In the Arizona Fall League yesterday Yorman Rodriguez had a big day at the plate as he smacked not one, but two home runs in a Glendale Desert Dogs loss. He pulled one down the line and hit the other one to the right-center gap. With his big day he is now hitting.281 and slugging .500, though he has struggled with his walk and strikeout rates so far.

You can watch some video of Rodriguez from this past August below.

I joined Chad Dotson for another episode of Redleg Nation Radio on Sunday night. The show was all about the Top 25 Prospect list. We talked for about an hour if you want to give it a listen you can give it a go below. If you want to download it for later listening, right click here and save the file.

In other winter league news, Yovan Gonzalez is off to a quick start in Puerto Rico where he is 4-7 with 2 RBI in the first two games. Billy Hamilton is also playing in the Puerto Rican Winter League this year where he is 0-8 with a walk in his first two games. Kristopher Negron, Neftali Soto, Derrick Robinson and Kanekoa Texeira are also playing in the league.

The Australian Winter Baseball League is also just getting underway. So far only one Red has appeared in a game, right handed pitcher Jason Kilby. He was on the Arizona League Reds roster this year but never appeared in a game. He threw 0.2 innings in his lone appearance so far with 2 walks and 2 strikeouts. Brothers Matt and Josh Kennelly who were both in the Reds system this year are on the Perth Heat roster but have yet to play.

8 Responses

  1. Alan Horn

    It will be great if Yorman continues to come around. The Reds need offense and especially from the outfield positions. I had almost given up on him and then he starts to take off.

  2. fromcubawithluv

    is there a place to view yorman’s spray chart? Just curious. in the video, he seems to hit a whole lot of balls on the ground to the left side.

    • Springfield Red (click on the Reds logo) does a daily recap of the day before with spray charts and, when available, pitches and speeds. Unfortunately, this is just a day by day, not a season thing. You’d have to go day by day to see what you’re looking for and I’m not sure it makes sense that way.

    • Doug Gray

      There will be spray charts in the Prospect Guide (shameless plug, I won’t hide it). But, as springfield Reds said, MLBFarm (which I am currently working on a deal with to provide stats for player pages on this site for) has spray charts base on MiLB PBP data. If you go to a player page, you can see their season spray chart. Here you go:

      Just scroll down a little bit.

      • Springfield Red

        Wow. Thanks, Doug. I’m new to that site and didn’t realize there was another page. When I clicked just off his name I got a play-by-play and thought that was all there was.

      • Doug Gray

        Yeah, Daren has done some cool stuff over there and I hope he continues to grow his product. He does this kind of stuff for MLB, MiLB and NFL teams that I know of. Hopefully we can get together and work out things so I can create player pages on this site that will include some of the stats from on there along with other information. But, that is still a work in progress situation.

      • mdccclxix

        I know it’s rhetorical, but there’s no shame in promoting your worthwhile product(s).

      • Doug Gray

        Haha, yeah, I mean I do currently have two ads for the book on every single page on the website, so it isn’t like I am not already doing some heavy pushing of the product.