I was going through the youtube channel yesterday and was just checking the videos posted this year versus how much video I had of the various guys. The last video that I uploaded of Reds #4 prospect Jesse Winker was in early May, so I put together an updated video with clips throughout the season. With the holidays upon us, this will be the only post for Tuesday and Wednesday as I spend time with the family. Onto the video.

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  1. Jim t

    Doug enjoy the holidays. Another year almost in the book and another great job by you. Great content and great comments.

    Hope all the folks who visit the site have a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year as well.

  2. Rob

    Merry Christmas Doug and keep up the good work. Loved your work on the website this year.

  3. George Miller

    Doug You do a great job with your site..Thank you for all your hard work. My prayers are out to you and your family for a very joyous Christmas and hopefully a healthy Happy New Year.

  4. MK

    Hope everyone has a joyous Holiday Season. I ceratinly enjoy spending part of my day with you all.

  5. chiredsfan

    I dont want the Reds to spend $10MM+ on Arroyo but I like this quote from him,,,

    “Many scouts and evaluators think Arroyo would be better served pitching in the National League than the American, but his performance in hitter-friendly Great American Park has made him confident that he can survive anywhere. Arroyo would prefer the East Coast to the West Coast, but he says that’s not a deal-breaker by any means.

    “There’s no point in me really thinking about where my perfect place is, because I don’t know who’s interested,” Arroyo told Crasnick. “It’s like going to a party and the whole premise is to find a wife. There are ten girls there, and three of them are smoking hot, but they don’t even look in your direction twice, so there’s no point in going after them. Then maybe somebody else comes along who didn’t seem so attractive at first, and you like what she’s saying and you think, ‘Hey, maybe this is the one.’ That’s the way I see it. I can’t pick and choose teams. They have to choose me, and I realize it could take a long time for them to get where they need to be. I’ve been fine, but if it’s January 15th and I’m still spinning my wheels, I’ll probably change my tune.”

  6. Alan Horn

    Merry Christmas to everyone. Hope we are all still around for many more.

  7. babull

    Merry Christmas to you all. Doug I hope all is well with your dad.

  8. Red Thunder

    Merry Christmas Doug and all the Readers of this great website!