The Cincinnati Reds made it official last night, they added four new players to the 40-man roster. Here is a breakdown of the players that were added and some reasoning behind why they were added.

Those who were protected and added to the 40-man roster

Tucker Barnhart – Catcher

Barnhart is easily the best catching prospect in the system. His defense is already Major League ready and he has shown that his bat will play at the Double-A level after hitting .260/.348/.348 this season with the Pensacola Blue Wahoos. Still young, his bat should continue to develop. He was the most obvious guy to protect with everyone figuring he was an easy option to add.

Ryan LaMarre – Center Fielder

I listed LaMarre as a “so-so” candidate yesterday afternoon to be added to the roster. From a production standpoint, he has had his fair share of struggles. He hit just .245/.327/.368 this season with Pensacola. With that said, he finished the year very strong over the final two months at the plate as he hit .281/.351/.459. Defensively he is an outstanding center fielder and he has speed to use on the bases as well. His power hasn’t matched up with his power potential, but there is room for growth there too.

Juan Duran – Outfielder

This was the most surprising of the additions to the roster. Duran was listed as a “so-so” candidate on my list yesterday, but he was a guy that I felt wouldn’t be selected by anyone but fell into the category of “could be rewarded and added in order to give him some motivation to take things to the next level”, much like I felt they did when they added Yorman Rodriguez last year. Duran isn’t ready to hit or play the field at the Major League level. He did show improvements across the board in 2013 though, which is always a good sign and he certainly has tools to work with.

Chad Rogers – Right Handed Pitcher

Of all of the pitchers who were eligible, Rogers stood out among them all. While his stuff wasn’t the best, his polish and stuff was. He has shown he can perform in the upper minor leagues and in the Arizona Fall League over the past 8 weeks. I believe most expected he and Barnhart to be the easy picks for additions to the roster.

Unprotected players with the best chance of being selected

Chris Manno – Left Handed Pitcher

He could be selected because left handed pitching is always at a premium and he has always missed bats, with 239 strikeouts in 190 minor league innings. He may go unselected because his stuff doesn’t jump off of the table at you and despite being left handed, he pitched better against right handers each of the last two years.

Drew Hayes – Right Handed Pitcher

He could be selected because he has posted strong ERA numbers prior to 2013 and has a career ERA of 3.32 and 239 strikeouts in 208.2 innings and he performed well in the Arizona Fall League earlier this offseason. He has two above-average pitches as well. He could go unselected because he has really struggled with control, walking 5.1 hitters per 9 innings at the Double-A level where he has spent his last two seasons.

Felix Perez – Outfielder

He could be selected as a 4th/5th outfielder as he can play all three outfield positions. He will be 29-years-old next season, so he isn’t likely to do much improving moving forward, but he has hit .280 over the last two seasons in Triple-A with the Louisville Bats and has solid plate discipline. Not a big upside pick, but could be a solid last guy off of the bench.

Jamie Walczak – Right Handed Pitcher

He could be selected as a long man type of reliever with solid stuff. He has started as recently as 2012 and posted a 2.95 ERA in 2013 with 54 strikeouts in 42.2 innings. He could go unselected because he struggled with his control at the Double-A level as he walked 17 batters in 33 innings for Pensacola.

Josh Smith – Right Handed Pitcher

He could be selected as a potential starter, reliever, long reliever or swingman. He has had success in both the bullpen and rotation as a professional. He posted a 3.26 ERA in 160 innings with 139 strikeouts in Double-A Pensacola this past season. He has solid stuff as a starter that could play up as a reliever with good polish. He could go unselected because his stuff doesn’t leap off of the table at you.

Junior Arias – Center Fielder

He could be selected, and in my mind may be the most likely to be selected from the Reds, because the only thing he can’t be used for at this stage in his career is to hit for average. He could come off of the bench and hit a fastball for some pop, come in as a pinch runner and steal bases or even just run faster than anyone else you have on your team and he could play the outfield for you or even third base in a pinch. He could go unselected because his plate approach is very raw and he was handled by California League pitching for the most part.

Tim Crabbe – Right Handed Pitcher

He could be selected as a starter or reliever with solid stuff and a guy who showed control for the first time in his career during 2013. He posted a 3.06 ERA in 2013, mostly at Double-A Pensacola but with 12.2 innings in Triple-A Louisville. He threw 153 innings. He could go unselected because his stuff is just solid and while his control was better in 2013 he missed bats far less frequently than he has in the past.

Travis Mattair – First/Third Base

He could be selected as a strong defender at the infield corner spots who could back up and come off of the bench to give a solid at bat and provide some pop off of the bench. He could go unselected because he struggled to hit at times in Double-A this season and corner infield only guys aren’t always the most ideal bench players because of limited flexibility.

Wandy Peralta – Left Handed Pitcher

He could be selected as a left handed reliever who shows above-average stuff. He posted a 3.80 ERA in Low-A Dayton pitching mostly out of the Dragons bullpen with 79 strikeouts and 41 walks in 85.1 innings. He could go unselected because of his lack of experience above the Low-A level and his iffy walk rate.

30 Responses

  1. Daryl

    The must be another move being made with the 40 man roster at a full 40. You still need to add Skippy. I would have to believe that a trade of Hannigan or Phillips is in the works. Also Hannahan seems to be redundant now. And someone like Christiani or Guillon might go.

    • MK

      Of the list above it seems someone like Wandy Peralta is selected in the Rule 5 each year as a situational lefty. To me he is the one most likely to be chosen. Pereaz might he high on Perez,

    • Doug Gray

      There are 10 outfielders on the 40-man currently. It wouldn’t be a shock to see one of them let go.

      I would be surprised to see them put Guillon out there. Hannahan could be dropped I guess. Maybe newcomer Pedro Beato gets moved off.

      There are a few moves they could make, but I still think they are going to try and move Hanigan quickly to avoid it all.

  2. Dick

    Does anybody have any idea what the conversation was organizationally to keep Duran. They must see something to protect him over Manno, Arias, or any of the others mentioned.
    Seems reasonable3 to say the Reds won’t be players in the Rule 5 draft.

    • Doug Gray

      I wonder if it was a similar situation to one they had about Yorman Rodriguez last year. I don’t think anyone would have risked taking him, but the Reds added him and it worked out well. Perhaps it was a similar situation where they liked the improvements he made in 2013 and wanted to reward that while also perhaps giving him a little more motivation (not saying he does or doesn’t need it) to try and take that next step forward again next year.

  3. WallyP

    Guys I worry about losing Mattair and Manno. Mattair shows us pop and boy that young man can play defense as well as anyone in the system and upstairs. Manno as Doug said his stuff (meaning his fastball is not 95) might hold teams back but his numbers and his left arm make him someone attractive. For his sake I would like to see him drafted, for our sake, love to keep him above Pearlta and others.

  4. AB

    What are you thinking about Fellhauer? Seems like he should have a spot after seeing who they took. His numbers last season definitely weren’t his best, but better than the two OF chosen.

    • Doug Gray

      Fellhauer is a platoon outfielder at this point without any flashy tools. I certainly think he could help out a Major League team next year. He can play defense and he can hit right handed pitching. But he just isn’t the type of guy that tends to be selected in the Rule 5.

  5. Stock

    I felt Rogers, LaMarre and Barnhart were locks (in that order). Duran surprises me a bit. I would have protected Crabbe, Josh Smith and Hayes in that order in front of Duran. I think everyone else is safe.

    Crabbe – I hope when considering Crabbe other teams look at 2012 and decide not to go that direction. I think they will have to protect him next year but is safe for now.

    Smith – He may be the one who is most ML ready now. I wouldn’t be surprised if someone drafted him.

    Hayes – His control is so bad right now he is just not ready for the show.

    Perez – He is 29 so has already reached his potential. Is not an everyday player in the majors. He may be the most likely chosen one because he is ready. Not a big loss though.

    Mattair – He didn’t really hit in AA. The majors is a reach.

    Arias – Has the ceiling they will look for but strikes out way to much.

  6. Kevin

    Proposal: Profar for Phillips and Reds send $10 million to Rangers. Who says no?

    • KyWilson1

      The Rangers. They just made a trade to clear space for him, no way they trade him now. They are are going to be very good next year if they can get their pitching healthy.

      • Doug Gray

        I think they made a trade to acquire an (hopefully once again) elite bat more than they made a trade to clear space for Profar.

        Still, I don’t think the Rangers go with that move.

      • KyWilson1

        They were going to move one of their 3 middle infielders to make next years team better, weather it was a Profar for Oscar Tavares type deal or the one they made to acquire Fielder. It looks like a great deal for both teams on paper. Profar has a every day job and Cabrera gets to move back to first.

    • Doug Gray

      The Reds will trade a catcher. They aren’t going to carry 3 of them. My guess would be Hanigan gets moved and before 2014 rolls around on our calendars.

  7. WallyP

    Doug or company Please explain the process of rule % I understand the major league part involving the 40 an, but can the reds protect guys like Hayes at the AAA Level . Please set me straight

    • Doug Gray

      I don’t have the best grasp on how the minor league phase goes. From what I gather though, anyone already at the AA/AAA level is almost never lost in the minor league portions of the draft.

    • Thomas F.

      Here is how BA explains the minor league phase:

      In the Triple-A phase of the Rule 5 draft, teams may select any eligible player left off the major league 40-man roster or the Triple-A reserve roster of 38 players. In the Double-A phase of the draft, teams may select any eligible player left off the major league roster, the Triple-A reserve roster or the Double-A reserve roster of 37 players. In other words, a player selected in the Triple-A phase does not rank among his organization’s top 78 talents, and a Double-A selection does not rank among its top 115.

      They go on to say that the few drafted are to fill out minor league rosters.

  8. wanderinredsfan

    Crabbe is probably the most likely to be taken, IMO. Too bad, because I think he will contribute in the majors fairly soon; probably as a reliever, so not too much to fret over. Still, I hate seeing guys like Crabbe move, because the Reds sure need depth right now.

  9. WallyP

    ok Doug and thomas thank you so much now one more question can a guy that is rule 5 eligible and not put on the 40 man get traded between now and the draft

    • Doug Gray

      I honestly don’t know the answer here, but I can’t imagine that a player would not be allowed to be traded. I think the big question would be, once traded, is the acquiring team allowed to add them to their 40-man roster if they wanted to do so?

  10. WallyP

    thanks and Duke you are more then likely correct . not sure about the draft (rule 5) but at risk are about 3 -5 players and I probably can norrow that down to 4

  11. Moses

    Hey Doug–looks like we’ve got 4-6 guys on the 40 man for whom no sleep would be lost if they were dropped. In your opinion, which guys on the current 40 would pass through waivers and could be kept in the system if dropped?

    • Doug Gray

      I don’t think the number is nearly as high as you have it. I think any of the guys have a chance of being picked up except for perhaps Juan Duran, but given that they just added him, he won’t be taken off.