Well, like a lot of others, I was snowed in on Friday and unable to make it to Redsfest on Friday. I did however make it out on Saturday and got in a little early as they began letting people in around 10:40am. Once again, a great event put on by the Reds. I only stood in one line during the day so I could get Carlos Contreras to autograph a picture that I had taken of him while I was in Pensacola. I was also able to get Jesse Winker to sign a photo that I had taken of him earlier this year as well over in the Better Off Red area where he was appearing with Seth Mejias-Brean and Brent Peterson.

On Friday night the Reds handed out the Minor League Awards. Seth Mejias-Brean took home the Chief Bender Award as the Player of the Year as he hit .305/.379/.457 while playing outstanding defense in 2013. Jesse Winker took home the Hitter of the Year Award as he hit .281/.379/.463 in 2013. Robert Stephenson took home the Pitcher of the Year Award as he posted a 2.99 ERA in 114.1 innings with 35 walks and 136 strikeouts. Brent Peterson grabbed the Community Service Award as he volunteered throughout the season. The Dayton Dragons posted an article on all of the players since they were all Dragons at one point this season.

Here were some interviews from the Reds on Radio area. I decided to leave my camera at home and just use my cell phone. Bad idea. The audio was rough for some of these, and I cleaned it up the best that I know how, even still, I was unable to salvage one with Winker, Mejias-Brean and Peterson. The interviews with WHIZ were rough as the microphone simply wasn’t loud enough and there was also a lot of noise in the audio from the speakers. Then I completely lost focus in the LaMarre interview.

Bryan Price on 1240 WHIZ AM out of Zanesville, Ohio.

Billy Hamilton on 1240 WHIZ AM out of Zanesville, Ohio.

Tucker Barnhart on 1260 WNXT AM out of Portsmouth, Ohio.

Ryan LaMarre on 1260 WNXT AM out of Portsmouth, Ohio.

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  1. KyWilson1

    Yankees appear to actually be talking about Gardener being dealt. My thoughts are the Reds have 3 players they could use to get him. Bailey and Cueto both would require Gardener+a good prospect(Campos, Hensley, Banuelos), or Phillips in a straight trade, Reds get a stop gap in CF and shed some payroll, Yanks get their 2b and free up their crowded outfield.

    The Dodgers could also be a trade partner if they would eat some of Kemp’s contract in exchange for Phillips and a prospect(level of the prospect adjusting the $ the Dodgers include)

  2. hunt4redsoct

    I don’t understand the Gardner love. He is a 4th outfielder stopgap type player. He was used carefully according to favorable matchups. Phillips is an all star, gold glove 2b. I live in Yankee territory and none of my friends that follow the Yankees think Gardner would get.them Phillips. They’d love to have him but see it as a Gardner plus several prospects. The reds cannot afford that kind of dump, Yankee prospects rarely work out. That said, if the reds could review Michael pinedas health records, if healthy I’d take him and Gardner then trade Bailey for hitting

    • KyWilson1

      Gardener in his last 3 full season has produced 2010-7.0 WAR 2011-3.7 WAR 2013-4.2, Phillips top WAR is 4.7 in 2011. Gardener plays a good CF and gets on base at a career .352 clip. He would be a prefect table setter for Bruce and Votto, and free up payroll for the Reds to attempt to sign Bailey/Latos and replacement 2b. If the Yankees would give up Pineda and Gardner for Phillips the Reds would take that trade in a heartbeat.

    • Doug Gray

      Gardner is a good defender at an elite position (more so than Phillips position), can hit as well as Phillips can (career 97 OPS+ for Gardner, Phillips as a Red is at exactly 100)and is a MUCH better base runner. Not sure I get that he was used carefully against favorable matchups. He was hurt in 2012. In 2010, 2011 and 2013 he averaged 589 PA a season.

      Gardner is one of those players who simply doesn’t get credit for being as good as he is because he isn’t “flashy” in the numbers people like to see (power, average, RBI).

      The trade would be interesting to work out though given Phillips’ and Gardner’s contracts.

  3. Jake

    Had a great time at Redsfest, they put on a great show.

    Reds system is a little weak, but having guys like Mejias-Brean, Winker, and Ervin make it pretty exciting. Let’s hope those guys continue to do well and make it to the bigs.