZL, it’ll be interesting to see how these guys handle another step up in competition in the Pioneer League where they will face a lot more US college players.

  2. Kris


    Thanks again for all your hard work on this site. It’s appreciated.

    That stated, would it be possible to get a small article (or just some comments on here) of a top 5-10 players to watch that were in Billings or Arizona this year…outside of Ervin or Lively? I would think I’m not the only one who might be interested in this.

    With all the new players brought stateside, it’s a bit hard to follow who is who and who is really worth following.

    • Doug Gray

      I will try to do something like that after the Top 25 list (starting on the 28th of this month).

      • Kris

        Thanks. I try and follow the players as best as possible, it’s just sometimes difficult to know who to keep a close eye on.

      • Doug Gray

        Understandable, especially with the guys in rookie ball. Even I don’t always know who to keep an eye on at first until I start asking about guys.

      • MK


        The best thing to do is to follow them all. If not then you miss guys like Ryan Hanigan and Chris Heisey and end up watching the Chris Gruler and Ty Howington types.